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  1. What's the strategy for riding ROTR if youre not staying at a resort hotel? Planning to go on either February 2nd or 3rd, and not sure what the crowds will even be like at that point.
  2. Couple question about Scary Farm: Does anyone know if the mazes are gonna have plexi barriers like Universal is doing this year? Also, Ive heard a ton of people are abusing the accessibility pass right now, does anyone know if that impacts the fat lane for rides or mazes? or are they seperate? Thanks!
  3. I know that Oga's Cantina reservations go up 60 days in advance, but does anyone know exactly what time they go up? Thanks!
  4. That's fair. Just trying to get an idea since I'm trying to book stuff now and don't wanna go too early! It's hard to tell whether they'd expand or reduce the event year due to the circumstances
  5. planning a trip down to LA for September 16-19. Planning on going to Scary Farm on the 17th. Am I right in assuming it'll be going on that weekend based off previous years?
  6. how quick do the RotR groups actually fill up? I've heard some people say numbers like 3-5 seconds, while others say 45-60 seconds, which is a big difference.
  7. As others have said, Sunday will probably be the busiest of those days. However, is Fantasmic a priority for you? For me, it would be since I love that show. In the slower times, they tend to only run the show Friday-Sunday. Nah, my only priority really are the two Star Wars rides. I was waiting for RotR to open before visiting, but this boarding group stuff is honestly making me nervous. I'm hoping by the time my trips rolls around, they won't be doing the boarding groups anymore, or at least they won't fill up as quick as they are currently. Also: would there be likely any difference in crowds between that Monday and Tuesday?
  8. Trying to decide between visiting on March 29th, 30th, or 31st. Realistically, is there going to be any major difference in crowds between these 3 days?
  9. anyone see this/can verify its real? https://screenrant.com/disneyland-guest-pulls-sword-from-stone-real/
  10. Heading to scary farm tomorrow (Saturday) night. Gonna arrive around 8:30 and get a fast pass. I know I'll likely be able to do everything, but just to be safe, which mazes usually get the longest lines and I should make sure I do first? Thanks!
  11. Heading to scary farm tomorrow (Saturday) night. Gonna arrive around 8:30 and get a fast pass. I know I'll likely be able to do everything, but just to be safe, which mazes usually get the longest lines and I should make sure I do first? Thanks!
  12. Alright, thanks for the info. I remember last year was a bit disappointing, with a lot of black hallways, and even better versions of the same mazes in Orlando. How is it looking this year, hopefully better?
  13. Which mazes are the most popular this year? I'm going late October and trying to determine which order I should hit them in. Obviously I'm gonna do Stranger Things as soon as possible, but what about the others?
  14. Also, is it likely to be crowded? I've never been to a theme park on New year's eve
  15. I see that the park is listed to he open til 1am on New Year's Eve. Does this mean all the rides will stay open til that time?
  16. Planning on heading to the park sometime this week. Will the line skipper pass be necessary if I want to do all the major rides?
  17. This is very helpful, thank you. Is the Mummy different at all for Halloween?
  18. So if I wanna do all the mazes (including terror tram) in one night without Express pass, and get there as soon as possible with early entry, what order should I do everything in?
  19. It is a pretty safe bet that Fridays & Saturday's will sell out of everything. You can take advantage of early entry if you arrive before 6:00pm (it says 6:30 on the tickets, but you have to factor in the security checkpoint). Early entry begins at 5pm for the mazes on the lower lot at 5:30 for the mazes on the backlot. and do you need express for early entry?
  20. had a couple more questions: 1) i know the express day/night pass sells out, but does the normal day/night pass usually sell out too? 2) I heard someone mention something about getting a wristband early with the day/night pass, then heading to the backlot early and being able to be there first or something along those lines. is that just with express or also with normal day/night?
  21. Friday the 12th Going on a Friday in the middle of October---I would most definitely recommend Fright Lane. It will be very busy. hmm looking at the pricing i dont think thats in my budget. with the boofet early entry i think ill probably be able to hit most erverything tho
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