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  1. Can’t wait until we can choose our seats on coasters. Row 9 on Phoenix killed my mojo for the day today.
  2. Three years ago there were no projections, just lights. I'm hoping to see the alien face at least.
  3. I'd love to hear more info about the Astrosphere changes. Here in upstate New York, I grew up near Seabreeze Amusement Park. Their Gyrosphere was cloned to make the Astrosphere. The Gyrosphere was removed in the 1990s but is a treasured memory for many of us. I visited Funtown 3 years ago to ride Astrosphere and was thrilled to see the yellow and white dome, to wait in the pressurization tunnel, to see the perimeter lights and disco ball inside the dome and, most of all, to experience the ride to the tune of "Fire on High," complete with rocket liftoff. While I'll miss the old dome, I'm hopeful that the new projections will feel closer the the Gyrosphere than the most recent light show.
  4. Thanks! I’ve only dabbled in steel coasters and haven’t been a fan so far. I have yet to enjoy an inversion, so I’ve only tried a few. I’m hoping to remedy that.
  5. I visited Holiday World in June for the first time, the last stop on a 4-parks-in-3-days trip. As a 60-year-old woman who has only been riding coasters for 10 years, HW held my greatest challenge so far. I’ve been inching up gradually from Waldameer Comet, adding height, speed and laterals every season. I discovered I had a love of laterals 2 years ago when I worked up to riding Ravine Flyer II and Knoebels’ Twister, so I loved both the Raven and Legend. But, yikes, the Voyage! The height of that lift hill terrified me! And the fact that it was down when we arrived for “wildlife issues” made me almost bench myself. But having come so far and building up to it for so long, I swallowed my terror and cued up for the front seat. In fact, I only ride front seats. I have to see the fear I’m facing in order to overcome it. Plus, for me, the front seat feels like the smoothest, least spine-crushing ride. One fear I haven’t quite overcome is the fear of heights over 100 feet or so. At 173 feet, Voyage far exceeds that number. To avoid panicking, all I could do was look at my feet and breathe on the lift hill - and ask my husband to warn me when we approached the top. Once we crested that hill, I was good to go! I love an intense and muscular coaster and this was the pinnacle. I loved it and made myself re-ride it, even though, being the fourth park in three days, my spine was feeling it. As such, I skipped re-riding Raven and Legend. My favorite coaster element in general is a double helix, so I really would have loved another ride on Legend. I guess there’ll have to be a next time.
  6. Many friends have said to me, “I only like steel coasters. Wooden coasters shake too much.” It’s because Darien Lake is our big regional theme park and they’ve only ridden the Predator. Now I have evidence when I say, “the Predator is one of the WORST coasters in the world. Come with me to Knoebels.” I also now have a list of destination coasters to keep me busy for many summers! Thanks!
  7. I am on an iPad. I can drag to reorder the ranking, but I cannot save Missing coasters: Whirlwind at Seabreeze Skyliner and Leap the Dips at Lakemont Rollo Coaster at Idlewild Maybe these aren’t world class, but some have historical significance.
  8. Phoenix Twister Ravine Flyer II Flying Turns Kennywood Thunderbolt Kennywood Jackrabbit Kennywood Racer Great Escape Comet Conneaut Blue Streak Seabreeze Jack Rabbit
  9. Lakemont got its butt kicked by DelGrossos. When I visited in 2015, I felt embarrassed by the lack of patrons. The ride ops were bored out of their minds. Afterwards, we went up the road to DelGrossos, which was absolutely packed. I went to Lakemont to visit the Skyliner, the first coaster I ever rode as a child when it was at Roseland Park in Canandaigua, NY. But yikes! What rickety pile of sticks! It needs a major overhaul of both track and trains. I think the no gate fee approach should have been tried years ago. Makes it worth a stop on the way to DelGrossos or Knoebels. Visited Conneaut Lake a few weeks ago. There were lots of people there! I was amazed. They have managed to turn it around nicely. The water park looked decent. The Blue Streak scared me too much to ride more than once. Looks ready to collapse, but I'm sure it's safe. Conneaut has a great carousel, a tumble bug, the Devils Den and a slew of funky old kiddie rides. It's cool and creepy in a good way. I'm happy to see money flowing in for a change. Another sketchy old park is Sylvan Beach in central NY state. They also have lots of funky old rides and no people. Ride ops run multiple rides because is never enough riders for more than one ride to operate at a time. But I try to visit every year.
  10. Maybe Great Escape on Saturday. For sure Knoebels for PPP.
  11. I maybe only check Twitter once a week. Most of those I follow on Twitter post duplicates on Facebook.
  12. 1. Facebook, where I lurk, like and occasionally post. 2. Instagram, where I mostly lurk. 3. Twitter, where I almost only lurk.
  13. I drive 4 hours each way several times a year to Knoebels. I've visited Kennywood, Idlewild, Lakemont, Canobie, Hershey Park, Great Escape and Rye Playland. But there's nothing about Dorney that has yet made me want to check it out. Darien Lake is less than an hour away, but I haven't been there in over a decade. So I guess my instincts are on track.
  14. With so many rides crossing over and under the walking paths, it's hard on the map to figure out where you can get through from one area to the next. They have a pretty nice Scrambler, though. And they didn't skimp on ride time. The Music Express - usually another favorite of mine - was a small, carnival type. The ride couldn't end soon enough for me. It was a rough, uncomfortable ride with no air time. Some of the big ones give you a nice lift over the highest hill. This one just hurt. Loved the Comet and the Train.
  15. I visited Hershey for the first time on Thursday. I found the park to be well maintained but surprisingly inefficient. The ride operators were very poorly trained. More than once, they let more people into the ride area than the ride could hold, causing delays while those people had to be ushered out again. The operators weren't unfriendly, just indifferent. There was no sense of urgency to minimize wait times. The water slides were the worst. Two people manned three slides. There was no stacking. Little kids were allowed to take their time deciding which slide they felt like riding. Kids were line jumping all over the place. Double tubes required a wait. I was amazed. The Midway America section of the park was fairly desolate. When we rode the Whip, we were the only riders on board. Yet the ride consisted of maybe 3 revolutions, tops. I thought the ride broke down, it stopped so soon. It was insulting. Also insulting were the $15 locker rental fee and the parking fee. One last beef: the map. I can't tell you how much time I wasted walking around trying to find specific rides because the map was so hard to follow. I'm not a steel coaster rider, so my criteria for a good park experience is different than most. Actually, I had my first coaster inversion experience that day on the SooperDooperLooper. My neck somehow got seriously bent forward. I guess I didn't know how to prepare myself for the loop. A little sore, but survived. I don't know if I'll try another any time soon. I think I'll stick to old woodies. The staff at Rye Playland, which we visited yesterday, was far superior, as was the staff at Knoebels (of course.) My advice for Hershey Park visitors, even if you go mid-week, arrive early and plan to spend the entire day.
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