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  1. Not to brag or out-nerd anyone here, but I'm my school's Anime Club President x3 My favorite anime is - Welcome to the NHK My favorite manga is - Aoi House I'm currently watching Steins Gate and Toradora at the moment,
  2. ^Bisexuality and Pansexuality are often caught together a lot, so I understand the confusion. I'm going to try the best of my ability to explain! Bisexual is the attraction for two (or more) gender identity's, most of the time being cis male and cis female. Pansexual is the attraction for all genders, and gender identity's, including transgender, intersex, genderqueer, and anything else in the gender spectrum. People who are bisexual can be trans-phobic, or only be attracted to cis people. While people like myself who are pansexual are really not seen as trans-phobic and can be attracted to any person of their interest. I hope that makes sense! :3 EDIT - Just to explain another thing. Cis - It someone who is comfortable with their gender & sex given at birth. So someone who is transgender would not be cis, or someone who is genderqueer would not be cis, but someone who is male or female would be cis. I myself am not cis, just for anyone who is curious.
  3. I myself am Pansexual, I don't really find one gender attractive, I'm kind of blind with it all. I'm very ok with people of all gender identity's, and expressions, and I really don't care what you have 'down there'!
  4. The last ride that I had rode, which is going to be the last of the year for sures. (I know there are two more months left, but I highly doubt that I'm going to go anywhere in the next two months) My last ride was The Rebel Yell (Kings Dominion) , and I rode it three-four times before I had to check into work for the day~
  5. Uneducated Democracy - Serj Tankian, Love his music a lot <3
  6. Hey all, kind of somewhat new here ^,^ Been around here as a lurker for years now, and I thought I should make an account or something So yay :3
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