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  1. My first coaster was some little kiddies one at Portrush in Northern Ireland. It went round twice, had a tiny lift hill, a drop and "air-time" hills. It isn't there anymore
  2. Facebook but only really to use facebook chat. No other reason.
  3. But it makes the the "Temple of Doom". The Doom is the backwards bit. Otherwise its just a generic looping coaster...
  4. I hope they do something new and exciting with it. Maybe some new effects or something. I wonder if they'll put it on backwards trains again.
  5. Hi, I'm Edd. I've been a user of TPR for a long time and finally decided to register an account on the forum! I don't visit parks as much as I would like to as I am at Uni but maybe eventually... That said, I have been to every single Disneyland in the world! See you all around.
  6. At the moment I'm reading Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort. Gotta finish it before I see the film!
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