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  1. It is actually so nice that big coasters are finally being built here in Russia. All we've had before were just wild mouse coasters and Schwarzkopf Jet Stars for the most part. However, all these new coasters lack theming. The people who write descriptions for the rides on the park's website also seem to know very little about the rides they are describing. It is stated on the official Wonder Island website that their new Blue Fire coaster features a "pneumatic launch" and the "first Immelman inversion in Russia". As for the new coaster, it is written on their website that it will be as tall as a fourteen-story house and will reach 120km/h. I think it might be an Intamin because people making the announcement could have assumed the coasted is from the same company judging by the similar track design. As funny as it sounds, it may actually be that way.
  2. I rode Raptor at Gardaland while it was raining over seven times last year. It hurt.
  3. Had two days in Gardaland one week ago, so now the last coaster i rode is: Raptor, Gardaland
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