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  1. His imagination because he was too illiterate to even start a theme park EVER! (E V E R !) Since DarienLaker was in the elementary grades, the world recovered from the demon by a five year celebration. By the end of the party, some of the worlds greatest coasters were made and six flags went bankrupt. All of the good rides were moved to cedar fair and a roller coaster renaissance continued for another five years after the long celebration. As the renaissance started to die...

  2. I think Spain should be the next country added. It's a fairly popular destination for American tourists and has quite a bit of culture.

    I kinda want Spain because the culture is so much different than the other parts of europe. I was also thinking Greece because they could do rides themed to Greek gods and mythology, but Id have to say a Spain would be my choice. Sadly i dont run the park.

  3. I will agree that the map is very inaccurate. Trying to find Storm RUnner the first time was brutal. My problem was that I had spent time memorizing where everything was on the map, but then the park map was wrong so it was hard to find things!

    I have to agree that navigating is difficult in Hershey. I got so lost because i could see the rides i wanted to go in the distance but the path layout is awful and very confusing. I probably could have gone on more rides but kept backtracking because i was gling the wrong way.

  4. The only rough b&m I've been on was mantis at cedar point. Bashed my head pretty good. Layout was pretty cool though

    Haven't been on it and don't really plan to. (Not a credit whore like some) one of the coasters im avoiding when i go to Cedar Point this summer. Although if i get the Fast Lane i may try it just to see how bad it is Since i wouldn't have to wait.

  5. PETA came and released the mutant animals onto Falcon. They used their acid breath to melt the coaster to nothing. Slowly the animals started realizing what they were capable of and started a human vs. animal war on PETA, but because PETA loves animals too much they...

  6. Once it reaches an hour I'm done and thats for a good ride. I try and wait like 30minutes and go on days that crowds are minimal. Waaay too impatient. If the ride breaks down though and i have waited a decent amount of time, i usually stick to the line because i don't want to have to rewait what i just stood in line for. One time the Hulk was down in Universal and i waited it out. By the time the ride was back up, i was next in line for the front since everyone left because they didnt know how long the wait was going to be.

  7. or a launched standup B&M

    Now that would be something new (and quite gimmicky). However, as I've said, I actually would like to see B&M building one now. (not that I think that's happening anytime soon)

    Launched Flyer. That is what i want. I feel like they have soooo much potential but right now the pretzal loop is its best feature. (Then again if only been on Ultimate Flight). Look at Sky Scrapper! Put a launch on that and i think it would would be a perfect flyer.

  8. I think Busch will hope off the Intamin train for a little bit since this endeavor that is Falcon's Fury. They just did a launch coaster so I can't see a launched B&M anything going there either. Maybe Busch will throw us for a loop an go for something completely new like a Mack or Morgan Mega-Lite. Lightening Run has gotten great reception as well as Alpine Blitz.

    I dont think Busch has really been on the Intamin train. They only have two intamin rides (FF, Cheetah Hunt) and BGW has none whatsoever. Plus FF is the only one having major issues.

  9. I just want all of the theming in Festa Italia to just go away. They could expand Italy or change it to Greece (which would actually make sense brcause of Apollos Chariot and Roman Rapids which would just needs a new name.) The rides could be either scrapped or rethemed. As for 'Tempesto'..... It could have been awesome! The ride will be fun; but why, WHY is it themed to BMX stunt crap for a carnival sideshow act??? How did that actually go through? The theme is just going to clash and make the rest of the land look worse. I love Busch Gardens and i was excited for this ride but now im just annoyed that they didnt even try. They pulled a Six Flags and that is shamful for a park i know is better than that.

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