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  1. So I dont go on here much, and I had no idea where to post this so I figured it would go under models lol. Anyway this is an idea I have had in my head for quite a long time and I figured since I had alittle freetime today I'd make it a reality. The idea is that you take a drop tower and strap a motion simulator(basically like the cabins on Mission Space in EPCOT) to the side of it. I would consider even covering it up with a themed tower to add to the experience of the ride. Multiple drop towers could be added as well so the capacity could be greater but since it is a drop tower the rides base would still be relatively small without consuming a ton of land.


    Structurally I dont know how this would work, but I would assume it is a cable based system so that way it has more control rather than air in a typical S&S tower. The cabins would have the ability to change roll and pitch while the body of the simulator can go up and down the tower. I tried my best in the models to make them realistic structurally, but I am by no means an engineer. Other options would be to add hydrolics instead of the rotating base but that would not allow full 180 degree rolls or pitches. I know in the photos you can see the seats, in reality that would be covered up with a video screen so the passengers are locked into the cabin without view of the outside.


    So yeah this is my idea! Please tell me what you think! Im considering creating a building to house it in and maybe coming up with a story to accompany the ride but for now this is what ive got. (if you are curious on where i modeled this it was on SketchUp and rendered with Twilight.)





  2. Assuming human error was the cause, could the ride operator/engineer face legal charges?

    Nope, Deep Pockets Doctrine. The lawsuit will go to Merlin. Nobody's gonna get any money out of a seasonal theme park employee.

    Well that's kind of good for the operator but also sucky for Merlin. What would happen if it were a mechanical error? Would gerstlauer face charges?

  3. I guess that's why I was hoping it wasn't human error. If it was done by the operator I'm sure they would be faced with something and I'm sure they would be fired for sure. Human error would be the simple fix though. Sorry I'm not the most mechaninical person so knowing the systems in a coaster is not my strength. I just hate seeing people getting trashed for something like causing a roller coaster accident. I just want this whole thing sorted out. It sucks that this situation happened human error or not.

  4. I hope that this doesn't give the park a bad reputation after all of this is cleared up. The coaster has had a few incidents already. I can only imagine what precautions and things they are doing while the park is closed if it was human or a malfunction error. Oh, technology and people! The sad thing is that these roller coaster crashes or malfunctions are always exploded in the media so it just makes common person so much more worried when they don't realize driving to the park is more dangerous than riding a roller coaster. Hope everything gets fixed soon and it looks like Alton is taking extra caution with this... All we can do is wait.

  5. Wicked Cyclone is literally getting me so excited with all of these positive reviews!! So I'm planning to go hopefully in the beginning of July on a weekday. Does anyone know how crowded that will be? Obviously I'm going to get there as early as I can so my first priority is WC, but It would be nice to know how bad the crowds would be the rest of the day. (Probably going on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.) thanks!

  6. Oh six flags... Yeah I was there opening day. First mistake, second it was gorgeous out so everyone came to the park that day. Lastly dispatch is awful for Goliath! I'll give six flags that it was opening day but still! They did get two trains to run when I waited at around closing but I still waited two hours. It was two hours well spent! Love the ride but seriously six flags, get your act together! As for Platinum, it's your best bet if you want to spend the money. Goliath is a must when you go!

  7. IPHONE 6!!!!! Well im gonna have to wait probably until the 7 to upgrade. This year i got a Nokia Lumia 925 so i want to wait before i spend more money. Iwatch looks okay. I would never buy one but i guess for those watch people its a good idea. (I dont understand the need of a watch when there is a phone)

  8. Mine has to be probably Gatekeeper. I love the keyholes and it just looks so beuatiful. I have to say B&M's are very attractive beasts. Intamin i prefer because of the intensity but B&M wins my vote for best looks.


    Edit- honorable mention would have to be any woodie that has a massive wooden structure with curves and your typical lattice work. Examples would be Mean Streak, White Cyclone, Son of the Beast.


    I based my opinion on looks and not by the ride itself.

  9. It makes me sad to see how it seems like the all of the SeaWorld Parks are just going downhill. Budget cuts after budget cuts. When I visited the park back in 2010, I loved every second of being in it. I love all the SeaWorld Parks and still do! It is just a shame of what has been happening to them


    I agree! I love Sea Wprld parks but it is a shame that they have to do this. It really makes me upset because i hate seeing a good park like this go downhill.

  10. So glad I got the fast lane plus! I got to go on everything except Corkscrew and Iron Dragon, and I even got two rides on Maverick. $110 was crazy but it was easily worth it or else I would have had hour plus waits for almost everything. (yeah it was PACKED) I arrived with my family at 10ish but we had to leave since everyone was done while I still wanted to stay :/ oh well. I'm on my way to college in Chicago so I'm sure over the years I will take a "quick" stop before I head home. Great day fabulous park and I FRICKIN LOVED MAVERICK!!!!

  11. So im going to Cedar Point tomorrow. Is the fast lane worth it. I checked prices online and its $90 thats crazy!! I hate waiting in lines but $90 sounds over the top.


    If you are going to CP on a Saturday and hoping to ride a lot, I'd go for it if I were you. Otherwise, most of your day will be spend waiting for the Intamins and B&Ms (expect 1.5 hours + depending on time of day), and I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the lineup and big flats were over an hour.

    Thank you! I think i will end up getting it. I live in NY so i dont get to go very often and this is a very big treat for me. How are the crowds at night? Is it still like hour waits or is it more like 30 minutes for most rides?

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