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  1. Disneyland - 2018 Walt Disney World - Next summer Tokyo Disneyland - 2019 ️ Disneyland Paris - 1998 Hong Kong Disneyland - TBD ️ Shanghai Disneyland - TBD
  2. Hi guys! I'm going to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea this summer, on july. I'm a bit scared about queues and crowds, because I only have one day for visiting each park, and going to Japan isn't very common xD So I writte here to see if anyone of you can help me in terms of organisation and stuff like that. First of all, I have seen that the new ride of Tokyo DisneySea, their Soarin version, is opening on July 23. I'm coming back to Spain the next day, but maybe I could go to see the park on the day of Soarin inauguration. But this is my question: do you think that a lot of people is going to visit the park this day just to see the new ride? I've seen crowd calendars and July 23 is suposed to have low / moderate queues, but I think that japanese people can be that kind of people who goes crazy to be the first ones to see the park news, and I'm afraid that this day turns to be really full. So, do you think that it's worth to take the risk and visit the park on the day of Soarin inauguration, or is it best to go there before, when the park seems to be quite empty? I have already seen the California version of the ride, but I don't know what to do. On the other hand, for those who have been on Disney hotels in Tokyo, do you think that is it worth to stay in the cheaper one, Disney Celebration Hotel? For what I've seen, it is expensive and really far away from the park, but staying there gives me the oportunity to enjoy the Happy 15 Entry, and having that may make the difference on riding all the majors rides. So, those are my question. I don't know if you'd be able to answer me, because this questions may be a little specifics (specially the first one), but if you have any idea or tips to help me I would really apreciate them. Thank you so much in advance!
  3. The Rapids at both Alton & Thorpe are Intamin. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk Intamin have confirmed themselves that the rapids at Dreamworld aren't manufactured by them though. Then that would explain why the design of this ride is so different than the Rapids of Intamin we use to know This is also a pretty old attraction.
  4. OMG, I am so sorry to see this notice, it's always pretty scary and sad to see that someone died in an amusent park, where you go to have fun After reading some of the news, it seems clear that there was some problem with the lift stop, but I have to say that I also think there could be a mistake on the lift ride design. Seeing the pictures of this ride, it's easy to see that there are big gaps all over the lift, and it's not hard to think that people could easily fall under the attraction and suffer big injures. You can see the full mechanism in this video (minut 3:53): My point is that, maybe with another lift design with less gaps on it (like this one, for example: http://www.familyvacationhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/shipwreck-rapids-water-ride-end-seaworld-san-diego.jpg) an accident like this, with 2 rafts colliding, wouldn't probably be that devastating. ¿Do you know something about what I'm telling? I just don't know if the design of this ride is very common, and although I'm just speculating (sorry about that), I want to see what Intamin has to say about all this.
  5. For anyone interested in buying a roller coaster wheel (although it is quite expensive): http://www.ebay.com/itm/Disney-Aluminum-Roller-Coaster-Wheels-Tires-/182234376403?hash=item2a6e03e8d3:g:TIEAAOSwtnpXngdj i would love to have one, but the shipping to Spain makes it even more expensive xD Just for curiosity, anyone knows which roller coaster is this wheel from?
  6. Curious - it doesn't LOOK like any changes were made, perhaps the shoulder harness unlocked more easily to make loading and unloading faster? Well, they really did changes in the seats. Here you have the current harness: And the original ones: It is really hard to know if this really has something to do with the accident, but it is clear that some changes were made in the seats (I don't actually know when, probably during 2012-2013 for some videos/photos I've seen). Let's wait for the park's answer and more investigations...
  7. Hi guys! I'm going to Europa Park this Halloween in a group of 5 people, but I have some questions about how to get to the park and all that. First of all, I'd like to know which is the cheapest and best way to get to EP from Baden-Baden aeroport. I know there is a shuttle service, but it is quite expensive (30€ per way), and I don't know how much a taxi would be, so we're thinking in buying a Kombi-Ticket, which includes transports and a day ticket, and going there by train-bus (you can see the infor of this ticket here, but it's in germany http://www.bahn.de/regional/view/regionen/bawue/freizeit/europapark_ticket.shtml#). This option seems the best, but we'll do a 4 days trip and we don't know if this Kombi-ticket it's only a "day ticket". I mean, should we do all the ways and visit the park at the same day, or can we go and back in a different days? And the EP ticket entrance must be used in an specific day, or we can decide when to get it? If not, we should probably think in a different way to get to the park, and buy a 2-day ticket instead of this. I hope some of you know more of this Kombi Ticket >.< On the other hand, do you know if there's an express pass for the Horror Nights, and how does it works? We'd probably buy an express if we can, but we don't know how much it costs and what it includes. Well, thanks in advance for your help, I'll be really greatful for any information about transports, tickets, places and all that stuff. You can give me any advice too if you want Thanks again! ^^ P.D: Sorry for my bad English, I hope you've understood what I wanted to say
  8. Yes, Shambhala had a rollback yesterday just after the ampersand. For what I've heard, yesterday was a very cold and windy day, so Shambhala was going so slowly and stopped when testing. However, it seems it was running again at the end of the day. Here you have some pictures of pa-community.com:
  9. Shambhala @ PortAventura, like a month ago... wanna ride it again T_T
  10. The day of that photo the waiting time was 3 hours. However, I think in summer it will be a little less (maybe 2 hours?) 'cause these days a lot of schools have gone to the park.
  11. No, you can buy express in the park although you aren't a resort guest, in a shop located in the first square you find on the park, after the ticket office and before entering on Mediterrania. If I'm not wrong, you buy it there and after you take it in a stand inside Mediterrania. The one time per ride sistem costs 22€, and the unlimited pass arround 40. I bought it the past year, and although I don't remember of all the rides with express, I'm pretty sure of these: Dragon Khan, Furius Baco, Stampida, El Tempo del Fuego, Sea Odyssey, El Diablo, Tutuki Splash, Grand Canyon Rapids, Tami Tami, Silver River Flume. Shambhala is suposed to be included too.
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