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  1. Where do people come up with these crazy ideas? Do they just make it up as they go and state it as fact? If anything as far as the name for RMC Hurler goes being related to an apple, (and I'm not saying it will be) it will be Apple Turnover.
  2. It's been a confirmed in-house project since the park opened for the season. Seriously.... can this rumor die already? Actually no, it hasn't confirmed to be in-house. The hints that RMC themselves dropped was clear as day pointing at Hurler. And it's not just KD fanboys saying this. Even Cedar Point fanboys acknowledged that it's happening to KD's Hurler. It only makes sense with Hurler being closed this long. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=28853&start=31800 https://m.facebook.com/IrvineOndreyEngineering/photos/a.475305665826794.115576.4743479825
  3. I used my KD cup at Carowinds. It shouldn't matter. It's for all the Cedar Fair parks. If you go back, take it up with guest relations.
  4. I just got home from the park. Nothing new with Hurler. Not even flags or markers. Did 305 ever open yesterday? I was at the park from 10 to 4, and aside from a few test trains being sent early in the morning, there was no activity. Was contemplating sticking it out a bit longer, but it's a heck of a drive back to NY. I305 opened up around 5. That's some bad luck for you but hey, you have to drive back home at some point.
  5. I just got home from the park. Nothing new with Hurler. Not even flags or markers.
  6. So does that mean we can talk to Guy anyway we want to? J/k
  7. I would like to add that I just visited Carowinds for the first time this past weekend. I would consider myself a KD fanboy, but Afterburn is a better all around coaster than V:TBC. I just loved the batwing. Fury 325 is better than I305. Carowinds deserves all the attention they are getting from CF. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for Carowinds.
  8. So it will be like a remake of the movie " The Death of Ocean View Park". Sounds like a cool idea. I hope Lightning Rod goes down easier than The Rocket did in that movie.
  9. ^ That is true. Just look at the Huss Topple Tower for a great example.
  10. Hold on now. I was at I305 opening day during a camp out put on by KDFansite. If my memory serves me correctly, after I got two rides, the line was way passed FOF.
  11. To me that plan looks a lot like the plans for Disney's America. A theme park planned to be built in the 90's in Va. Too bad the locals had to cry about it so much, I could have had a Disney park up the road from me.
  12. I have changed my stance on log flumes. I now think we should support log flumes. Yes we should support log flumes so they don't fall down.
  13. For Sure: Kings Dominion Carowinds Maybe: Dollywood Busch Gardens Williamsburg Six Flags America
  14. I have said it before and I will say it again. Log Flumes are dangerous and need to be banded. Hopefully this will wake some stupid people up who thinks that Log Flumes are safe.
  15. Does anyone know anything about El Dorado? It has been listed for sale on italintl site for years. Now it's not. So here are the options we have. A: It was sold B: It was scrapped C: Going to another Cedar Fair park D: "New" ride in Shockwave's old spot Which one I guess we will find out later.
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