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  1. Honestly I thought by this point in time having a seatbelt that runs between the legs and connects the seat and the OTSR would be standard equipment for any drop tower. With S&S I believe they have always been there, Intamin started putting them on drop towers following the accident at Great America and old ones also got them added, even the Larson towers have them. Besides serving as a way to prevent riders from falling out under the OTSR, they also have the bonus benefit of keeping riders too big off. You may be able to pull the OTSR down but if you are unable to fasten the belt you still are too big to ride.
  2. While it may seem shocking at first that Darien Lake would get rid of ROS due to needing new trains and yet invest in new trains for Mind Eraser the more I thought about it and honestly the less shocking it is. Intamin rides built in the late 1990s and 2000s were incredible but on the same token it almost seems like it gets to the point where the costs to keep said ride open is just not worth it especially when it comes to a smaller park like Darien Lake. We have already seen a similar thing play out with Volcano where it just got to the point it was better from a financial point of view for the park to just scrap it and move on. In addition to Volcano, Perilous Plunge, Tower of Terror in Austrialia, and Wicked Twister all were Intamin rides from that era and they are all gone. Plus to my knowledge we don't know what is going to happen with TTD. With an SLC though, you hear a lot of negativity about them but one thing you rarely hear about is an SLC being plagued with maintenance problems. Yes there are a few here and there but I think a lot more of this is a reflection on the park. Darien Lake could get new trains for Mind Eraser and it would be a ride that is not going to cost loads of money down the road to keep open.
  3. I started to bring up a similar point that I think we are past every park getting something every year, One big hint is the fact that this was announced when it was and was not part of an announcement day, With every park getting something having everything announced at once was kind of important as it further hammered in the point that every park was getting something. Maybe it is just me but I always hated everything being announced at once. It made the special rides seem less special and many of the rides really felt out of place being announced when they were. For instance if a park is getting a Larson Super Loop certainly they want to let people know it is coming but it would be better suited to announce just before opening day.
  4. While this may turn out to be a one off deal like X-Flight was in 2012 I do think it could be the start of a new direction for Six Flags. Hopefully it is a middle ground the chain has been needing for years The late 90s-early 2000s it felt like Oprah every year was telling all the Six Flags parks "You get a big new coaster, you get a big new coaster, everyone gets a big new coaster. But wait next year you all get another big new coaster" and while this was great at the time looking back it was a total disaster. First of all it bankrupted the chain. Second many of the new rides either took a while to get right or never really worked right in the first place and quite a few have either been sold or are no more. Third Six Flags was very foolish at times where they put these large projects. Did Six Flags America really need a hyper coaster and a flying coaster in back to back years? Did Magic Mountain need three new coasters the year after opening up the worlds tallest coaster? Don't even get me started on SIx Flags Ohio/Worlds of Adventure putting in five coasters during 2000-2001. Since 2007 though the chain has became the budget chain and the problem is nearly the opposite. There are coaster concepts we don't see at Six Flags simply because the chain refused to spend the money. For instance this should not be the first dive coaster for the chain, that should have been done years ago. If Six Flags had this mentality in the 90's chances are we don't see things such as the Batman clones. The new direction I could see them going is where they are willing to spend the money. However they are not going to spend it like it was water and are going to be wise with it.
  5. That is my home park and I do agree it needs a lot of love. He did not miss anything with the wild mouse being closed. It is insanely rough to the point it can be painful. The $30 for about half the rides may sound absurd but not surprising for them. It always seems like this park has something silly going on. There was the time where you would get a sticker on entry and you had to wear it if you lost yours during the day nothing happened. Then there was the time you could not get in if you were under 21 unless you were with someone at least 21 or you were with a group. I think someone in the military was even denied entrance. They used to also have a special entrance for groups (which is fine) but even though the park opened at 10, they would not open the group entrance until 11.
  6. Back in August Premier released this statement and while they do not mention the coaster or park by name it certainly screams Mindbender. http://premier-rides.com/premier-service-awarded-its-largest-service-contract/
  7. Not surprised that the Skybuckets are done. These type rides have been on decline for years and it was only a matter of time before SFoG closed theirs. The only real surprise is that they lasted as long as they did. I suspect their age and also insurance costs played a role but I suspect the final nail in the coffin was Covid. I know it is not very Six Flags like and also unlikely to happen but I would love for SFoG to replace these with either a modern day chairlift or gondola.
  8. I do think SFoG will be doing year round operations at some point. It seems that theme parks in general are realizing that there is a lot of people who would come to parks no matter what the weather was especially if you give them some reason to come. Case in point look at BGW. As far as Mindbender goes anyone have any idea what trains they will be using? It seems like new trains will be part of the refurbishment. I know that New Revolution's trains were spotted so in-house seems possible however I have also heard that Premier might be doing the work.
  9. At first I was thinking the Surf Coaster could be a next-gen standup coaster. The more I have thought about it though the less and less likely it seems. First of all B&M is a business and they want something they can sell. Standup coasters have a bad reputation and many if not most stand-ups have either been relocated/sold, scrapped completely, or converted into a different type of coaster (i.e. floorless) If B&M was to bring back the standup coaster I doubt there would be a lot of interest in it even if it has a new name. There are two big things missing from B&M's portfolio of coasters and I think the surf coaster will fill one of these gaps. The first option is a spinning coaster. It could be a horizontally spinning coaster like Time Traveler or it could be a vertically spinning coaster like X2 and the free-spins. The second option is a launched coaster. Yes I know B&M does have two launch coasters out there but these are cases of adding a launch to an existing model, this would be a dedicated launch coaster model. As much as I would love to see it be a launched model, I am leaning toward it being a spinning coaster along the lines of X2. B&M wing coasters are a popular model and adding rotating seats is the next obvious move and a name like surf coaster would fit this better than it would a launch coaster. Also with SWO getting Ice Breaker this year I doubt they would be so quick to add another launch coaster so soon.
  10. Back in 1999 the only roller coaster I had ridden was the Cannonball at Lake Winnie. That year our school had an 8th grade trip to SFoG and with Georgia Scorcher being new and at the front of the park guess what everyone wanted to ride first. I figured why not and got in line with the rest. On the ride I was having a blast but there was one part I started feeling queasy in my stomach. Thankfully the ride hit the brakes a few seconds later. I think it was simply due to the fact I had never ridden anything like that before. I never had anymore problems that day and the other times I have ridden Scorcher I have not had any problems. The only time I ever really got truly sick at a park was strangely enough at SFoG as well. It was not the rides that made me sick. By about 2 p.m. I was feeling miserable and had no clue why. Then to make it even worse I have a nosebleed (which is common for me) I find a bathroom and the first thing I notice as I walk it is that it was really cool in there. I had to stay in there a few minutes with my nosebleed but by the time I left I was feeling great again. I came to the conclusion that I just got too hot. It was nearly 100 degrees that day. The next year when I went it was about the same story temperature wise but I had learned my lesson from the year before and kept myself hydrated and had no problems.
  11. Really? According to Wikipedia they're all defunct. Not talking about the Skywheel type, but the tilting type as pictured above. The type I am talking about is the skywheel type.
  12. Double Ferris wheels-These are not extinct, just very rare and difficult to find. Fly-o-Plane-Lake Winnie had one for a few years but they removed it about a year ago. With that being said I really did not care much for it. Most of the planes you could not roll completely the couple that could roll a lot you had to be at the front of the line to get as everyone would want them. The ones that did not roll completely were very uncomfortable as you would be on your side and your head would be against the door. Yes it was padded but not much.
  13. Looking at some aerial views there is a substation almost across the service road from SUF and going back it looks like it has been there the whole time the park has been around. Considering how much the park has grown and how rides are a lot more high-tech now it stands to reason there have been updates to the electrical system as well. If the park needs some updates to their electrical system to make a coaster happen, then they will update their system.
  14. Around here most restaurants and bars have televisions that are tuned to various sporting events. During Thursday nights in the fall there will be a few televisions that are tuned to Thursday Night Football. I see no difference between restaurants and bars having NFL games playing on televisions, and Kennywood having the Steelers games on televisions.
  15. You think that is historic? Wait until Cedar Point reveals their 2020 project which will be an area themed to the Cleveland Browns and will have a new coaster called The Dog Pound. Who am I kidding? You know that if Cedar Point or anywhere else for that matter was to open a coaster themed to the Cleveland Browns it would wind up going down as the worst coaster ever built for the simple reason it is the Cleveland Browns we are talking about. And if someone thinks I am bashing them I am not. Being a fan of the University of Tennessee I can relate to what they are going through and feel sorry for them. Haslam is a big donor at UT and has pretty much called the shots for years. Every coach that Haslam has been behind hiring at UT has been a disaster. At least since UT is a public university, fans were able to have a coup back in December. Yeah they took a beating from the media, but at least Haslam finally got put in his place.
  16. I suspect insurance had a lot to do with them getting new trains. As far as things on the side two things about them. First of all we really need to come up with a name for them. I suggest toilet lids because they look like them and are crappy. Seems like they are there to keep people from reaching over the edge of the train. Second I wonder if PTC does something like this for all new trains. I know Le Monstre has something for the same purpose. Anyone know of any other newer PTC trains out there and whether or not they have something on the side. If PTC wants to keeps arms in there is a much better option and that is simply put plexiglass at the side. It does not take away from the ride and it keeps hands in. New Texas Giant uses this and it works fine.
  17. That is one change from the original animation and I like it a lot. The drop after the second turn-around was easily the best moment on the Georgia Cyclone because of the airtime you would hit there, seems to me RMC took the best moment on the Georgia Cyclone and made it better.
  18. I hated to hear about them closing the Georgia Cyclone. I always remember two Georgia Cyclone rides. The first one was the very first time I rode it I was not expecting it to be as rough as it was and when all was said and done I knew how a pinball felt. After that I refused to sit on the exit side of the train unless I was riding with a friend. The other memorable ride was when I rode in the back seat. That being said the new ride looks incredible and gives me an excuse to head back to Atlanta next year. As far as some of the ride being taken out this is normal for RMC conversions but it is not as much as it seems. I counted three hills being gone and also the final two turnarounds. It just seems like a lot because the Georgia Cyclone was a short coaster to begin with.
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