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  1. So they originally said big, bigger, biggest...did I miss the "big" part? I assume the water park addition and the safari re-do make up the latter two. Is the zip-line the big? I'll actually go through the safari now that it's a ride, although I can't imagine how good it will be. I have zero expectations. At least I can use the zip-line (if it doesn't cost $50). I find it strange SFMM is getting another coaster. I feel like SF ignores a lot of their properties; they ought to just sell a few of the lesser properties to private developers or something.
  2. Introducing, The Parc Company. Formed in 2011, The Parc Company is mainly concerned with the development of new resort and theme park properties/attractions. Presently, the company is underway in the construction of two entry-level parks in largely metropolitan areas. The purpose is to bring the destination to the park-goer. Understanding there will always be competing theme parks, the location for the first park was chosen for two reasons: land availability and regional populace. Tapping into the greater Megalopolis of the Northeastern Corridor from Washington D.C. to Boston, Wyncote Park will be built in presently rural Delaware outside of Middletown. Middletown, DE is a burgeoning city in Northern Delaware less than 60 miles from Philadelphia, 70 miles from Baltimore, and less than 100 miles from Washington D.C. Of course it doesn't hurt that The Parc Company is incorporated in the state of Delaware, either! Land is readily affordable given the location and more than plentiful for even the most ambitious park development. The key competitors in the area include Six Flags America (84 miles), Hersheypark (93 miles), Six Flags Great Adventure (100 miles), and Dorney Park (103 miles). Despite the number of other parks in the region, the thriving population centers should allow for a fair distribution of guests amongst all the locations, enough to support each park even without including further-traveling tourism. The Parc Company will also do well to distinguish Wyncote Park from its competitors, creating a lush atmosphere that cannot be found at other locations. Its proposed collection of rides will undoubtedly draw in all kinds--park connoisseurs and greenhorns, alike. Wyncote Park is named after the original landowner in the state. Construction and development has been underway for several months now, and these are the first publicly released images of the first site: This "teaser" shows the parking area outside the main entrance. This second "teaser" shows the main street section of the park just inside the main entrance. The ideal of The Parc Company is to introduce parks that represent modern design and functionality to the general public. The focus of all Parc properties will be on atmosphere and landscape development, scenic implementation, as well as maintaining a thoroughly exciting environment for thrill-seekers and families alike. In this initial presser, it is the goal of The Parc Company to expose our brand to the public in anticipation of our first opening. Our PR representatives will be happy to answer questions you may have, so feel free to ask about anything that may have piqued your interest. Happy coasting!
  3. I agree with everything you said. Medusa was one of my favorites when I was younger and I always thought it was a good ride--its location kills ridership. Nitro and El Toro are two of my favorite coasters in general, and I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking Superman was completely boring outside of that one element.
  4. I thought Swingshot at Kennywood was better than Skyhawk at Cedar Point, largely because it felt like I was falling out in the former. It seemed to get better airtime for whatever reason. Strange because the one at CP is bigger (and supposedly the biggest in the world?). Giant Frisbees win for me; MaXair is still my favorite flat.
  5. Hmm that's a good idea. I've already hit all the CP credits, but I have not yet been to Kings Island. Perhaps I'll make the loop. For those that have been, can KI be accomplished in a day? And is the ride to CP about four hours? I was planning a Monday to Friday trip, but I can just as well push that from Monday to Saturday.
  6. There were rumblings that Great Adventure was going to close the safari as a drive-thru and re-open as a tour ride similar to Rhino Rally at Busch Gardens Tampa. So far at least half of that appears to be true. If they go that route, I'd have a hard time believing they could make it as good/well-themed as the one at Tampa, but who knows--maybe they can just do a carbon copy if they can't think of something original. The rumors also stated there would not be an upcharge. If that happens I would honestly be surprised, but I think a scaled-down version that's free would be better. As some of you have mentioned, Six Flags owns a ton of land and I agree they have a lot of wasted potential. I think part of the problem is the franchise ownership. Six Flags is stretched too thin to focus all their resources on expanding only Great Adventure (not including any resulting problems with land acquisitions in the area). I think they would do well to look into adding resorts and other facilities on-site, but I think a facelift of sorts would be necessary before those kinds of properties could be successful.
  7. Do you know a way to get the in-game supports to disappear? Is there something like a support blocker available in RCT3? I tried placing new supports but the generic ones remained and was not sure how to remove them. Apologies if there is a simple answer, this is my first time working with RCT3.
  8. Really digging the park; great atmosphere and story, to boot. Looking forward to more updates and the revolution that comes with modern rides/design!
  9. They really crammed that Skyrush station into as small a footprint as possible. I can't imagine there is any way to enlarge it without making drastic modification elsewhere. And IIRC Comet was right on the other side of the station (along with Skyrush storage and what else), so I don't know how they could unload on the opposite side.
  10. [WIP] Upcoming RCT3 Project of mine. The going is slow and I wasn't ready to start my own thread just yet, but here is a quick shot of "Rumbler," the park's first coaster. Rumbler, first coaster at Wyncote Park. Owned and managed by The Parc Company.
  11. If you're afraid of heights, KK honestly should not be a big deal. To me the most impressive thing about the ride is its speed, not its height. You're over the hill so fast you don't get time to appreciate just how high you are. A ride like Skyrush is infinitely more thrilling, in my opinion, despite its "lesser" stats.
  12. I think the longest line I ever waited in was Maverick (the year it opened), on a Saturday, 3 hours or so. Why I did that, I have no idea considering it was the third day we were there and had already ridden several times. Plus now I know never to visit CP on a Saturday again. As for slowest, I think the lines at Hershey moved pretty slowly--Skyrush for the front seat was like walking through glue despite the relatively short length. I've been in long lines at Great Adventure, too, particularly Nitro and Kingda Ka.
  13. A bit off-topic, but as others have said, I see the wingrider design as a bit of a fad. However, I haven't been on one so I don't know what kind of staying power they actually do have. But how many new styles of coaster can they come up with? Clearly this seems to be a popular design and B&M does not seem to be building any other style at the moment (last five coasters are all wingriders: source). They formerly pumped out inverted coasters at a similar rate and those have definitely hung around, although demand has fallen off. Aside from OzIris this year, they had not built an inverted coaster since '06. I have zero problem with B&M, by the way. The only ride I would rate as "poor" from them is Hydra at Dorney.
  14. Definitely a giant frisbee (i.e. MaXair) for the flat, but I'd make it bigger if possible. As for coaster I'm not sure. Possibly a giga just for size and length, but something tighter and faster (e.g. Maverick) would be a good choice, too.
  15. Great Bear at Hershey. One of my favorite of the B&M inverts (I'd have to re-ride the rest to determine a ranking).
  16. Hilarious responses to this coaster. It will be interesting, that's for sure. I haven't ridden a wingrider yet so I cannot comment on how they ride, but hey, CP is getting another coaster. Look forward to riding this next year. Now if only they would replace Mean Streak...
  17. Haven't been to CP since 2008, but before any news had broken out about this new coaster I was already planning a trip for next summer. Guess it is good timing! The whole gargoyle themed-ride is an interesting idea, but I just wonder how well a CF park can pull off the entirety of the theming. Clearly the parking lot leaves the most room for expansion, but I still think they would do well to get rid of Mean Streak as that would free up quite a bit of space as well. At the very least they could put in a more modern wood coaster with some thrills to it. Apologies to fans of the ride, but with all the brakes on it I just never thought it was a worthwhile attraction.
  18. Erm, Xcelerator was the first Intamin launcher I haven't gotten to Hershey since the new padding was added. I did get to ride on June 4, 10 days after it opened. I was there on a class trip and I couldn't believe how many people were complaining. I was uncomfortable, but that was because we sat on the brakes for 5 minutes because the ride ops were ridiculously awful. I didn't really feel pain. I just really hope they don't trim this down because of the stupid GP who can't handle a little intensity. Err yeah my mistake, I was going by this photo and failed to realize they qualified it with a "...featuring inversions!" We also sat on the brakes for a good bit and that was when I finally realized how open my seat was. That was one positive for me, definitely--those winged seats are nifty. I also noticed on one of the airtime hills that my shirt almost flew over my head! Luckily it was held down by the lapbar, but it was completely up my back once we rolled into the brakes. As has already been said, OTSR would probably take some of the flying feeling away that the ride is meant to induce.
  19. Made it to Hershey yesterday for the first time in probably 14 years, so a lot has changed from the way I last remember it. The only ride I had been on before was the SDL, and again that was as a kid so I hardly remembered how the ride would go before yesterday. The lines weren't too bad but still a tad long for a Wednesday, I thought. I talked to another guy from Philly who felt the lines were considerably worse than Great Adventure during the week and he was disappointed with his experience. Unfortunately I haven't been to GAdv in about four years so I cannot compare myself, but I think the problem lies in the ride efficiency--both operator and design. The longest wait was Fahrenheit around noon, and of course it broke down temporarily while we were in line so that added an extra 30 minutes+ to the wait, but even without that it was still close to an hour. Since these were my first rides on all of the coasters, I'll detail my "virgin" experiences below (front seat for all rides, for reference): Lightning Racer - First ride of the day and before 11 AM it was a walk-on as most patrons had not made it to this section of the park yet. Rode the Thunder train only and I have to say I really enjoyed it. The track was fast and smooth, definitely one of the best woodies I have ridden. The plan was to come back later and ride Lightning but we really ran out of time. El Toro is still the best woodie I've ridden but this one takes #2 for now. Wildcat - Oh boy...hit this one second on the way back toward the main part of the park. It was rough, to say the least. Equal to, if not worse than, Hercules in its heyday, but I still enjoyed Hercules much more. I honestly can't say I enjoyed any part of this ride and would probably not ride it again. And people say the MF trains helped...I would hate to have ridden it before. Fahrenheit - Probably my second favorite ride of the day. Going up in the vertical position is rather intimidating, and just like Maverick at CP, I love that greater-than-vertical first drop. While I do find Maverick to be the better ride still, Fahrenheit is not at all far behind. The first element off the drop and the double corkscrews are my favorite parts. Unfortunately the longest wait of the day, as I previously mentioned, and it broke down temporarily (not sure of the issue). *After lunch at Subway we hit Coal Cracker, which is a pretty standard flume ride equivalent, I'd say, to any other. The only water ride we got on despite the heat. I wish they had a raft ride at the park but after doing research I see they removed it to allow for expansion of the small waterpark which sort of segregates Midway America from the rest of the park. It is unfortunate because the other closest park to my "home" address (GAdv) has a pretty awful raft ride. Great Bear - This was my favorite ride of the day. Ended up getting a second ride at night, as well, which felt even faster. Out of all the B&M inverts I'd say this is definitely right up near the top, but it does lose some points for being too short (a point about the park in whole I'll expand on later). I really like the last barrel roll where you start to turn one way but the element flips you in the opposite direction. SooperDooperLooper - The only ride I had ridden before and it was definitely more intense when I was a kid. Honestly it was very tame, I thought, with not much going on once you're through the loop. I felt like there should have been more after the tunnel to surprise you, but there isn't. Skyrush - Hershey's newest Intamin toy was undoubtedly my most anticipated ride of the day. The unfortunate part is I don't know how to rate it. I sat in the front-left wing seat. The ride up the hill is FAST, to say the least, and you get some air just cresting the drop hill. The curve at the bottom of the drop was necessary to avoid running into local roads, and it really throws you in your seat. The rest of the ride is basically just the ejector sensation over and over. This does everything it can to throw you off the ride. On one of the last turns I definitely thought I was going to fall out, but of course the restraint saved me. "Aggressive" is surely the perfect adjective for this ride. Luckily I didn't have the thigh problems like others have--honestly no pain at all. Still, I really felt awful immediately afterwards, and that is why I don't know how to rate it. It was fun and probably the most intense coaster experience I've had, but not all that intensity was good, I thought. I never walked away from a coaster feeling like I had been through a meat grinder before--perhaps I just wasn't prepared for the mix of strong positive and negative Gs, I don't know. After some more rides I'd know how to rate it, but for now I am undecided. Comet - A classic old woodie which I found pleasantly surprising. It was smooth, in fact I experienced very little rattling, and I like the good mix of drops on the ride. It wasn't anything extreme but for it being nearly 70 years old, I think it has aged very well. I consider this one better than Wildcat. *Another break here for dinner and healing from some lingering Skyrush effects. Trailblazer - A very mild mine-train ride, excellent for kids getting on their first coaster. It gains some good speed around the final helix, but the biggest drop is probably 10 ft. Very calm and smooth. Storm Runner - I was really looking forward to this ride, largely because I knew very little about it. It is an older Intamin launcher (being the first ever with inversions) and I'm not so sure it shows its age all that well. The loading is very slow despite the duel station design (it would work better with four trains, but there is nowhere to put them). Still the line was pretty short when we got on. The launch was certainly the best part and it caught me a bit by surprise. For whatever reason I found the restraints pretty uncomfortable around some of the inversions, and I have marks on my shoulders where they rubbed my skin painfully so. The last element was extremely painful for me and banged me around a good bit. Since I've been on both TTD and Kingda Ka, this ride felt like a miniature version of those with some added elements like a Fahrenheit or Maverick--an odd hybrid launch ride that doesn't really have an identity. Sidewinder - Somehow I had never been on a boomerang coaster until this ride. Minus the couple of times my head got banged backed into the headrest, this was a decent ride for what it was. Getting pulled up backward staring down was one of the highlights for me, and going backward through the inversions is very disorienting. Overall not bad considering what it was, and the restraints were very comfortable. There were a couple other flat rides in there and some arcade time, but at least we hit 95% of our goal for the day. I had wished the lines would be a tad shorter, especially later in the day, but it is what it is. My overall satisfaction and rating of the park is a mixed bag, I'd say. I felt like there was a theme in terms of the coasters in the park, both good and bad. On the positive side, the rides do a very good job of mixing in with each other and interacting with other rides and the midways, which allow for ample viewing areas. There is also a nice collection of coasters here to keep you busy, and the flat collection is diverse, but I don't find they have a marquee flat and they are missing some of the staples (which were previously removed). On the negative side, I felt just about every coaster was short and underwhelmingly so. With some rides I know what I'm getting into, like a Kingda Ka or the like, but to me it seemed the rides here should have (and could have) been longer to make them more satisfying. Outside of Intamin launchers, Skyrush is easily the shortest hyper-coaster I've ever been on (although I do understand why). The short ride problem leads to efficiency problems, meaning trains have to run the full circuit before another train can be sent off, and it also means only two trains per ride is possible (except for Fahrenheit which I did see running three trains before one was removed). Overall I was pleased with my day at Hershey. I think the odd collection of Intamin's is unique, but to me it could be a lot better. My guess is 2016 will be the next addition. I'd like to see a river rapids return (unlikely), and some more marquee flats added (like a giant frisbee). Honestly I think Wildcat can go and be replaced with an El Toro-esque woodie (which is, of course, an Intamin creation). Perhaps a hyper-woodie in 2016? Other than that I'm not sure what other coaster style they could use other than more B&M designs. Maybe a floorless coaster style of some sort, or even a giga coaster, but I do realize space seems to be at a premium for the park preventing a good bit of outward expansion (although that robust parking lot could serve as much-needed room). My final ride ratings are: Great Bear - 8.8 Fahrenheit - 8.6 Lightning Racer - 8.0 Storm Runner - 7.4 Sidewinder - 7.2 Comet - 6.0 SDL - 5.0 Trailblazer - 4.0 Wildcat - 3.0 Skyrush - ???
  20. I think this ride is really impressively themed from the entrance to the queue and onward. Is everything your own custom work, including the train cars and scenery? I know it is tough to see projects through at times but you definitely have something here. Good luck!
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