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  1. Mack also copied the Mega-Lite as a whole ride (Alpina Blitz)... So I don´t see anything wrong in Intamin also taking some "inspiration" from Mack.
  2. Bavarian Food? Restaurant? That´s not confirmed. Thtey were looking to hire a chef, thats true, but that guy could be used everywhere, not just in Klugheim...
  3. I think it is a pretty bold move of RMC to take the blame on themselves. I highly respect them for that. Seeing my home park open an Intamin Log Flume a year after what was promoted I can understand how travelers and locals feel. Still, this is a really honest press release and no "due to conditions we could not control", blabla. Delays happen and even from a distance, I think the way Dollywood deals with that is perfect.I hope I can make it there soon
  4. Haha awesome! The context makes it Even funnier. I guess every man that has been in a relationship with a woman knows that look...
  5. Yes, but I was referring to the initial delay. I believe they will open it in time for summer school holidays here, which should be beginning of July. I think this COULD be realistic, depending on whats still missing. Guess we will know more after the off-season (in a month). So far I only see station buildings and decorative buildings, but I´m quite sure there will be some food options added as well.
  6. There is no confirmation that Klugheim will open in 2016. they just say that they are aiming for opening in 2016, but that there is no date confirmed yet. No. It was just technical issues and maybe the structure. Nothing flipped and sank. There were (and are still till today) some issues with leaking, especially in some queue areas. Then they had a problem adjusting the speed and amount of splillage / wetness plus a new magnetic braking system that didn´t work properly. Also some things didn´t work at all (for example the waterfalls at the "temple" before the last lift). But nothing relevant in terms of security. They delayed opening to fix some minor issues. edit: Phantasialand confirmed, no opending date or timeframe for Klugheim.
  7. Don´t get your hopes up. They won´t rush it and will only open it when its 100% done.
  8. Very nice shot combining two frames from the video, made by Mario over at coasterfriends. Looks awesome to me The drop looks very daring for a "family ride" to me.. Sauce
  9. I find the Mummy coaster to be criminally underrated. Such a fun ride that never gets much praise. Sooo true! I don´t know how many times we rode it when we were at Universal. 20, 30 times? We marathoned it spontaneously as we had express and it was basically a walk on for us. Such a great coaster!
  10. I imagine three trains will be the minimum. It will be four trains, maybe even five. Judging from the construction, they will have the station as entry point, with off-loading on the storage track, not dual-loading like at Cheetah Hunt, but more like Dueling Dragons. Load and Unload are seperated. This means two trains in the station, and two on the track aswell. Plus another one for maintenance, that would make it five trains.
  11. Two Renderings from Tobi at phantafriends, showing what I was refering to earlier: So it´s realistic that Taron will be self-dueling. I guess this will be the best aspect of the whole ride
  12. Oh don't worry about that. They say quite clearly that they want freedom of movement to all sides. So as this is a completely new train, I am 100% sure that you will be able to stretch your legs and arms as far as you want. You can even see that the sides are open and that the seats and the rows are further apart than usual.
  13. So, floorless trains with elevated seating, a new restraint system, themed trains...what more could you ask for? Well.. I can tell you. Two launches. The second one occuring in the middle of the ride. So what could that mean....? When will it open? They go full 3DRealms here: "When it´s done".
  14. Phantasialand just officially anounced "RAIK" on their Facebook Page. It will be the "largest" Family-Boomerang in the world (talk about a record ). Source (warning: Facebook)
  15. This is fan made. No official Info from the park so far. The second picture is an example shown during a presentation.
  16. Next time you get the chance in the Netherlands, go for fries "speciaal". Mayo, curry flavoured ketchup and chopped onions. It doesn´t get better than that (except you go really nuts and add the peanut butter sauce aswell )
  17. So, no one answered on this? I always thought vaping was so huge in the US ? Here in Europe, more and more people start doing it. I started (I think) in April or May. Basically, a lot of people at work started vaping instead of smoking, so I thought, let´s give it a try. Went through two small kits (an EVOD and an Ego One) before I settled on my current setup. For work, or when I´m casually going somewhere, where I know there is power close, I use a small ego one battery (the 1100 mAh variant) with a Kanger Subtank Nano. Beautiful small setup, that gives you .5 ohms, good taste and fits perfectly in my pocket. For longer days I now got a Kangertech Subox Mini Kit which consists of a Kbox Mini Box and the new version of the Subtank Mini. The white version looks quite nice for me, I call it my stormtrooper vape. I would highly recommend this kit. It´s a box mod, but you can still charge it via usb. The Tank comes with a .5 ohms and a 1.2 ohms coil but also with an RBA base to make your own coils (I havent started that yet). You can go from 15 to 50 Watts which gives you a good choice. I use it at 35 watts and .5 ohms, which gives nice clouds, tastes fine and is not too hot. The airflow adjustment is also great. It´s a nice kit I can only recommend: http://www.kangeronline.com/products/kanger-subox-mini-white-starter-kit For Liquids I switched to mixing them up myself. We have shops here that sell pre-mixed base and flavours which is way cheaper than buying ready-made liquids. I pay around 30 Euros for half a litre of base and enough flavour to go with it. That should keep me going for a few months.
  18. Why would you need a story to create a great rollercoaster? I don´t get this. The Mummy rides are great, especially the Orlando Version, but it doesn´t really tell a story that makes the coaster better. I never really got all the fuss about the Wodan Q. It´s themed nicely but it doesn´t contribute to the ride in any way (at least for me). Now we don´t even know how the Q will look like for Taron. We don´t know if they will include a dark ride part on the way to the launch. So why all this hate? This will be an awesome addition and one of the best looking coasters in the world...
  19. I guess they won't theme each support, they'll theme those that are clearly visible (to a degree) and hide the rest. Black Mamba is a good example. There are some unthemed supports, but they are either in trenches or in locations where they can't be themed. Look at the overbanked turn after the first launch. The supports are not themed but rather well hidden.
  20. Everyone, just thanks for those comments! It feels so great to see people from all over the world appreciate a project in my home park (It´s 15 minutes on public transport from where I live). Now I won´t go down the fanboy route, pretending this to be the best Coaster ever made. I´ve been to parks in the US (Florida and SoCal, to be precise) and every "thrill" park, even Universal, has rides that are more intense than all the coasters in Europe. So, judging from intensity, I don´t think Taron will be better than those. For now, as I don´t know the layout, I think it will be similar to Cheetah Hunt with great theming added. Anyways, I knew this was happening for quite a time, and now it just feels great to see worldwide appreciation for this project (I´m not involved with it or PHL in any way). Thanks, TPR !
  21. I guess it will be similar to Wuze Town. It´s referred tu as Wuze Town (where the Winjas are) but it belongs to Fantasy.
  22. Some new pictures from today More twisty! More theming starting to show up. Notice the wooden theming in the rocks. The Station starts taking shape. But still..nobody knows what the queue will look like... Looking good... A wild mess of track and theming appears... Nice Overview. But don´t be fooled by it. The ride looks bigger in person. Twisty Intamin goodness.. All links courtesy of Coasterfriends (User mrchoiceman)
  23. What they can do, is just spin the top part of the support. Thats quite visible from all the photos we have seen. When I was there I thought it was already connected since the whole site is so huge that such a small misalignment is barely noticeable. I am quite sure that the whole construction will work out fine..
  24. There a lot of ways to fix this. But with us not knowing ANYTHING about the actual construction site, we really cant even guess what might be easiest. It might be easiest to chop the top off the support, and put on a new top thats kinked and fits perfectly. Just look at the size of the track and the number of supports. I guess what they are trying to do here is minimalize supports and use really long track elements. I bet the missaligment we see here will be fixed in a couple of days. There was a similar situation when the biggest overbanked turn on the other side was installed, but it was fixed a few weeks later. Seeing that support, my best bet is, that the last part of the support was screwed in wrong. Turn the last part a few inches (i.e. one hole more on the support) and everything fits. With RCS working on the coaster I am 100% sure that everything will turn out perfect. Plus, I need to say that the photos do not really show the size of the coaster. The coaster is huge, the tunnels are huge, and there is a lot more of it to come. When I saw it in person yesterday I was totally blown away by the size. This thing will be something special, something that was never seen at any theme park in the world. It looks to me like they took Maverick, adjusted the layout and then put a theming around it that would rival Universal or Disney. This "thing" and wildfire will be the two big coaster highlights of Europe for a few years to come. No doubt about that.
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