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  1. Something caught my attention on the webcam currently facing the construction/dorms area. I circled in red the area of notice. Do I see a footer and several footer holes or...? It also looks like there are little white markings spread out...Future footer locations???
  2. I still think that "leaked" dive coaster rumor from the Sandusky Register could be true. Whenever they've released unannounced park info before, it pretty much turns out to be accurate. But as whole, I'm going to say that it's for that midway expansion idea I've had for a few years. Cedars Dorms will also come down, Perimeter Rd will be rerouted, and a new midway will connect the Blue Streak midway from Calypso's current location to near the bleachers in Celebration Plaza. This is just one rough possible idea of what it could be. As you can see, having a whole multi year expansion in addition to the dive coaster is possible...I'm not the best at Photoshop and stuff like that but I inserted an image of Sheikra and it fits perfectly and still allows for plenty of room. The blue indicates the Perimeter Road reroute, the red indicates the new midway, you can obviously see the image of Sheikra and how it does not even interfere with Cadillac Cars and Raptor, and then the green areas indicate free space for future attractions. In the area formerly occupied by the dorms, I could see some type of out-and-back GCI or GG wooden coaster. Its station would be near the new midway merge by the bleachers, its lift hill would run parallel to the new midway, it would turn around in the strip of land between the midway and Perimeter Road (near Calypso's former location) and then will come back into the dorms area for a twister finale. I could see the new dive coaster's entrance plaza along with a few new shops/eating areas and seating in the small space by Raptor, to the right of where the new midway would connect to the Blue Streak midway.Then the other free space where the Goodtime Theatre used to be would be used for several new flat rides and another landscaped seating area.
  3. ^My point exactly. I love how they are trying to attract and appeal to more families. It's awesome. Hopefully this is the beginning of many new family rides and attractions to come.
  4. Families are who the park makes money off of, not thrill seeking enthusiasts. I think it's pretty obvious why they want to cater to the family demographic. Do I love massive, crazy intense coasters? Heck yeah! But they wouldn't be possible without the funds provided by the families attracted to the park. In general terms, for every major thrill there should be 2 more family attractions to follow up. I love the direction the park has gone lately. Yes, they had to remove a few family rides in the process but I do feel like we're in a valley that we will soon be able to climb back up the other mountain. The Gemini Midway revamp and its new family rides were the first steps up and I really do think it's just the start.
  5. My marching band received a Superior rating at States last night, the best you can do! Our show is called The Divine Comedy.
  6. I did rotate them but for some reason they didn't show up that way when I posted them. Oh well. The colors really look great and I can't wait for this ride once it's done!
  7. Here's a picture update of Rougarou from last Friday the 3rd! Pretty... A cool perspective Old vs New Hmmmm...the trim break isn't painted...What could that mean?? Love that big orange loop. The new colors are really cool. A mix of yellow, purple, teal, and orange.
  8. Friday, October 3rd: I had planned to meet up with friend and enthusiast rcoaster10, and thankfully it worked out that we could. The last time we met up was at Coastermania, and we were excited to have another fun time at the Point. I went with my mom and he went with his dad. They arrived before we did and rode some rides, and we decided to meet up at Millennium. It was windy, cloudy, cool, and rained on and off when we arrived. Millennium only had a station wait and it was fun. We went around and rode it again. Then we decided to just walk around to see what was running. Wicked Twister was open so we went there next without waiting at all. This is such an underrated ride. I really do love it. Gatekeeper was also running so we rode in the back right after about a 15 minute wait. It was actually a really good ride and wasn't too bumpy. HalloWeekends Fridays are always strange, since it gets dark so soon after arriving. It feels strange getting there so late in the day, but it's fun being at the park while it's dark for a longer period of time than normal. It started to pour so we decided to go into Pink's to escape the weather and get something to eat. We finished right around 8 and headed straight to Zombie High. It was rcoaster10's first time at HalloWeekends so he didn't know what to expect and enjoyed taking in the whole atmosphere. Due to rides being closed for the wind and rain, the haunts were pretty busy. We ended up waiting about 15 minutes. Rcoaster10 and his dad enjoyed their first HW haunt. Next was Hexed, and we had to wait 20-30 minutes. It was really good again, and Rcoaster10 enjoyed it more than ZH. It's definitely a great addition to the haunt lineup. Then it was time for Eerie Estate, which only had a few minute wait and ended up being everyone's favorite of the night. It was really well done. Then we headed through Blood on the Bayou, and I was extremely impressed. It was a million times better than when I went through it last year. Dragster appeared to be down, so we continued on to Magnum. We waited about 5 minutes for a row toward the back and had one of the best rides I've ever had on it. It seemed to fly through the course, it was pretty smooth, and riding it at night made it even more fun. It's still one of my favorite night rides of all time. Then we went over to Carn-Evil. I hadn't gone through it in several years since it was so disappointing, but this time it was actually decent. Still not amazing and I never really was startled, but it was amusing. After this we headed toward the back of the park and made it to Tombstone Terror-Tory. Maverick had a fairly short wait and we were on it within 15 minutes. Next was Eden Musee, which was better than last time. We decided to go through Cut Throat Cove, which was my favorite scare zone last year. However, it was not that great this time. Following this was Eternity Infirmary with no wait. It was just eh this time. We were really excited to do Cornstalkers, but it looked like it was closed off. We asked some nearby employees and they told us that unfortunately it was flooded and was closed. Stupid rain. That was disappointing, but you can't control the weather. I never heard if it was opened back up for Saturday or not. Hopefully it was, and if not, hopefully it will be good to go for next weekend. Then we walked through Screamworks. To finish off the night, we marathoned Millennium 5 times. It was a lot of fun, and I realized that the first drop gives a completely new experience if you turn your head to the side the whole time. It's such a strange feeling, but it was really cool. The day was just a lot of fun, and despite some weather issues, I had a great time especially meeting up with rcoaster10. Zombie High: 7.5/10 It was fun, but wasn't as good as the 9/21 trip. There were only about 2/3 as many Screamsters and they didn't do quite as good as a job. I still love this haunt, though, since it's just so fun. I always walk out laughing and smiling. It was a little disappointing walking through so many empty rooms, but it was still enjoyable. Hexed: 8/10: Like ZH, way less Screamsters than before. Some of my favorite elements from last time weren't there due to this fact, but the ones that were there made it work. However, the entrance host still was wearing CP employee clothes, while all the other haunts remained having barkers dressed up and acting in character. Very odd. I did get some good scares out of this one, though. Eerie Estate: 10/10 By far the best haunt of the night, and a huge improvement over last time. Every Screamster was on point, and some did amazing jobs with their scares. I really jumped and yelled many times, and I loved every second. Plus it was very quiet when we went through since we were in the front of the group and didn't have people in front of us screaming, talking, and ruining scares for us. Very creepy and enjoyable. I couldn't ask for a better performance. Also, unlike last time, there were no general CP employees standing around in various rooms. They detracted from the experience and this time it was simply a haunted house. Nothing else took away from it, and it was awesome. Blood on the Bayou: 9.5/10 The Screamsters did a very good job. Plus there were thick areas of fog, which added to the creepy atmosphere. The theming was really cool and there were a lot of Screamsters in this one, unlike ZH and Hexed. They all portrayed their characters really well and I had some good startling moments. It was great and well done. Carn-Evil: 6/10 I'm still not a big fan of this one, but it was decent. No startles, but the atmosphere is sort of fun. It is what it is. Nothing too special about it, but I guess it could be creepy if you're scared of clowns. Tombstone Terror-Tory: 3/10 I wouldn't even call this a scare zone, more like a pass through from A to B. It is so short and its location can at best be described as awkward. It's mainly just filler for that area of the park, which is I guess why I like it. I'd rather have this area than have it be a regular section of the park since it does add to the HW atmosphere, but if you're judging it as a stand-alone scare zone, then it is not good at all. However, it does add a nice touch to Frontier Town, but I would by no means call it a true scare zone. Plus the fog was blowing away due to how open the area is. But during the day it does look sort of cool with all the barrels and props, but like I said, I enjoy it as a pass through to get to Maverick and Eden Musee, not as an actual haunt. Eden Musee: 7/10 Way better than last time. More Screamsters and they did pretty good jobs. Overall it was a great improvement and I enjoyed it a lot more than I did before. Cut Throat Cove: 2/10 The wind played a big factor, since the fog was blowing away. I know this couldn't have been helped, but it did detract from the experience. Plus the Screamsters were not good at all, and I didn't get a single scare. I wasn't impressed at all. This was especially disappointing since it was my favorite scare zone last year. Hopefully it will be better next time I go. At least the props were cool, but now more than ever I miss Terror Island. That was incredible, especially with how thick the fog would settle in that area. Eternity Infirmary: 4/10 Just like ZH and Hexed, there were way less Screamsters than before. Times like this really make it obvious how bare and empty this haunt is. It's in desperate need of more theming. It has a lot of potential, but especially without good Screamsters, it is a pretty disappointing haunt compared to the others. Screamworks: 4/10 It was alright, but I didn't see Mr. Giggles. I always look forward to him, since he does such a great job. I still don't like the whole steampunk theme. The Screamsters were just so-so and the whole thing was a little lackluster compared to previous visits. Overall Favorite Haunted House of the Day: Eerie Estate Overall Favorite Haunted House of 2014: Zombie High Overall Favorite Scare Zone of the Day: Blood on the Bayou Overall Favorite Scare Zone of 2014: Blood on the Bayou Best Screamsters: Eerie Estate My mom, me, rcoaster10, and his dad: I always love this view. A cold, wet, and windy night wouldn't stop us from having fun! Hexed and Gatekeeper: A cool view with the moon. Mean Streak really does have such an impressive structure. The Chamber of Horrors: There were cool views of Maverick and the moon from Cut Throat Cove. I love this:
  9. Double the pictures. Double the fun. And double the chills and thrills that go along with one of my favorite time to visit Cedar Point: HalloWeekends! Sunday, September 21st: It was extremely windy and as soon as my mom and I arrived, we knew that a lot of rides probably wouldn't be operating. Upon entering the park, we were even told that Raptor and Gatekeeper would be down until further notice. Raptor never did open as far as I know. Anyway, we went straight to Maverick for the last part of Early Entry and rode it 3 times, first in the front, then in the back, then in the front again. We had a great ride op named David, and we saw PegKeeper Peggy. She was trying to reach 2,000 rides on GK for the season and at the time she said she was around 1,775. Pretty impressive! But since GK was down, she would have to wait to get some more rides on it. Next was Skyhawk with a 1 cycle wait. We decided to go on Millennium and rode it twice with 15 minute waits, first in the front and then in the back. We wanted to make sure to see Midnight Syndicate due to all the great things we had heard about it, and decided to aim for the 2 pm show. We still had a little time to kill, so we headed back to Magnum and had an awesome ride in the 2nd to back row. Finally it was time for Midnight Syndicate. I had see pictures of the set and show, but it was incredible seeing it in person. The level of detail was incredible. Live entertainment has really been impressing me lately, and I'm glad to see the park going in this new direction. A great amusement park needs more than just thrilling rides, and the Point is definitely starting to improve on this. I won't give away any spoilers, but the show was amazing and wasn't what I expected. I also loved the surprise at the end, including what happened even after leaving the theater. We grabbed some lunch at Panda Express and saw some of the Eternity Infirmary Screamsters heading back to get ready to scare. Between seeing Midnight Syndicate and now seeing the Screamsters, the Halloween excitement was finally becoming real. I was pumped up for the first haunt, and decided to go straight to the new Hexed haunted house. I'll write my haunt reviews later, but I'll say that I was really impressed. Then we spent the next part of the day going through all the haunts. We went from hexed to Zombie High, Eerie Estate, Eden Musee, and then Eternity Infirmary. None of them had waits. We also got to see the 2nd half of Skeleton Crew, which was as great as I remembered from last year. The crowd was really into it too. Our next stop was Blue Streak and we rode in the 2nd to back row. We had a fun, smooth ride. I wanted to go through Zombie High and Hexed again while we were in the front of the park, and we noticed GK was running so we got in line. It was frustrating that only 1 train was running since what would have been a 5 minute wait turned into a 20 minute wait, but oh well. We rode in the left front and had a bumpy but fun ride. By this time it was around 7:30 and we decided to finish off the night on Millennium. In total we were able to ride it 7 times in a row, and the ride ops let us go through the gate to walk right back into the station instead of getting off and going all the way around due to the lack of people. During the first ride, I looked out over the horizon and over the lake while going up the first hill, and saw a massive wall of rain coming our way. I had never been on Millennium during the rain before, but I've been on other rides during it and it is a painful experience. It turned out that it started to rain just as we were going down the first drop. The remainder of the ride was very painful but I kept my arms up the whole time, enjoying every second. It was so crazy but I loved it. The next ride it absolutely down poured. I have never had such a painful coaster ride in my life, but it was the most unique coaster ride I've ever had. Believe it or not, it was one of my best Cedar Point memories of this season. Then on the 3rd ride it was just lightly sprinkling and the following 4 rides were dry. It was running really well and we ended up getting on the last train of the night. While leaving the park, I noticed a jack-o-lantern display on Giant Wheel, which I thought was a nice touch. The day overall was a lot of fun. In total: 16 rides, 7 haunts, and 2 shows. Hexed: 9.5/10 I loved the theming. Very elaborate and interesting. It definitely exceeded my expectations and the Screamsters did an amazing job, especially considering how early in the season it still was. They had already mastered the art of distraction. One would get your attention while another (or 2) would come up behind you or from another place to jump out and startle you. This was very impressive, and they were all in their characters really well. I won't give them away, but there were some pretty cool effects too. My only complaint is that the barker/entrance host was dressed as a normal park employee, and wasn't in costume like they are with any other haunt. I'm not sure why that is, but I don't like it. She was really nice, but usually the barkers set up the entire mood for the haunt. Besides this, I was thoroughly impressed. Zombie High: 10/10 Wow. My favorite haunt from last year dominated yet again on this trip. The barker was amusing, and the theming inside the haunt was just as amusing and creative as I remembered. Plus it was loaded with Screamsters, and they all did a great job. I liked how there a nice mix of "jump-out-at-you" startles, loud noise/banging startles, and Screamsters who talked to you. It was a perfect balance and blend of scares and entertainment. Eerie Estate: 8/10 I have always loved the theme of this one. I'm a sucker for classic, Victorian Mansion-esque haunted houses. By far this one is the most elaborately themed and detailed at the park, which I really appreciate and enjoy. The Screamsters in this one did a good job and made me jump a few times, but I wasn't blown away like I was with Hexed and ZH. It could have been better, but it was still fun. However, something unusual was that there were a decent amount of park employees just standing around inside. It sort of detracted form the experience. I wonder if there was some incident that happened whether with Screamsters or guests, so there was an increased amount of secutiry/general park staff. Eden Musee: 3/10 A boring walk through the sauna. I don't know why, but this haunt is always really hot. Also, there was not a single Screamster for a least 2 minutes when we went through. Then there were many areas that we would walk through without a single scare and still not seeing any Screamsters. Very disappointing. We left with minimal scares and without a good impression. I remembered from last year that for some reason this haunt is very inconsistent, even later in the season. Good potential, but it just wasn't there when we went. Eternity Infirmary: 9/10 I always love the barkers for this one. They do an amazing job at setting the mood for the entire haunt. You could tell they were having lots of fun being in their characters and it was amusing to see. Since this haunt has very minimal theming, there is even more pressure on the Screamsters to really portray the theme. They all did a great job, and I was startled many times. I still love the walkway that makes you feel like you are tilting. If only the entire house could have cool effects and theming like that, then it would be amazing. But the scares were good and I enjoyed it. Overall Favorite Haunted House from 2013: Zombie High Overall Favorite Haunted House from 2014: Zombie High Best Screamsters: Hexed
  10. My mom and I had talked about the idea of heading to the park sometime Labor Day weekend for one last trip before Halloweekends. Sunday really would be the only day that would work for us, but they were calling for an 80% chance of storms at the park almost all day. At first we were skeptical of going, but a rainy day at the Point is better than no day at the Point. Plus, we figured the threat of bad weather would hold off the crowds. Well, this trip goes to show how the weather in Ohio can change just like that. So much for the 80% chance of storms. When we left out house in the morning, it was cloudy and lightly sprinkling, but once at the park it was great. Still overcast, but dry. It ended up not even raining one drop all day and even got hot and sunny. In result to the dry weather, crowds built throughout the day, but it still wasn't terrible. It was fairly crowded but wasn't too bad. We arrived at 9:30 and went to Maverick for Early Entry. We were surprised how long the line was...it was down the steps and took up the first couple switchbacks in the queue house. This was the busiest it had ever been for Early Entry when we were there, and we hoped this wouldn't be a sign that the day would be mobbed. We encountered a really fun ride op, Garrett. He was very enthusiastic and funny, and he got everyone excited for the ride. He was doing fun stuff like "If you want to ride the Maverick, clap your hands!" He made lots of guests laugh and smile. We then rode Maverick again, this time in the front. We had 2 great ride on it. Next we headed over to Mean Streak and waited in the short line forming outside its entrance until it opened at 11. A few trains ahead of us, the train pulled out and stopped when it had barely exited the station. A lady had pulled out a camera. I can't stand idiots who think they can try to do this kind of stuff and get away with it. Thankfully the issue was resolved, and the ride was back in action within a few minutes. We rode in the front and I had one of the smoothest and most fun rides I've ever had on it. I even got a little pop of light floater air on one of the hills! Next was Skyhawk (only waited 1 cycle) before riding Mine Ride in the front after waiting only 1 or 2 trains. After this was Gemini. I sat in the 2nd to back on the red train and raced my mom, who went on the blue train. Red lost, but it was still fun. However, nobody else besides my mom and I were giving high fives during the ride. We continued along to Magnum and waited a couple minutes for the 2nd to back row. Had a fun, fairly smooth, and airtime filled ride. We decided to do Power Tower both launch and drop next. Launch was walk-on and drop only had about a 5/10 minute wait. I got a text from one of my friends asking if I was in the park. He had probably seen my tweet about it. He, his family, and one of my other friends were at the park too so we wanted to meet up at some point during the day. So my mom and I got Dollar Day hot dogs from SkyRide Refreshments while my friends got dollar pretzels from the stand near Magnum (and we got hot dogs for them and they got pretzels for us), and then we met up near Magnum. After our snack, my friends and I went on Magnum and waited about 15 minutes. To be able to sit near my friends, I ended up on a wheel seat in the middle of the train. It was really rough, but still fun. Then we all went on Dragster toward the back, and we waited about 30/45 minutes. It was one of my friends' first time on it, and he was a little nervous. He ended up loving it. Then we split up and my mom and I headed to ride Millennium while they went off to do Maverick. On the way to Millennium, we decided to ride Dodgem. Believe it or not, this was my 7th time to the park this year and I hadn't been on it yet. We waited about 20/30 minutes but had an enjoyable time. Then it was time for Millennium, and in total we waited an hour and a half for the front seat. We then met back up with my friends and my one friend's family at Gemini. We went on it twice. First I rode 2nd to back on the blue train and won, and then I rode in the front on the blue train and just barely lost. It was almost a tie. Then my friends and I went back to Mean Streak. I saw Mean Streak Henry as well as Segway Guy. I always love seeing these famed park goers. Since I was riding with a group, this time I didn't get to ride in the front seat. So we figured we'd sit in the 2nd car, it shouldn't be too bad, right? Well, I was so wrong. I had the most painful, uncomfortable, and jarring ride ever. Even after the overbank following the first drop, I was already dreading the rest of the ride. I actually was thinking to myself all throughout the remainder of it, "Get me off!" I exited with a headache. I do sort of enjoy this coaster in the front seat, but I will refuse to ride it again anywhere else. It was such a horrible experience. Next, my friends wanted to ride Mantis. I was hesitant at first since I had bad memories of it, but decided to try it again. This was before the announcement that it will officially be closing, but I had a hunch it might, so I decided to ride it just in case it would be my last ride on it. We saw that Millennium had an hour wait and Mantis had...no wait at all. It was basically a walk-on, and we just waited 5 minutes for the front. it's definitely a high-g machine, and it hurt my legs (just like I remembered). It wasn't terrible, but it isn't a ride I enjoy. I can't wait to see what the park does to it. Then we headed to Raptor and waited about 20 minutes for the front row. Them my mom and my friend's mom met back up with us and they wanted to ride it too, so we went on it again in the front row. During the first ride there wasn't a single bug...during the 2nd ride (only 15 minutes later), during the whole ride we were getting plastered with them (and getting them in our mouth. My mom's on-ride pic shows her in the process of pulling a bug out of her mouth.) It was gross, and it was crazy how quickly they came out. Following this was a half hour wait on GateKeeper for the back left. It had just gotten dark so we had a fun night ride on it. It's been a while since I've gone on it at night and it was really fun. Up next was Wicked Twister and we walked right on. To finish the night (at least for my friends) we did WindSeeker. I love riding it at night. It's relaxing and the view is incredible. After I said bye to my friends, my mom and I grabbed a quick bite to eat by getting the Platinum fries deal at Hot Potato. Then around 10:20 we headed back to Millennium for ERT. The ERT hadn't started yet and the line went all the way back to Panda Express. The line opened up around 10:45 and it started off with a 15 minute wait. In total, we rode 4 times, including the back and front, as our last ride. Each time, the line got shorter, and eventually they started letting people go right through the access gate back into the station. It was a great way to end the day. I ended up with an impressive 26 rides throughout the day. Regular Season Wrap-Up: Since this was likely my last visit to the park before Halloweekends, I'll end this report with a quick recap of my thoughts on the park this year from my 7 regular season trips. -Atmosphere: The Gemini Midway refresh added so many points to this aspect of the park. Every year, especially after last year, more and more areas of the park are improving. It's great to have modern, updated midways and structures. This provides a more welcoming, happy environment for guests. The Blue Streak midway is still my least favorite location in the whole park, but hopefully this will be changed soon. But between the skyline, layout, and visual appeal of the park, CP still has the best atmosphere out of any park I've been to, even outranking Disney and Universal. I'm looking for the whole package, and the Point has it. -Cleanliness: It will never be to a Disney level of cleanliness, but for an amusement park like CP, it's definitely one of the best. Bathrooms are still the weakest point, but they've never been absolutely horrible. Sometimes it's also hard to stop guests from destroying and damaging property, such as ripping out flowers, etching things into walls/railings, and littering (especially in the parking lot.) But the park itself does a great job at trying to keep the park as clean as possible, and this in result adds to the wonderful atmosphere I already commented on. -Food: The Platinum Pass deals and discounts made me love the food so much this year. I took advantage of the fries deal almost every time we went. Amazing quality hand cut fries and chili sauce, plus it was so cheap. I love the Chickie's and Pete's addition to (Crab Fries!!!). The 10% discount everywhere was a nice little perk too. Every year the park's food offerings seem to get better, and this has been the best year yet. -Rides: I have seen the best operations with rides this year. The biggest issue was when Dragster was closed for a while (including for CoasterMania), but thankfully it had always been running really well on all of my visits. Maverick has still had a few downtime issues, but it's Maverick. It's expected. And at least when I've been at the park, it hasn't been down as much as it has sometimes in the past. Rarely ever was there a ride down when I wanted to go on it, and if it went down when I was in line most of the time it went back up fairly quickly. And despite the Skyhawk accident, I was amazed how quickly it reopened. Kudos to the park staff for having an amazing season when it comes to ride operations. I've been really impressed so far. -Staff: CP will never have perfect staff. There will always be some employees who view what they are doing as "just a job," however there were some that really stood out. My favorite ride ops this year were Ashli on Dragster, Jasper on Maverick, and an honorable mention to Garrett on Maverick, and I believe there was a Maverick ride op named Noah that was really good too. By far, Maverick was my favorite ride crew. They were almost always having fun and joking around. As a whole, the park's staff have really improved over previous years. I notice this especially with food service. This year (especially toward the start of the season), there were some very friendly food service workers and I was blown away. Way better customer service than in the past. Again, not all staff is perfect, but this year I have noticed a higher amount of fun, happy employees than I have before. Hopefully every year will keep getting better. -Overall thoughts: 2014 has been an amazing year. I hardly have any complaints, and I have tons of positive things to say. Plus I experienced my first CoasterMania, which is still my favorite day at any amusement park. Now it's time to look forward to the park's transformation into Halloweekends!
  11. That would be Fast Lane. I did do that once and although it's expensive, it's worth it on a busy day. And yep! Platinum Passes are basically a higher level season pass.
  12. Without the Platinum Pass, I would not have been taking my time. Several years ago before I started getting one every year, I only made one or two trips to the park each year. In result, I always felt very rushed in making sure I got on everything I wanted, and sometimes this just wasn't possible and I had to pick and choose what I would be able to ride. I would never take time out of my day to go though things like the Town Hall Museum and the Barnyard, since I'd rather be getting in as many rides as possible. Now having a Platinum Pass, I don't feel rushed at all. I know that I can come back to the park whenever I want, so it doesn't matter how much I get to ride in one day. So now I enjoy leisurely walking through the park, exploring things that I never usually would before I got Platinum Passes. Plus I feel fine waiting for longer lines like the fronts of backs of coasters. Before, I'd often just go to the shortest line, since it would result in me getting in an overall higher number of rides. Having a Platinum Pass just makes me so much more relaxed at the park, since it gives me to relief of not cramming in as much as possible. It's truly the best.
  13. It's actually written as separate paragraphs. Even in the edit mode it shows up as normal paragraphs and I can't figure out how to get it to show up like that in normal viewing. I've never had this issue before. EDIT: I did sort of fix the issue now.
  14. Last Monday, August 18th, my mom and I decided to head to the park one last time before school started. We arrived around 9:15 and went for Maverick to get in a little early entry riding. We got 2 early entry rides in (first in the back, then in the front), and there still wasn’t a line so we rode again in the back. It was 10:15 and it still only had a station wait, whereas on a previous trip, the line was already halfway in the queue house by this time. We hoped this would be a sign that the day wouldn’t be too busy…it ended up not being too bad, but still fairly crowded. We took our time up to Dragster and in total waited about an hour/hour and 15 minutes including waiting for the front row. I love the convenience Platinum Passes give you, since it allows you not to be rushed. I love being able to wait for specific rows like the front or back, since it doesn’t matter if I have to wait an extra 20 minutes. I will always go Platinum. Next was Millennium, and we ended up waiting about as long as Dragster, again for the front row. I just love the view you get from the front on this coaster. The smell of Panda Express while waiting in line was making us hungry, so we decided to get some lunch there next. I got my usual, the bowl with half-and-half fried rice/noodles, and the orange chicken. I really do love this place, considering it’s fast food. Good quality and tasty. It was nice and relaxing sitting down, people watching, and enjoying the park’s atmosphere. Plus it’s fun watching all the little birds fly around and even come right up to you looking for crumbs. After this, we ran into a good problem. We didn’t know what we wanted to do. Not a big coaster or ride yet after just eating, so we decided to take our time and walked through Frontier Trail. We stopped for a while at the Barnyard and enjoyed the animals. One of the little goats escaped twice, so that was pretty funny. We decided to go on Skyhawk next, after watching Snake River Falls for a little bit. At the time, still only the 1 arm was running and we waited about 15 minutes. Had a great ride as usual, although I still wish the ride cycle was longer. Since we couldn’t remember the last time we stopped into the Town Hall Museum, we decided to pop in for a little bit. We didn’t plan on staying long, maybe just a couple minutes, but this turned out to be my favorite part of the day. We started off just exploring through everything set up. I honestly think I’ve only ever been in there once, and it was a long time ago so it fun seeing all the memorabilia. After about 15 minutes, an employee named Kenneth came over just to see how we were doing and asked if we had any questions. We ended up talking with him for the next half hour! He was really nice and I could tell he took great pride in his job and Cedar Point. Basically, he said that he’s the “curator” for the museum. He knows everything about the park’s history and loves sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. He also said he’s had that job for the past 14 years. We got to talking how much I also love the park and coasters and how I one day hope to get into the industry. I think since he could tell my mom and I were pretty much coaster geeks, he spent a lot of time with us talking about the park and the museum. Eventually we got on the topic of the museum itself. This is where things got really cool and interesting. He said that when Ouimet first went through the museum when he came to Cedar Fair, he was thoroughly disappointed. Not with the concept of the museum itself, but just what it was like, such as appeal and what is displayed. So Kenneth started working with the Planning and Design team to help come up with a plan to renovate and revamp the museum. He told us that it is by no means definitely going to happen, but there are some plans for it—and Ouimet realizes that the museum needs some TLC. First off, the museum would get all new floors and ceilings. No more “school cafeteria” (as he called them) drop tiles and old, mismatched floor tiles. Also, he said that there is so much more park memorabilia in storage that isn’t even out in the museum, and he feels like there is a lot potential for new displays. He also said that many current items in the museum aren’t even related to the park. For example, the entire general store shelves/display at the front of the museum has nothing to do with Cedar Point. Mixed in might be a few park items, but most of it has no relation. Also, the fire engine and Sandusky Clock don’t relate to the park. They may be cool, but again…the museum is supposed to be a Cedar Point museum, not a Sandusky museum. So all of these unrelated items would be removed, and replaced with a plethora of new Cedar Point related items that are currently away in storage. He also explained to us that along the right wall as you enter the museum, there would be a series of U shaped alcoves. Each alcove would represent a time period. For example, the first one when you enter would be the history of Sandusky and the park’s property before it even existed, and it would make references to the War of 1812, in which battles were fought near the peninsula. Then as you progress through the alcoves, they would take you all the way up to the present day. This is another issue Kenneth has with the current museum, everything pretty much ends with the 1970s. He said that’s when the museum was opened, so pretty much everything from the 70s on is not included in it. The main desk area would be moved to the middle of the museum, so it wouldn’t be cornered off and secluded like it currently is. It would be circular and would be spacious enough for several employees to be working there at the same time. He pretty much told us all of the plans he and the P&D department have been working on, including what types of displays there would be as well as where everything would be located. He really has an incredible vision for the museum, and hopefully it will come to fruition in the near future. Hopefully the museum could also be advertised more. He said he does take a head count of people who enter, and roughly 10% of an average day’s park visitors will stop inside the museum. When you think about it, that’s a decent amount, but not nearly as many as there should be. However, Kenneth did say that a big reason why so much non-related CP is still in the museum and why the renovation is still not confirmed is due to ownership issues. For example, a lot of the memorabilia has been donated by people…some of them can still be traced back to and returned…but there are no records for many items. And with the fire engine, it is only 1 of I believe 3 left in the world. Would the park just try to sell it to some random person? Try to track down where they received it from? Give it somewhere else? There are so many issues and problems with many of these items, so this is what’s holding them back. But hopefully everything can be worked out, so the renovation plans can move forward. At this point, I’d much rather have TLC put into this museum rather than a new ride. Big, brand new thrills are great, but it is little park details like this museum that really creates the world’s best amusement park. I’d highly recommend checking out the Town Hall Museum the next time you go to the Point (it’s near Skyhawk, in case you’re wondering.) Cool off in the AC, enjoy some really cool park memorabilia, and say hi to Kenneth. I’m sure he’d be happy talking to more people about his love of the park and his job. Next we wanted to get back on some more rides, but first stopped by SlingShot. We watched for about 20 minutes before riding Gemini , which had a 15 minute wait. We rode the red train and unfortunately lost, but only barely. We sat in the 2nd to back, as to not sit on a wheel seat, and we had a smooth, airtime filled ride. I forget how much fun the back is on this coaster. Add in the headchoppers, and this is a classic coaster that I will always love. We decided to ride it again, this time on separate trains. I rode the blue and my mom rode the red. This time we sat in the 2nd to front seat. Had another fun ride, but I definitely like riding near the back better. As for who won, neither of us were sure. Both trains pulled into the brake run and stopped at the same time, so it was a tie. Following this was a 10 minute wait for the ejector seat on Magnum, and it was as crazy as always. I never get bruises from this ride, which is a good thing (although you shouldn’t even have to be saying things like that). Overall I still love this coaster. We started walking toward the front of the park and stopped by Power Tower on our way. Only 1 side of both launch and drop were running, my guess is due to staffing. Kids are going back to college, so they probably didn’t have enough employees to run all towers. The park was plenty busy enough to run all 4, since we waited almost a half hour. It was fun though, and we rode the drop side. We faced the beach and had a great view. Next was GateKeeper in the back right after a 20/30 minute wait. Then after a 45 minute wait, we were in the back row on Dragster. It was time to get a snack, so we took advantage of the Platinum Pass deal at Happy Friar. Chili cheese fries, regular fries (with vinegar!), and 2 drinks all for under $8. We walked over and sat on the planters near SlingShot and watched it some more. Then we went out to our car to get the Coastermania jackets we brought, since it was starting to get a little cool. It was about 9:15 and I wanted to go on WindSeeker. It’s an incredible night ride, and I really need to ride it more often. It’s the only spinny ride I can go on without making me feel bad, and I really love it. Then after this, we headed over to Millennium to get our last ride. We waited about 45 minutes, and in line we saw a family we knew so we said hi. Once in the station, we got in the front row line even though we knew we wouldn’t get on the front since there weren’t too many people in line behind us. We just wanted to wait it out to try to get on the last train of the night. Sure enough, we ended up getting to ride near the back on the last train. It’s such an awesome way to end a great day at the park. There were definitely lots of bugs, and on our evening Dragster ride, people in the front seat were coming off completely covered with bugs. One guy’s entire face was covered. It was gross but hilarious. In total we got in 14 rides for what we called our “last days of summer” trip. Both my mom and I had a blast. Goat selfie! I love Skyhawk. I had a great "ride" on Gemini in the Town Hall Museum. Giant Wheel at night is so cool.
  15. My mom and I wanted to hit up the Point again before band camp craziness. We definitely wanted to avoid weekends and had to work around my band schedule, but in the end we made it work. Originally we had planned on going Tuesday July 29th, but even the morning of, the forecast was 60% chance of storms. I didn't like the sound of that, so we decided to wait. Well, turns out the day was beautiful and we missed out on a great day at the park. Oh, well. Wednesday was also out due to the threat of weather and Thursday didn't work for us. It looked like it would be Friday or bust. First was Dragster and we rode in the front. The wait wasn’t too bad (and all during the day, it wasn’t as busy as we thought the park would be. It was a great day.) Amazing, thrilling ride as usual. Then was Millennium in the front, and then since the line wasn’t too long, we went on it again in the back. The back definitely rattles a lot more than the front but I love getting pulled over the first hill. I still think the front is my favorite seat on this coaster though. I checked Facebook on my phone and saw that CP Rundown had posted that one side of Skyhawk reopened! I was surprised it was up and running so soon after its accident, but I was really happy to hear the good news. I knew that would be our next ride. Waited one cycle and got on. It was just as amazing as I remembered, and I didn’t let the accident scare me off of riding it. It was also my mom’s first time on it, believe it or not, and she loved it! This is definitely one of the best thrill rides ever. Next was Maverick in the back row. It was a crazy, airtime filled ride and I loved every second. We then headed up toward the front of the park and hut up both the launch and drop sides of Power Tower with minimal waits. We ended up at Gatekeeper where we rode the front right. This seat is still my 2nd favorite after the back left. I actually had a pretty smooth and non-bumpy ride on it. Following this, I decided to ride Corkscrew. It had been a long time since I had been on it since it usually gives me a headache, but I decided to try it again. My mom didn’t want to so it was just me. The station was pretty much empty except for the front row, which was where I planned on riding. I just waited a couple minutes and got seated. I sat next to another single rider, a kid probably a few years younger than me. He was really nice and it was fun talking to him before, during, and after the ride. I love talking to nice people at the park, and we always seem to meet some great people whenever we go. So as for the ride itself…WOW. I was impressed. I made sure to lean forward to avoid the headbanging, and it wasn’t bad at all. However, what surprised me the most was the strong pop of airtime into the hill after the first drop. That moment was so much fun and made me want to go on it again! So I convinced my mom to go it next time. Once again we rode in the front. I still can’t get over how surprised I was. Just keep your head forward for the corkscrews, sit in the front, and enjoy the airtime! Next we went on Dragster again, this time in the back. Like Millennium, the back is a little rougher and rattles more but it’s still fun. By this time it was almost 9:30 and I wanted to check out Beach Blast. We waited in line at the food truck parked outside the Coral Courtyard and got our dollar hot dogs, chips, and drinks. Then we headed down to the beach to enjoy the fun event. We played some cornhole, listened to the band (although they stopped shortly after they began due to some light rain) and overall just enjoyed ourselves and relaxed for a little bit. I loved how many people were there. I hope the park does this event next year, or at least something similar to it. People really seemed to enjoy it and it’s something unique and different to do to take a break from all the rides. I also wanted to try out Dinos After Dark, so that’s where we went next. This would also be both my mom’s and my first time going through Dinosaurs Alive. I’d rather go through it at night with a flashlight than during the day, and I was actually sort of excited. $3 for passholders still isn’t bad, and soon we were going through Adventure Island. I really enjoyed this event, and the exhibit seemed really cool at night. It was awesome having Millennium fly overhead in the darkness every once in a while. Overall I was pretty impressed with the Dinos. However, there was a weird dance party area set up at one point along the trail, and it didn’t make any sense. There was a worker dancing all alone, with loud dance music, laser lights, and dinos. It was weird and sort of ruined the atmosphere but overall the event was really cool. I’ll probably only ever go back through the dinos to get pics of Millennium, but I’m glad to have experienced it at night with a flashlight. Unfortunately when we left, I completely forgot we were supposed to get s’mores and we left without getting any. After the fact, I realized that I didn’t even see them anywhere and no worker told us about them. Strange. Oh, well. We didn’t go through there for the s’more anyway. Following this, we had time for one last ride and headed for Millennium. We waited for the front and had an incredible night ride, as always. Earlier in the day, we also took advantage of the platinum deal at Happy Friar. An order of regular fries, an order of chili cheese fries, and 2 drinks for all under $8! It was so awesome and we loved it. Good food and an amazing deal. Overall our trip was a success. Crowds weren't bad, rides were running well, we experienced some new things, and it was just a fun day! Unfortunately some of the pictures didn't turn out too great but you get the idea. Ready for Dragster: Beach Blast: Ready for Dinos After Dark:
  16. Some of the smoothest I've been on: Millennium Force (front) Steel Force Talon Nitro Maverick (it has snappy transitions, but when you think about the actual ride experience, I think it is one of the smoothest coasters I've been on.)
  17. So I finally got around to making this trip report. Our friend who works at the park once again was able to get us free tickets so we (my parents and I) were very thankful. We decided on this day, Thursday the 10th, since the weather looked decent. It wasn't supposed to be too hot and it was supposed to rain/storm in the morning so we hoped this might hold off some of the crowds like in previous years. We sure were right! It ended up being a perfect day. We arrived at the park a little after opening and headed straight for El Toro. No line at all. I wanted to ride in the back and got right on within a few minutes. It was such a perfect way to start the day, and the coaster was just as crazy intense as I remembered it. There really is no other coaster like it (as far as I've experienced) when it comes to its intensity. It literally leaves you breathless and speechless. I wanted to go on it again, so this time we rode in the front. I definitely like the back a lot better. In the front, there are only a few "OMG!!!" airtime moments, unlike the back where it's like this constantly. Plus the first drop was disappointing. Yes, it's fun just hanging over the crest but you don't get the insane negative Gs like you do in the back. Still fun though. Next it was finally time to try out Zumanjaro! Thankfully it had opened the week before, so I was very excited to ride it. It seemed amazing and I knew I would love it. First off, I love how you can hear the people screaming while you're still pretty far away from it. This section of the park is relatively quiet so you can hear the screaming coming from the ride really well. It adds to the excitement as you make the long trek back to the ride entrance. I do hope the park adds more to this area, since right now there's just Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro, as well as a kids water/spray park thing. For having to walk such a long way to get to either of these 2 rides, it's too bad there isn't more to do. Yet. So finally we made it to the entrance. Then you have to keep on walking a ways until you reach the covered queue area. It was sad walking along where Rolling Thunder used to be. I'm still mad they took it out, especially since it wasn't even immediately replaced with anything. Anyway, in total we waited between 1 to 1 1/2 hours to ride, but it was worth it. There was one girl who passed out in line ahead of us, so that was pretty scary. Even though it wasn't too hot, she just probably wasn't drinking water. I was really impressed with how quickly the park took action. Within several minutes, the park's ambulance/EMT was at the scene. Thankfully the girl was alright but they took her away, probably just to be safe and to let her rest and have her get some water. The park did an amazing job being quick to the scene. It was such a pain how Zumanjaro and Kingda Ka can't run at the same time, since that means lines for both rides would be lengthened substantially. These already poor capacity rides would have even worse capacity. But there's nothing that can be done about it, so you just have to be patient. Kingda Ka runs 2 trains and then Zumanjaro completes a cycle. Repeat. Eventually it was our turn to ride. An employee divides people to go into 3 separate little waiting areas, one for each of the 3 ride cars. We got assigned to the far car (if you're looking at the front of Kingda Ka, the car farthest to the right). And it worked out that I was able to get the far outer end seat! The seats and restraints are very comfortable. Unlike some other drop towers, the seats don't tilt forward slightly, although I sort of wish they did. That adds to the thrill. But the restraints give you a lot of freedom and comfort. You start by slowly lifting up out of the load area. You continue on up, gradually increasing height. It was so funny listening to all the others rides. People really start to freak out the higher the ride goes and it's so funny to hear. The suspense keeps building as you climb higher and higher, an amazing view unfolding in front of you. You can see the entire park, as well as the beautiful forests that surround the park. It truly is breathtaking. I also thought it was cool looking to my left and seeing the green track of Kingda Ka. It is very cool being attached to the coaster. Then as you start to reach the top, the ride cars slow down a lot. So much that it feels like you have completely stopped unless you look to your side and see that you are still moving slightly up in relation to the coaster track. This is the point when everyone really freaks out, since by now everyone know we have almost stopped. Unlike the S&S drop towers, you don't fall/click into place. You just come to a gentle stop and hang there, waiting. The suspense is amazing, since you are so high up and have time to realize that in a few seconds, you're going to come plummeting back down to the ground. Suddenly your stomach lifts up into your throat as the cars are released and plummet down. You experience true weightlessness and it is such an incredible feeling. Now here is what is so cool about this ride. You continue to gain speed as you descend the tower, and the brakes don't slow you until you are precariously close to the ground. Just when you feel you can't get possibly faster and you're going to crash into the Earth at 90 miles per hour, you are pushed into your seat as the brakes smoothly glide you to a crawl to lower you back into the station. This ride is a pure adrenaline rush and I'd wait hours and hours for it. I think it would be a cool idea if that ride had on-ride video cameras that you could purchase the video, or at least a regular camera. But oh well. The ride experience itself is amazing. I had hoped to ride Kingda Ka next, but unfortunately it was down. So we were starting to get hungry and decided to get something in the food court just outside of the entrance to the Golden Kingdom. We got chicken tenders, fries, and shakes. It felt good to sit down and relax for a little before moving on. Before riding something too crazy yet, we decided to try the Parachute Training Center. We hadn't gone on it before and I wanted to try it. Only waited a few minutes, but my mom and I had to split up since there's a weight limit on the ride, and the 2 of us together exceeded it. It was a nice view from the top but it's such a short ride. Relaxing, though. Plus our ride op was fun. She was happy and gave everyone high fives before they rode. To continue on with the gentler rides, we went to the Big Wheel. The line was pretty slow and we ended up waiting 20-30 minutes for it. But it was nice having a long ride on it to enjoy the view of the park. Following this, I really wanted to try the Dark Knight Coaster. I had never been on it and wanted to experience it. I had heard mixed review about it so I was curious about trying it out for myself. We only waited about 5 minutes outside before going inside for the pre-show. I really enjoyed how it started, and it set up the atmosphere and theme. Why can't Cedar Fair have something as simple as this????? Then for the actual ride itself, I was really impressed. I love indoor coasters, and I'll be honest: I'm jealous Great Adventure has 2. Granted I never liked Disaster Transport at Cedar Point, but since it's my home park, at least it was unique. Indoor coasters are so cool since they can surprise you with twists and hills and are unique to the other rides. Even though the Dark Knight Coaster isn't heavily themed, what it does have is pretty cool. Plus I'm a huge fan of Wild Mouse coasters. Every park should have one (*cough cough* Cedar Point). When we got back into the station, the group from the next pre show hadn't entered yet so instead of running empty trains, the ride ops offered for us to stay on to ride again. So of course we did! It was just as fun the 2nd time and it was awesome to be able to do that. If you get lucky and are able to ride again before the next group enters the station, do it. Next it was time to try Batman: The Ride. I had never been on this coaster either. I know it's a generic clone like some other Six Flags rides but I've heard it's pretty intense and has been described like Raptor in 30 seconds. After waiting 5/10 minutes for the front row, I could see why. It may be short and compact, but it sure does pack a punch. It was fun and pretty intense, and I enjoyed it. I wanted to ride Nitro next, and after a half hour wait we were in the front row. However, while waiting in line under the stairs going up to the station, somebody spit and thankfully most of it missed me, but a little bit landed on my head. I quickly looked up and saw someone pull their head back. That was frustrating. But I love this ride, and the view and experience from the front is great. My favorite part is either the first drop or the 2nd element of the ride, the hill that banks sharply at the top and dives down to the left. There's also a smaller one right before the helix. I love the sensation you get, since it is a combination of laterals and airtime. Then 20 minutes later we were back on it, this time in the back row. I love the airtime you get in the back, especially the first drop. Plus Nitro doesn't have the rattle that so many never B&Ms have, even Diamondback. It's such a smooth coaster. From here we were going to take the cable cars over to Bizarro, but they were down. We walked over and only waited about 5 minutes for the front. This ride was a little bumpier than I remembered but it was still fun. I like floorless coasters and this is a great one. Thankfully I saw that Kingda Ka was running, so we decided to head to it. After the long walk, we made it and it was open! We waited about a half hour and then we were on it in the front row. It definitely rattles more and is rougher than Dragster, plus I hate the OTSRs and how secluded it is. Dragster is still way better, but KK is a fun coaster. Even though it's only 8 mph faster than Dragster, it does feel more intense. It was around 9 pm and was getting dark, so my mom and I decided to quickly head over to El Toro. I wish we could just cut through, since it's a pain walking all the way around to get to it. We waited about 15 minutes and rode in the back. This was my first night ride on El Toro and it was AMAZING. In the day this coaster is incredible. At night (and especially in the back), it's pure insanity. It was 9:30 and we hurried all the way back around to Zumanjaro. So much walking! I had planned all along for us to end the night with this ride, since I knew the view from the top would be awesome at night. So we got in line and only waited about 20 minutes before we were once again waiting to get on the far car. We were going to be on the next ride cycle when the ride went down. The ride ops announced it was down and the people who had just boarded got back off. Some of them came back in line and others decided to leave. I was so disappointed, since I had waited so long to be able to get a night ride on this ride. We decided to wait and hope that it was just a quick fix. After about 15 minutes, they ran 2 tests of it. Then they opened it back up! People got back on it, but we were still in line. Then just as they got checked and the ride was about to start...it went down again. This time I was even more upset since I really didn't think it would ever reopen, especially since it was already after close. But I could tell the staff didn't just want to close the ride and make everyone still in line leave. They kept working on it, and after another 15 minutes they did 2 more tests. Some people in line in front of us had left so if the ride repoened, we would get on it next. So after the test runs, they let us board. We got seated, our restraints were checked, and we were given the clear to go. Then...were started our ascent! The ride worked! It was finally time to get my night ride on Zumanjaro. The climb at night was even freakier than during the day, and it was so cool. The experience is like nothing else. Then you plummet toward the Earth, and all you can see is darkness and the sensation of freefall and speed. The feeling is out of this world, and you don't regain your sanity until you feel the magnetic brakes slow you down. As we exited the ride, I couldn't stop talking about it all the way back to our car. We had an amazing day at the park. Lines weren't bad at all and the weather was great. Six Flags does annoy me with its advertising all throughout the park (especially giant banners in lines, ads covering coaster cars, and a massive "Jersey Boys" banner spread across El Toro's hill). But the coasters and rides at this park are so much fun. Already I'm excited about returning next year!
  18. Poor Lemon Chill Guy... https://twitter.com/walleyewhacker/status/495008311549624320/photo/1 This is so funny!
  19. So the latest I've read is that there are 2 confirmed injuries, one of them including a broken leg. This is a horrible accident to happen and I'd hate to see Skyhawk go, but it wouldn't be surprising given this latest accident in addition to its previous problems.
  20. Has anyone else seen/heard any more about the rumored construction near Dragster? I still have yet to see any pictures, or even any descriptions of it, including where it even is. Also, I read that part of the Point Pavilion is currently blocked. Does anyone have any proof/pictures to back this claim up too?
  21. This coaster looks awesome. Way to go Holiday World for adding a coaster of this scale, especially a steel one! And way to go B&M for a launching coaster! And a launching wing rider, at that!
  22. Very interesting idea. I've never really thought about something like this before. I don't really see how something like it would be dangerous, but then again so far I'm limited to Honors Physics in high school... If it's possible to do, though, I think it sure would be crazy.
  23. Great explanation. On my last trip to the park I had my first stop on the safety brakes, and yes, it was very painful. Just like if you get stopped on Gemini's brakerun if there are trains still in the station.
  24. According to this site, the new haunt for HallowWeekends (the building next to GateKeeper) will be called Hexed. Ever since I first saw the witch Halloweekends advertisement I figured the new haunt would be witch related, so now it's pretty much confirmed. http://consumer.discoverohio.com/mobile/search-detail.aspx?detail=46447
  25. 1-3 (AKA "The Ejector Seat") is worth it at least once. It's painful but the airtime is insane. But besides that, BE SURE to ride in a middle seat since (each car has 3 rows, so ride in the 2nd row; it isn't over a wheel). This will result in a ride that is much smoother than one that's a wheel seat.
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