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  1. Regarding the seatbelts having an impact on operations, when Intimidator got it seatbelts in the middle of the season, the trains would stack for minutes. The line was about 2+ hours easily on Saturdays. This lasted from April to early September. With Scarowinds approaching, they needed to get themselves together. I heard the crew got in trouble for not dispatching trains fast enough. I was unaware of this until I visited on a slow Sunday. The crew was sending out trains constantly when the train hit the panoramic u turn, sometimes even when the train immediately cleared the lift. I watched them all day. I was really not expecting that! I was expecting the trains to stack for minutes like always. This was from September until the park closed. I'm hoping the crew that worked that ride back in September will work Fury, because I have never seen operations that fast. Not even on Apollo's Chariot. Here is a video and I apologize for the constant back and fourth between the train and the station and the one in the lift:
  2. I don't mean to bug, but can someone please help me find some nice and clear pictures of all of Afterburn and Intimidator at Carowinds' buttons and controls. I'm studying the mechanical and electrical part of rides and it would be awesome if you could help find Millennium Force and Gatekeeper too.
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