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  1. So i went to Busch last week and i have to say it was a perfect day. No lines for anything. The one thing that bothered me was Europe int the Air. I have never been on it and just went on it to see how bad it really was. It was Horrendous! Worst simuator ever and i even got motion sickness (which never happens)! So here is what im leading up to, why did Busch replace a great ride with this crap? Couldnt they have improved what they had rather than create something new? I never got to ride Corkscrew Hill but ive seen videos and it looked wonderful. The annimation wasnt there but they could have overhauled it like Spiderman. I guess it bothers me to see a great theme park take out a great ride and replace with something not up to par. Lastly, would it be possible to bring back the old movie or is it gone forever?

  2. I have to say Im a theme park person. I love the little details, the story, but i also like a good ride. When you combine the two, its perfection. I like amusement parks, but id rather have great theming and fewer rides over no theming and tons of rides. The two parks that keep coming mind are Busch Gardens and Islands of Adventure. Both have outstanding theming but have managed to weave in thrill rides without plopping them in a random place. One of my favorite rides of all time has to be Tower of Terror in WDW. It is not the ride that i love the most, but the story that accompanies it. Looking up at the towering hotel is quite terrifying but when the story of the vanishing people is told then the ride starts to feel more real like you are actually going to go into the Twilight zone. I feel like theme parks add that extra dimension that amusement parks lack.

  3. 1 Hyper

    2 Dive Machine

    3 Inverts

    4 Sit Down/ Floorless (they are too similar to judge in separate categories)

    5 Flying (ive only been on one, Ultimate Flight, so its hard to rate on a mediocre rated flyer)

    6 Stand Up (not because of the groin but my ankles hurt so bad after it)


    I get to go on Gatekeeper and X flight this summer so i can finally add winged coasters to the list!

  4. Yesterday i went to Hershey and probably had the most perfect day ever! It had slight chance of showers all day and not a single drop fell. I think the longest lines we waited for were Fahrenheit and Tidal Force (my friends wanted to do it, so i went with them) which were about 30 minute waits. I finally got to ride Skyrush!! Last time i went there in 2012, it opened the day after so you can imagine how pissed i was. I love it so much!! I actually like the restraints on it even though they do get somewhat tight, but it was definitely a more open feeling and ever hill makes you feel like you will fly out. So yeah it made my top ten without a doubt. Lastly after having a horrible experience at Six Flags on Friday (long story but it was all the staffs fault), Hershey fixed that by being extremely efficient, great staff, and great rides!

  5. So i remembered how awful Steamin Demon's corkscrews are at Six Flags Great Escape. Going there this friday and not sure if i wanna go on it again. I just remember that everything was fine until the corkscrews. Then my head was slammed (literally slammed) to the sides of the restraint. Getting off my ears were red. (Dont wear glasses! That probably didnt help the ride thankfully i have contacts now).

  6. The 30th im going to hershey and the weather forcast shows rain and thunderstorms. Im hoping it will be nice because weather forecasts are not the most accurate a week in advance, but if it does rain, how is hershey with rain? Do they close their rides as soon as they see bad clouds or do they let the coasters run in the rain? Thunderstorms they would be closed obviously

  7. So i know the GP mess up Disneyland and Disney World quite a bit, but its also with Six Flags. Sometimes my friends will be like lets go to Six Flags. "Okay which one?" (What? Theres more than one??). Not only that, but Six Flags likes to use Six Flags Great _________ since they are Six Flags and like to reuse many of their names. Recently on Facebook, someone put a picture of all of her friends and tagged it as Great Adventure when they were at Great Escape. Yeah you got the Six Flags right but you were not in NJ. I can see why it would be confusing, but they should really check online before they tag the wrong place. Nice try GP.

  8. This, along with the post above about a bigger park model with chaos style seats, that'd be awesome...Back to back duelling park model zippers.


    Not quite sure how the lowering boom would work though.


    I just imagine the boom stopping horizontally and lowering so the lower half of the carriages can unload/load. Then the other upper half moves and can do the same before the boom rises back up the tower and starts the ride cycle.


    What if it was built like an S&S SkySwat? It would be able to raise and lower,mbut still have the strengh needed to support the giant zipper.

  9. Zippers are so hard to describe unless you have been on one! I love them it is so unpredictable! Sometimes u get some great airtime while other times you might be flipped 20 times! I really hope they upgrade this ride! It already is great, but it looks so dated now. What would be really nice is if a giant zipper 2.0 was created thats at least 70 feet high! My mouth is already drooling.

  10. PS: What's the big deal about TOT?... Great intensity?... Theming?... Both??

    If you haven't been on it, i would consider it pretty intense and the themeng is outstanding! The thing that puts it over the top for me is that it has a random drop sequences! So to answer you question both and then some

  11. I haven't been on many drop towers. In fact I've only been on 3: tower of terror (WDW), Dr dooms fearfall, and Mäch tower. In order i would rate them

    Tower of Terror

    Mäch Tower

    Dr Doom's Fearfall

    I felt that MT and DDF gave the same feeling, MT was just a linger fall thats why its better. ToT was just absolutely amazing every way so its pretty obvious its 1 for me

  12. Senior management from the park have commented that this is "number 17" (referring to our coaster count). Don't expect any inversions. And the surprise finale should catch a lot of people off guard (maybe not enthusiasts, but general guests for sure).


    It sonuds like there is going to be a drop like Verbolten. I dont know what else would catch people off guard besides that or maybe a backwards segment, but this is a small ride so i doubt it will go backwards. It could be something visual like fire or a giant annimatronic dragon. This ride is really getting me excited!

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