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  1. EPCOT definitely takes the win for theming as a whole, but if I were to chose a land, I would go with the WWoHP. I felt in Harry's world! Where else can you go and feel like you are in the movies and books! I can only imagine what Avatar will look like and other similar projects! A non Disney/ Universal park that had great theming is Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It reminds me of EPCOT because of the countries but with great roller coasters as well.

  2. Personally I got with B&M because, even though Intamin make much taller rides and such, B&M coaster just feel and look massive (Their hypers in particular), they way the sprawl all over the land and look just huge on the horizon. That side pic of Nitro showing it towering above the treeline is always the first thing that comes into my mind whenever I think of B&M coaster.

    What about Millennium force or i305? I get what your saying about B&M but you can't just leave out two of Intamin's giants!

  3. The only one I can think of is Curse of DarKastle. I end up going to a park the year after they get something new like Verbolten or The Wizarding world of Harry Potter. I went to Hershey the day before Skyrush opened so I was extremely pissed that it turned out to be a great ride that I missed by a day :/ oh well. This year I plan on going on Goliath at Six Flags Great America so I'm pumped!!

  4. I have still yet to figure out, how exactly Disney would accomplish the design of the

    "door cars" on the Blue Sky-ed Monsters, Inc. Doors Coaster. And the whole thing seems

    to me, to be destined for a major black light part (if not all of it) as well - all those door

    frames whizzing around, up and overhead..... nice.

    The cars would have to be really narrow so like two people a row on a train of maybe 7. As for the doors above, I feel that that would be a giant room with doors going everywhere and maybe the train could enter it a few times. Only one of these "door rooms" would be in the ride for that would be a lot of space and a lot of doors. I honestly don't know what the story of the coaster would be since Boo is safe and can be seen again since her door was fixed. The story could have a lot of holes in it since the door train couldn't enter other doors for that wouldn't make sense, and the doers don't go anywhere besides the scare floor and the storage room.

  5. I prefer Intamin because they try and innovate the roller coaster while B&M has not done any thing radical besides the Dive Coaster (I really like Griffon). I love both but Intamin takes the win. I have yet to ride Skyrush but Bizzaro is a spectacular hyper coaster and El Toro is breathtaking!! I would give B&M the crown for best inverted coaster company, but Intamin I prefer overall.

  6. I'm so friggin pumped for this!!!!!! I'm a huge potter freak so this will be on my list of things to do! The name seems a bit long for the Gringotts coaster, but I do agree that all of the books are" Harry Potter and the________." I'm still waiting for interactive wands and it wouldn't be that hard. All of the wands would need to be replaced, but they would have the same technology as Magiquest just with more realistic wands.

  7. First time to cedar point will be in the summer this year, and I'm so pumped! I'm also planning on going to six flags Great America at some point because my college will be only an hour from it. Lastly, during the summer my youth group is going to Florida for a week trip and we are going to go to some park in orlando. (Not sure what park but my guess will be magic kingdom) I'm fine with any park in orlando since I have already been to Disney and Universal. Sea World doesn't really draw me in that much, but I would like to go there at some point just to go on Manta and Kraken.

  8. What if cedar point got a dueling 4d coaster? Two zac spins next to each other with a different layout from Green Lanturn and Insane. Maybe slightly longer and more intense.


    Uh...have you ridden either of these coasters? I promise you, it wouldn't need to be any more intense. The ZacSpins are pretty lethal as they are.



    It was just an idea I have heard mixed reviews about ZacSpins but the capacity is the biggest issue on them.

  9. Guys, flying a wing coaster isn't any different than flying on a normal flyer...

    Well it could be somewhat different. The cars would have to be changed, but instead of the typical flying coaster station, one would lay down on the car so the track and car wouldn't be above you. Both flying and lay down coasters the track and car are at your back. Imagine flying on Gatekeeper or X-Flight. The thing with this concept is that if a park wanted a flying winged coaster they could just buy new trains if they already have a winged coaster. I feel that the concept could work but it also could fail just as any other concept.

  10. What if cedar point got a dueling 4d coaster? Two zac spins next to each other with a different layout from Green Lanturn and Insane. Maybe slightly longer and more intense. A dueling zac spin would just increase the capacity for they probably have awful capacity since it is 8 per train. I'm not sure how much one would cost let alone two, but they shouldn't be too pricy for they are small and they would be using the same support structure.

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