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  1. Uhm, that must have been a different Fury than I rode. It was just as weak as any other B&M. But we all know what to expect. It will be a solid ride but nothing extreme or groundbreaking. Still good for SW. It's not the strongest, but it's not the weakest airtime. It isn't the floater airtime you'd expect especially when it's 100 degrees out and the trim brake doesn't catch hard like it usually does. The last two little hills are good too.
  2. Fury doesn't really rattle, it just sort of bounces. The bounce isn't bad toward the front of the train or in the inside seats. But over the wheel seats and near the back, it can give a headache. Maintenance just put new wheels on the trains too, and it still has it. The ride did take a beating last year though. It ran A LOT so maybe that's the smoothest it'll get.
  3. Fury 325 has had a rattle for at least 70 of the 105 rides I've had one it.
  4. I appreciate my restraint in the front row of Fury. That ride doesn't have the ordinary floater airtime you'd find on Intimidator or Apollo's Chariot, or even Nitro. It's a little stronger, but still not El Toro strong.
  5. I'm being completely honest; it can still haul booty and be family-friendly. Maybe the ride doesn't have that many positive G Forces. Fury hauls, but the whole family can ride. The vertical g forces are very minimal. Same thing with Banshee. It has gigantic elements and it appears to go slow, but the ride did better than I thought. Looks can be deceiving.
  6. Yup, they were. Once they take the dummies out, it'll run a little slower. But that's none of our concern because when we get on, it most likely won't be an empty train. Nevertheless, I'll be on in December and I'm already thrilled!
  7. It's really not that much different on the first half. However, I can tell you that trim and mcbr are going to grab this summer because the trains will be hauling. However, looks can be decieving. Fury's trim hits hard and you definitely can feel it decelerate. I'm scared to ride that ride without that trim on. The airtime is already insane.
  8. Check out this video y'all. (credit to Mako Madness!) The MCBR brakes seem to be on; the ride is running a little slower than in the first test run video we all saw. Now, THIS is the speed I think the ride will be running at (maybe even a little slower). I can tell the difference, but it's not that bad. I think the trim first return hill is on too. Not too bad, eh? Still looks a lot faster than any other B&M hyper!
  9. 1) YouTube - I watch a lot of YouTube videos and listen to a lot of music now that I have YouTube Red. 2) Snapchat - It's a teenage tradition around our school to post your entire life on your story. 3) Instagram - Typically, I would use Instagram more than SnapChat, but I've just been using SnapChat more often now. 4) FaceBook - I love to watch those hilarious FaceBook videos that my friends share. And for those of my long lost friends, I use FaceBook message to get back in contact with them from time to time. 5) Twitter - Seriously, the only reason I have a twitter is to follow my home park's twitter and the general manager.
  10. Yup. Mike will be moving back to Dorney Park and the general manager from Dorney Park will be moving to Carowinds.
  11. You're welcome! I hope you all enjoy your visit this weekend.
  12. I did both rides and mazes on Saturday. I went straight to Fury at 7. The queue was full and it took about 30 minutes. Then I headed over to Cyclone and waited for the front row. The line wasn't even out of the station and it took about 15 minutes. The person working in controls was awesome. Also, we went through a couple walk throughs such as Blood Yard and Scary Tails. Following that, we waited for Last Laugh. The line was out of the entrance, and it probably took about 20 minutes. Afterwards, we went to AfterBurn and waited about 30 minutes with a full queue extended out of the entrance. Then, we headed over to Defex and waited for about 20 minutes with a full line. We would have ridden Intimidator, but after watching trains stack every cycle while waiting for DeFex and then seeing a queue out into the midway, we decided to pass. Regarding crowds, I also went in the day. The lines were 20 minutes max. Nighthawk of course, had a long line. You shouldn't worry too much about day time. For Scarowinds, if you plan on riding any coasters at that time, ride the lower capacity attractions first such as Nighthawk, Vortex, and Ricochet. Carolina Cobra's line moves at a decent pace. However, I'm assuming you won't be riding much cause you'll get to ride them during the day. Maze wise, hit Slaughter House first then Silver Screams Cinema. Lines get long quick for those. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  13. I'm going today at park opening. Is there a particular order that I should go in or a specific ride plan that I should go with in order to get as much rides as possible?
  14. Hey you all. I know this is way off topic and I know I've asked this before but what day this week should I go back and ride the rides I missed? This will be my last time returning in a while. Any days that aren't packed this week?
  15. Fury is best in the front to me. The ride has been a little shaky lately so I can't bear the back. Although it's fun and powerful, no other row can match row one's powerful wind in your face. It's just incredible.
  16. So, it turns out that I will be able to go next week! What day should I go for the least amount of crowds? I went Wednesday of this week and it was pretty crowded.
  17. Part 2 of the July 29th trip report! When we exited Batman, our device had not rung yet to ride Green Lantern. We decided to go to a restaurant and buy the green souvenir cups. I'm glad we do so we can get refills all season long. Finally our device buzzed so we could go ride Green Lantern. We were greeted by a line for flash pass. It was probably 5 to 10 people in front of us. For some odd reason, they were not allowing any people to enter the queue building for a good 20 minutes. Once they finally let us in, we were greeted by a line to actually get on the ride. So far this was the longest line that we have had to wait in all day. I've heard this ride was uncomfortable. It was 100% true in my honest opinion. It hurt my shoulders and my thighs. Is it always this bad? I was praying that X2 was not like that. After Green Lantern we decided to sit down because that messed up our mood. At this time most lines were getting a little long on our device. We decided to reserve a ride on Revolution thinking that it was very close to where we were. We have to walk up the mountain to get on the ride. On our way to Revolution, we stopped by Gold Rusher. I really like that ride. It was surprisingly long for a kiddie ride and it wasn't as rough as people say. We got to the station of Revolution, nobody scan our device. We went ahead and we canceled it so we can reserve the next ride. The ride itself was OK. It banged my head a couple times but it was still pretty fun. We realized that we were close to Viper. The party that I was with... everybody else was tired so I went to ride Viper alone. Viper was closed. I went back to my party and told them and they said that they had reserved a ride for Tatsu. They still were tired so I want to go ride X2 alone. Much to my surprise, the line was not long like everybody said it was. I called my party and told them and they said they'll be right there. I want to ahead and got in line and by the time my party was there, I was up in the station. Luckily for me, the ride attendant let my party up and let me wait for them near the lockers by the station. They rode in row five and I rode it row six. I had to ride with a stranger so I went ahead and made friends with her before we boarded the train. She sat on the inside seat and I sat on the outside seat. They locked and loaded the train very quickly. They were the second fastest crew that I've seen all day right behind Gold Rusher. As we climbed up the lift hill, I was becoming more and more nervous. The lift motor slowed down and I knew that we were at the top. We went over the fake drop and then the seats rotated and we went down the drop face down. The seats were rotating so much that it became uncomfortable. At one point at the bottom of one of the drops I was shaking so vigorously that gave me a headache. When the ride stopped, I din't know how to feel about it. It ended up jumping to second favorite ride! I knew it wasn't usually like that since everybody loved it so much. I'm gonna give it another chance. And now for my number one. Our device buzzed so we could go ride Tatsu. Can somebody explain why nobody was actually waiting on the stairs? It was like they were holding people back and letting them go one party at a time. The line was not moving at all. Do they usually do this? They weren't letting anyone past the queue onto the stairs before the station. Once we were at the top of the stairs, we decided to go to row number three. On row three and row six only three of the four seats were available. We waited for about four cycles. I LOVED THIS RIDE. IT WASN'T INTENSE AND I FELT IN CONTROL. IT WAS LIKE TRUE FLIGHT! THE PRETZEL LOOP WASN'T AS INTENSE AS I WAS EXPECTING BUT IT WAS FUN AS HE**. This is sooooo beautiful! I had a beautiful day at a beautiful park! While leaving I was greeted by a beautiful ride with a beautiful sunset! I'm planning to go next week. What day should I go to avoid the long lines? And how do I have a pain free ride on Green Latern?
  18. I went to Magic Mountain for the first time yesterday. I brought a seasons pass membership the night before and the dining plan. Once we were in the parking lot, we were greeted with a lot of cars. Can I just say I was not expecting this many people on a weekday? I think we parked in the F parking lot. Luckily for us, there was a bus that would take us to the front gate. Once we were at the front gate, we were having issues pulling up our season passes on our phones because we didn't have any signal. However, eventually I got it to work. Finally we were inside of the park! We opted out into getting flash pass. We walked straight to the flash pass building. We didn't know that you can only reserve one ride at a time. We were about to not get it but then an employee explain to us how it works. We decided to get the regular one. The employee gave us an instant reservation for Goliath. We walked all way to Goliath and we skipped the entire line. After the ride attendant checked us in, we reserved Scream then got in line for the back of the train. They were only running two trains and I think they could've been a little faster in their operations but they weren't unbearably slow. We were on the ride and we dispatched, we began our slow climb up the lift hill. I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina. Go to an amusement park called Carowinds. We have a B&M hyper called Intimidator and a B&M Giga named Fury 325. Just riding those rides all the time may Goliath not so scary. The drop was long but surprisingly, I felt nothing. I still had fun because Goliath was very smooth and g-force induced. After getting off of Goliath, we headed over to Scream. I have heard some about Scream. I heard it was very rough for a B&M. Once we dispatched and headed up the lift feel I was extremely excited to experience my first B&M floorless coaster. I have been on Griffon and SheiKra at Busch Gardens but I don't consider those floorless coasters because they're not based on multiple inversions. One we hit the pre drop and turned right, my ear hit the restraint. didn't even notice the parking lot below it while we were on the ride. I was very surprised that they didn't take our photos. After exiting the ride, we headed over to the line of Riddler's Revenge.I've heard some pretty bad things aboutthis being Beamer too but after having a great ride on Scream, I was not afraid of this ride at all. When we got to the top of the line the ride attendant scanned our device and we reserve a ride for Batman and headed over to row four. They were running two train very efficiently for standup coaster. This was the first time on a standup roller coaster that I could not put the seat down by myself. Once dispatched, we headed up the lift and when we got to the top, I couldn't see any track in front of us. We dropped and headed over to loop. I experienced some serious hang time at the top of of the loop. My feet were not even touching the floor of the train. We went to a couple more elements then we went through the inclined loop. We hit the midcourse break run and we dropped again and went through a corkscrew. I was expecting a very snappy corkscrew, much to my dismay, it was smooth as silk. We went through a mini airtime hill and my feet lifted off the floor of the train for a couple of seconds. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride and I would definitely ride it again. This ride it was nonstop intense. It was snappy and I absolutely loved it. So far all the rides have been ultra smooth. It was time to ride Batman! I've heard people grey out on this coaster because it was so intense. We got to the station and the ride attendant scanned our device and we registered a ride for Green Lantern. We wrote Batman row three and I'm glad we did. Part 2 will come tomorrow!
  19. It's fast. The train looked so small compared to that track.
  20. I think testing starts at 11, but I'm not sure if it's 11 AM or PM.
  21. I hear that somebody must have ran into the footer so they have to repour it and wait 7 days. I'm not sure whether this is true or not. However, I do think the 7 days are almost over. Mike said by the end of this week track work should be finished, and testing should begin in February.
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