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  1. In 2014 I was fortunate to make my pilgrimage to SFMM, and the last ride before leaving the park heading home was on Goliath. It has been a long while since the last time I appeared on TPR, a lot has happened but I'd love to visit a major theme park again.
  2. Well that's the end of Colossus. Thank god I got to ride it with my brother the past few weeks visiting Los Angeles. Certainly won't forget that feeling!
  3. So it finally is time that I make my way to SFMM. In 1 week I'll be in the States for the first time! Oh wait, does anyone know me? I've done a Photo TR here (click), but I have been inactive in like.. 2 years! Anything I need to prepare before getting there? Buy tickets early? Get the Flash Passes? Should I actually book a hotel in Santa Clarita? Especially that last one. I wanna make the most of the trip riding on as much of the coasters that are open on a good day, but I'm also coming along with a family at hand, they want to see Hollywood as well. Since I haven't been here for a long time, I'm rusty around the forums, so maybe I should be asking these questions elsewhere?
  4. Concerning your real occupation Robb, how do you get, and manage your time to do these tours? Do you think someone in freelance occupations can find the time to do these trips? For the 2013 tour schedule that's an awful lot of tours, and I suspect you to be in all of them hopefully! What is your other secret!
  5. Very thankful for your comment. I hope to visit more theme parks and create more Photo TR's, they are really fun to do!
  6. Actually I went on that woodie. Not only was it painful for the legs, my head almost got chopped just by leaning on one side. I think I went on the Madhouse the last time I was there, or maybe that was in Efteling. I was in a digestion break when I came across the HUSS Magic, but I decided not to go on it. Looks promising. Same here, I just don't have the endurance to hold them up that long. I wish to ride without pain. They had this at Slagharen? I was just there two years ago! A lot of the attractions are "open", but I think I just wasn't aware of it's existence.
  7. Thanks to HHappy, I'm going to present you my first Photo TR. I was late because I didn't do anything to solve my problems, indeed I procrastinated. Well that's what I get for being so busy! Being able to visit The Netherlands for what could be my last time there, I needed to make sure I get to go on my first Vekoma and my first Intamin at Walibi Holland, and to also document the new changes of the Walibi brand! Leaving Den Haag/The Hague where I was staying at in the morning on-board a NS Intercity, I was quite unimpressed with the traveling speed, it's the same of a car driving on the Dutch Autobahn! It sure could use some speed boost. Hopping off at Amersfoort, I got on the NS Sprinter that will stop at Harderwijk in a couple of minutes, where the Walibi Xpress bus (a reference to their crazy Vekoma launch coaster) is located. Unlike other trains, I was able to occupy the chair in front of me with my legs, a much needed leg room for tall dudes like me. Vekoma, take note! Upon arrival, I was flabbergasted on how much the park had changed. The Walibi brand grown with the loss of their loving father Premiere Parks. It is now targeted for a maturer teenage audience. Walibi, you've changed a lot.. no longer a joey and now a kangaroo ready to rock Benelux. Leaving the drama outside, I would like to address a new motive for the future of Photo TR's. Please assess the toilets in the park! We must make sure that guests can drop their dung in the cleanest toilets available! In my case, the toilets are in good condition. For Muslim guests like me, I always carry a bottle of "Of Course Mineral Water", because cleaning with tissue only scrapes the skin off and leaves your buttocks with itchiness and blood. And wastes paper and time! Recommended whenever in Europe! Just outside the loo is the entrance to "Xpress", what was once known as "Superman: The Ride", when father Six Flags was still operating the Walibi parks. Now it is a spaceship that takes off into an unknown world. Shop right next to a Vekoma coaster! The seats in front of the train are not made for tall people. Shame on Vekoma, Dutchmen are as tall as SUV's, how can you betray your people with your puny sized trains? Next up across where Xpress is, is a kids play corner called Wab Plaza. I don't hear any dubstep playing, sadly. Also, from there I was called "spicy" by two fellow girls coming out from the plaza. I guess they like Indonesians after all. Up next is the newly announced "Speed of Sound", a renewed Vekoma Boomerang coaster of La Via Volta. Perhaps some dubstep is played inside the station. Amazingly a wheat farm is growing within the boundaries of the Boomerang coaster. Lol Dutch people, they need to have farm in any land they can find! This is going to be my first Boomerang ride ever, and my first encounter of the Pretzel. The queue gave spectacular views of the layout. Queuing lines need to have great views to keep the non-VIP pass riders away from boredom. That's why I kinda disprove indoor queues. The ride is not very thrilling for Dutch riders. Everyone was just talking about their time at Kermis. Unfortunately no dubstep was found inside the station. But what makes the station so special is that the train that whisks past is loud enough to scare the boredom off guests inside the station. Sitting in front again, the leg room was rather short, but it gave me a wonderful experience. On the way to the last coaster on my wishlist, I discovered why Walibi had an identity crisis. Netherlands wanted to be like Brother France (Hetalia reference!). The next stop is the almighty Intamin. At least this attraction didn't have to go through license issues, even though "Goliath" is a common name for those grand coasters in almost every Six Flags. Waiting in line, I spotted the chain lift hill top of Vekoma's first SLC, "El Condor". That ride was not comfortable for the ears, and has a lot of leg choppers waiting. Also, this SLC has a maximum rider height of 200cm, which could mean it might be my last time riding the SLC. Were those rip off SLC's in the 2012 TPR China Tour also that uncomfortable? I'm glad people are encouraged to try raising their arms in the air during the drops and air-time. Tranny Studio Bandung banned that action on their Yamaha Racing Coaster, though I've done it and was not in trouble for that (Indonesia, the lawless country!). Even in Singapore, it is BANNED 100% on the Battlestar Galactica coasters in USS. And none of the riders of the Dueling Coasters official preview at Happy Valley Beijing even tried to High-Five in the high-five hill. Asian thing I guess. The queue was split for front-seat riders and behind riders. No one wanted the front seat? Is that a pregnant woman riding Goliath? The trains are really cute. They are like critters with cute eyes. Goliath gave me a love for air-time, although the first hill after the climb was too much for me I had to hold on to the lap bar! The Stengel dive however wasn't that surprising as I thought it would be, but it might be the result of sitting on the left-hand side of the train, therefore not getting enough of it's impact. Other than that, the ride somehow beats all the inverted rides I've gone to. Well done Intamin! Before I end this Photo TR, I've always wanted to ride on this. Now is my chance! This G-Force (or Enterprise in RollerCoaster Tycoon) ride has zero seat belts.. -Can fit a younger person in your lap.. And just yourself. How safe is it- G-FORS WAT R U DOIN? G-FORS STAHP ;_; And this concludes the mini Photo TR! Unfortunately Walibi doesn't offer a VIP pass or some sort for this park, so every guest needs to queue. As a solo reviewer in this park, I prefer to pick up those passes to allow myself to experience the park as a whole. For now my last visit to Walibi Holland would be just for the Vekoma's and Intamin rides I didn't get to go on the last time I went to Walibi World Holland. Overall this ex-Six Flags park is close to that of a real theme park. Originally reviewed on August 29 2012.
  8. Pardon me on that. But I couldn't find a related thread on this. Now that was a helpful one. Thanks!
  9. Earlier last month I've done my first Photo TR of Walibi Holland, a petit size copy on the coasters and attractions I didn't get to go to from my last trip, which was not documented. The problem is, I don't have the Photo TR here! I'm am lost with the guide. I need to upload the photos to TPR, but I don't know where it is! Do I need to reach some kind of regular status to make Photo TR's? Help us Alvey!
  10. ZOMG. TPR are going to SEA! But I'm from the forgotten country (I don't know if you guys ever heard of it), so perhaps I'm somewhat interested, though I might not join the official tour.
  11. Certainly fits, but the whole ride itself takes much longer than the corkscrew, lol Long ago the corkscrew coaster at Dunia Fantasi would go around 3 laps due to riders demanding for more goes! But now it goes only one lap and one lap only. They sure do need more coasters there, they only have that and a Zierer junior coaster, rest are just thrill attractions that any other park could buy. Or perhaps a new theme park!
  12. Yay, there is a clone somewhere! So the double corkscrew coaster is their shortest model?
  13. All of the coaster is depicted in this one image: I've been on this coaster many times, however I've always felt it was too short, except the chain lift This is built by Arrow. Is this the shortest coaster they have ever built, of this type? Or something else would fit the title? EDIT: The name of this is Halilintar, in Dunia Fantasi in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  14. Water is more painful than a punch, if shot at high speeds. I mean kicking a woman's vagina is nothing to them, but water is more painful than that. I came across a documentary similar to Dirty Jobs where they were cleaning a huge ship covered with barnacles, and they have to wear really heavy shoes just to walk around. The presenter was curious, so he took his shoe off, ran far away from it, and sprayed the water on it. It tore off like someone was cutting it with scissors.
  15. That.. is an odd experience. But wasn't there already a plan to use the old Deja Vu place for another attraction?
  16. Hi!!!! <- because "Hi." isn't enough My name is Kevin Boerma and I reside in Jakarta, Indonesia, so of course I've been to other SEA theme parks, specifically the ones closer to my island spot. I've been on about 11 coasters so far, because there is no coaster dedicated park in the country (perhaps it's expensive to build one, pout), but the rest of them are done in other countries. I visit Europe every year (normally I do it every summer but now the times have changed and visiting times vary, in fact I might not go to Europe any longer that many times) It's the many trips to The Netherlands where I got to get myself further introduced to coasters, thanks Six Flags for leaving a wonderful legacy to all the Walibi parks! The local theme park here was once supposed to be Asia's first Disneyland but that deal somehow didn't come, so they decided to make a local version of Disneyland instead to make the crowd happy, called Dunia Fantasi (translation: Dream World), best known by the short term "Dufan". It houses only 2 coasters, one being probably the shortest Vekoma coaster in the world (Halilintar), which includes a B&M style chain lift drop, one left hand loop, and 2 sets of corkscrews. The rest of the park is more focused on anti-coaster attractions, which are interestingly a hit with the locals. Perhaps they don't like them in this country, that's why there are only 2 types that have you going at different angles.. Other than a love with roller coasters, I am a huge gaming, automotive, and gadget freak. I am certain RCT2 & 3 was the reason for the upbringing of my coaster junkie.
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