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  1. ^^^^ Great trips listed above, thanks! In your past experience what are the best nights to go? Unfortunately, we will probably only be able to go on a Saturday or Sunday night....possibly able to change things around for a Thursday but pretty unlikely. What would you suggest? - Todd
  2. My one ride was in the back left wing seat. It wasn't really bad for me until the last third of the ride. I think I sort of got thrown to the side during one of the turns and it was when that occurred that the bar really came down. It just hit me in a really uncomfortable spot and I'm neither a skinny stick or overweight. Since Sky Rush was the first thing we did last Monday night, we then encountered the operations like you described which I think only made things worse for us. No doubt the ride is amazing and it probably has the strongest air time that I've ever encountered. Let me agree with you about the park at night. I was incredibly impressed with it, especially seeing the wood coasters lined with with the chaser lights. Lightning Racer in particular looked amazing with that twisted mess of a layout. - Todd
  3. ^ It has been 10 years since my last Hershey visit, so I'm not a regular by any stretch of the imagination...but the park seemed packed yesterday. Sooper Dooper Looper, Comet and Sky Rush all had over flowing queues when I left at noon yesterday. Fahrenheit also had an hour wait, which we endured because we didn't get to ride it on Monday night. Not sure if crowds died down or not. I can tell you that on Monday evening, though, that both SDL and Comet still had full queues while we were in line for Sky Rush around 8:30pm. Based on our experience, seemed like a lot of people were taking advantage of the preview ticket like we did! - Todd
  4. When I was there on Monday, they were running one train. The second was on the transfer track and had a few pieces that had been removed. I went back for a few hours yesterday morning and, much to my surprise, they were running both trains. Even with both trains running, the queue was still completely full and out of the entrance. - Todd
  5. If the new padding is "better" then I would have hated to have ridden with the old. I went to Hershey on Monday evening and took my first ride. Restraints aside, the ride really is amazing. The airtime is extreme and that first drop really is unbelievable. With that said, the fact that my legs were going numb because the bar was placing so much pressure on my thighs really detracted from the ride experience. By the time the ride was whipping around to enter the last two bunny hops, I couldn't wait for it to be over. I rode once and I was quite happy with only riding once. There was a small girl in the seat in front of me that was literally in tears because of the restraints pinning her in so hard. I was surprised to hear several other riders that were on my train complaining about the discomfort caused by the lap bars as well. Hershey has a problem on their hands it seems. While I definitely commend them on trying to quickly address with the new padding, hopefully they can find a resolution during the off season to help ease the issue a bit more. I'm really not one to complain about rides being too rough or painful and usually have a high tolerance for such. This was honestly the first time where it really was unbearable for me...and I have bruises on my thighs to prove it. It probably wouldn't have been nearly as bad if you didn't have to sit on the brake run for several minutes while they are loading the other train. I went to Hershey fully expecting to be blown away with the Sky Rush experience. Instead, I left happy that I only had to ride it once. I'd be willing to give it another fair shake on my next visit, but this time I much preferred spending my time riding Storm Runner (which I had never ridden) and Lightning Racer (which was a lot more fun that I remember it being). On a positive note, kudos to Hershey on the new Sooper Dooper Looper trains. Had a great ride on it and would have loved another ride had the queue line not been over flowing! - Todd
  6. Just got back in from the Park. It was PACKED tonight. Magnum had a 60 minute wait when I arrived, Maverick was over 2 hours. Definitely glad I sprung for Fast Lane tomorrow. I'm staying at the Executive Apartments right in the CP Marina, not sure if I'm going to head over at opening or not...depends on what time I wake up tomorrow - Todd
  7. I received the email from them yesterday also. Basically, we can enter the Park at 9AM for early entry. Upon arriving at the Parking Tolls, tell the attendant that you are there for the event and they will have a list of all who were pre-registered and will allow for free parking. If you don't have a season pass, visit Guest Services at the far right side of the maingate and they will get you going. Season pass holders will enter as they normally do. There is a registration tent that will be set up according to the email. Season Pass holders can sign in anytime after 3PM. Everyone else will receive a voucher from Guest Services that will need to be taken to the registration tent as well that afternoon. I'm getting ready to take off and drive up to the Park now, hopefully checked into the hotel by 7PM. I'll keep an eye out for a meet up time, looking forward to it! - Todd
  8. ^ Are you sure you are going to be 11th? Jason didn't have a $5,000 donation, only $50...which would take him down and you'd still be in the top 10. Agreed though, what a great run and congrats to the team! Looking forward to Sunday! - Todd
  9. I just donated $10 to Ken! Would love to see him make it in the top 3!! - Todd
  10. Are you kidding? I about had a heart attack when I saw that....and it wasn't even mine! If it were legit, that would have been amazing for the event! I'm still chugging along, sending out messages to everyone I can think of to donate! Coming down the home stretch guys, go Team TPR!!! - Todd
  11. Barely hanging on to a spot in the Top 10! Hoping to at least hit my goal of $300! https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/toddbills/finaldispatch - Todd
  12. Happy to see Team TPR raising so much! I'm still hoping to crack the Top 10...wouldn't take a lot to make that happen. I still have a few friends that aren't going to be able to donate until first thing tomorrow morning. Regardless, what a terriffic event this is going to be. Already purchased a Fast Lane for Sunday, looking forward to meeting you guys! It was a long drive up from Orlando, but definitely going to be worth it! https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/toddbills/finaldispatch - Todd
  13. Staying with a friend on Saturday and Sunday night, haven't got all the details yet as to where it is. Is anyone planning on picking up a Fast Lane pass for Sunday? Since I live in Florida now and haven't been to CP in over 4 years, I want to be able to ride as much as i can. - Todd
  14. I have signed up as well. Timing is perfect, as I was planning on visiting my parents in Ohio during this time....so I'll be making the drive from Orlando up to join the fun! Looking forward to meeting some of you! Todd's Page! - Todd
  15. I was planning on heading up opening weekend just to get my pass processed, crowds or not, but I'm wondering one thing....has it been confirmed if Georgia Cyclone will be opening with the park? I was just curious if the track work that was taking place was going to delay it's opening until a bit after the park actually opens for the season. - Todd
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