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  1. I was more talking about I use it by myself for a while, then give it to my friend and he uses it by himself for a while
  2. So if i get a gold flash pass, it dosent come with a wristband, so i can give it to my friend if he wants to do a ride quick, right?
  3. Thanks to everyone who responded, and i have another question: With the flashpass, do you just get the machine, or do you get the machine and a wristband or something like that?
  4. Ok Thanks Guys, Thats 4 and 5 answered, but what about 1, 2, and 3? It is kind of urgent!
  5. What exactly makes the restraints hurt, does your head bounce? I thought the problem with that ride was that it is rough/ the loop hurt your neck. And what about Goliath?
  6. Im going to magic mountain for the first time on april 11th, which is the wednesday during spring break for most schools, and i have a few questions for those who are experienced: 1. I am planning to get a gold flash pass. will that actually be necessary or beneficial on that day? i dont want to spend all that money for it, and then not need it. but i also dont want to not get it, then end up needing it. 2. With or without the flash pass, i would love for someone to type out a good "day plan" so i will be able to ride the rides. BUT KEEP THIS IN MIND: i do not want to do x2, tatsu, or anything really huge first. this is my first time being on coasters this huge and intimidating, so i want to kind of build my way up from ninja, which i plan to do first. 3. How early should i get there to GUARANTEE that i will be able to get a GOLD flash pass before they run out. 4. How does the system work for reserving a seat on X2. i want to do it last, but when and how do you "reserve" it. Can you choose your time? Seat? 5. How rough is Colossus and Apocalypse (A.K.A. Terminator) compared to either Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz, ROAR! at Discovery Kingdom, or Grizzly at Great America? I want to know partly because ROAR almost killed my back, and partly for my dad. 6. Finally, My dad has never Ever been on a coaster that goes upside down, or anything really huge, and i want to bring him on something big. He has back problems, so anything rough is out of the question, and he gets sick on some coasters, so i want something fun, smooth, and without too much sharp turns or loops. I was thinking Scream or Batman, are these good ideas? My sincere thanks -Lucas
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