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  1. ^^ Buckeye_Ben beat me too it. I love the Manhattan Express vieo. As well as that yellow Arrow Hyper (Can't think of the name, Titan? possibly) where you guys just make fun of Ron Toomer the entire time. I've actually viewed another video by you of that coaster and switched it once I found out that it wasn't the fun yelling one haha. The personality expressed in the videos makes it more fun to watch. TPR videos wouldn't be the same without it.

  2. The train in front of me got stuck at the top of Millenium Forces lift hill. They had to send the maintenance bucket up after them.


    The weirdest I've ever been on was when I got stuck on Montu's mid course break run. I was only 8 and it was one of my first major coasters and my first B&M invert (I'd been on Mind Eraser @ SFNE). I've also gotten stuck at the top of Splash Mountains lift towards the big drop. I could see all of the park from where it stopped.

  3. It's the filters on this website. But yes people, i have pretty much stopped posting updates on this forum. The park has seen many new additions and a new park owner.





    Nocturnal is a large B&M invert situated at the back of the park. At 150 feet tall it dominates the back of the park. The ride opened to rave reviews, being compared to popular inverts such as Katun and Raptor.



    However, tragedy struck when a teenage boy went into the ride area to reclaim his hat when he was struck by a passing train and was decapitated. The ride itself was rushed for opening day and not all the safety fences had been put in place so the park was at fault for the boy's death.



    Herschend unable to handle the lawsuit and the severe drop in attendance put Fisher Park up for sale at the close of the season. A buyer was not found and the park was left to rot. Renegade deteriorated and the ride fell apart.



    3 years later, Kennywood bought the park and revived it.



    Several new rides were added, including Roanoke Rapids and Big Green Tractors (a small family ride). Many other rides and coasters were repainted.



    Nocturnal, the infamous ride that caused the park to close, was repainted and renamed Nighthawk. Thankfully, the bad stigma surrounding the ride was all but gone and the ride saw 2 hour long lines for most of the season.




    Most recently, Werewolf was opened at the park. The large Gravity Group Woodie was met with great success due to its intense airtime and impressive speeds.


    Certainly Fisher Park is doing well.

  4. I think I can clear this one up. In my park, Fisher Park, found on SGW primarily, there has been a long running joke about me naming the element I posted a "Fisher Roll." Some members of that site actually follow along and call that element comprised of two half dive loops (as called in-game) designed to look like a large corkscrew a "Fisher Roll". I know aroberts is a member over there as well. I was merely poking fun at the fact that he has misused the Fisher Roll as my park is where the name originates.

  5. I've been on Maverick, TTD, Wicked Twister, Xcelerator, Montezooma's Revenge, California Screamin', The Incredible Hulk, Rock'n Roller Coaster (DHS).


    Maverick is my overall favorite, it packs in so many different elements and is just a great ride.


    The Hulk is my second favorite. The first time I rode it I was barely tall enough to get on and I was not expecting the launch. Such a fun ride, it is still my favorite B&M.


    Xcelerator probably has the most intense launch out of any coaster I've been on.

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