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  1. That is ridiculous - and completely realistic! Considering how easily people get offended these days, I could easily see this happening in real life. Good scenario, I'm interested to see how things pan out.


    The park pics are looking awesome as usual. Mustang is truly awesome.




    If Allerion is removed, I hope it means this park is getting a windseeker. It would be very cool!




    I have to ask you something, how did you do the Intamin-esque track for the Schwartzkopf looper? It definetly looks more realistic than the default Premeir-looking track.


    It's an Option.txt hack. It allows you to intersect tracks. So I just layout over Intamin track on the Schwarzkopf track. Boom instant Mindbender type ride.


    This really is one of the best RCT3 parks this site has seen. You've shown a POV of the GCI, could you please show more?


    Sure haha.





    Well I went back into the main bench of Fisher the other day to replace the Aileron. I realized it looked awful. The park looked so unfinished. Half the paths were unpaved, no foliage, no lights, or anything, just a gray terrain texture. I also felt the park was beginning to lose touch with its surroundings. So I revamped the entire park. New rides, paths, and more.




    The park just completed a 10 million dollar revamp of the park. 5 new rides were added, along with the beautifying of several paths. Also Aileron was demolished.



    Fisher Park looked stunning with new path details and foliage.



    Twister was one of the new attractions added. It is small but great for young kids to ride.



    The Enterprise took Aileron's old spot. The ride was bought second hand from a small park in Illinois.



    This section of path was revamped as well.



    The Antique Cars were the biggest addition here. They fill up a previous gap in the middle of the park.



    The lockers outside of Virginia Vortex's entrance.



    There are plenty of relaxing shaded areas of path as well.



    The Ferris Wheel was the largest addition to the park. It provides stunning views of the surrounding valley.



    The train was repainted as well.



    A look down one of the midways.



    Virginia Vortex is a classic.



    The cars are a new favorite among children.



    The Frog Hoppers are new as well and I have been told to watch this section of the County Fair area for a coming addition.

  2. Wow that is quite a twist to your park's storyline. I love how much of a real park feel you put into this the lawsuit angle definately fits in todays world where our favorite parks come under fire for some reason or other.




    First off I love the detail in this park and secondly I love when people add stuff like this to their park, not just a lawsuit over an injury/death or a fire, but something that could very well happen to a real park.







    Hey guys, today I went to the park for a little while.



    Virginia Vortex is still an awesome ride and definatly one of the best in the park. Its very smooth for its age.



    Barnstormer is a fun flat but it still scares the crap out of me.



    The main gate looking very pretty.



    Mustang broke down around noon and was closed for the rest of the day, luckily I rode early.



    The hot Virginia sun was a great excuse to ride Fisher Flume.



    Despite all the controversy with M.A.D.D. Bootleg still had two hour long lines all day.



    Also, the Aileron hasn't opened in a week, and the queue house has been boarded up. It has always been plagued with mechanical issues. I wonder if this means the end for the ride.

  3. Bootleg has some amazing theming, and the area around it is stunning, however I think the ride itself looks a bit "clumsy".

    But it's pretty hard to make a realistic Intamin wing rider in RCT3 due to the large trains that aren't made for tight transitions, but you've probably done the best that is possible to do with that CTR so well done




    This park can easily give Hershey's Hawaiian Escape and Chareslton Gardens/SFSC a run for it's money...

    Here I am thinking I'm good. I totally suck compared to you, I don't even know where to get all of the CTR for the coasters in this park....






    Bootleg, the park's newest coaster has come under fire recently.


    Parent group M.A.D.D. or Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is suing the Herschend group over the new coaster's theming.


    A lead spokeswoman for the organisation is calling it a "shameful, unneeded reference to alcohol" They claim that the theming isn't required to make the ride enjoyable. They feel that the large amounts of "moonshine theming" poorly influences the teen group who avidly ride the large coasters in the park.


    The park issued a statement saying that "The story behind Bootleg is just a small detail that may go unnoticed by the average park-goer. There is no intention to promote the consumption of alcoholoic beverages. In fact, no alcohol is served in the park. We feel as though M.A.D.D. is just using the park as a scape goat to bring media attention to their group, much like P.E.T.A. and SeaWorld. We are confident that we will win this case and keep the theming to the ride intact."


    The case is scheduled to appear in court soon. M.A.D.D. wants 20 million dollars and for the theming to be removed from the ride along with a name change. Herschend lawyers are attempting to reach a settlement as of press time.


    What this means for Bootleg is unknown.



    The cars themselves are meant to symbolize a barrel of moonshine.



    The story is that the moonshine is being shipped in a new method that brings it quickly to its location.


    Hopefully the park will not have to lose this theming as the park spent several million to theme the ride in the first place.

  4. Nice ride with a touch of Maverick in there. I don't suppose you would put the track only up for download would you?


    Sorry, I don't put my work up for download.


    I love getting hit in the head with a tree...


    Great coaster and great park!


    Don't we all haha.






    Bootleg opened officially today.




    The surrounding area was very well themed.



    See, theming! The barrels help portray the moonshine brewery aspect.



    A new restaurant was built in the land as well, they got some tasty BBQ.



    They got some fancy lockers to store your stuff before you ride.



    Sadly I was hearing mixed reviews.



    The ride was pretty rough for a new coaster.



    I heard one guy say that Bootleg felt like a boot to the head.



    I thought the launch and the theming was great though. But it was a rough ride, especially for a brand new coaster.

  5. Your coasters are very well done, great themeing, great layouts very nicely packaged attractions. Where did you find the Furious Baco coaster train?


    Thank you, the Wingrider train can be found here:



    Your pictures are ah-maze-ing...I can't get over how real they look! Your attention to detail is such a great skill, and I love looking at the updates when they're posted. Can't wait to see what you have in store with that wing coaster!




    You've hit the point where RCT3 becomes better than RCT2. Skillful, high quality work.


    Thank you!





    I went into the park today to check up on the construction of the park's newest coaster, an Intamin Wingrider. Today they installed the rides signature element, a barrel roll over the path leading to the ride. It is sure to thrill riders and viewers alike.



    The park hasn't released much info other than an 65 mph launch, 3 large airtime hills, 4 overbanked turns, and an inversion.



    The ride will feature a new area to the park, Lost Horse Mine. The ride will be named "Bootleg." The theme is that an accident in the mine caused it's closing in the late 1800s, but in the 1920s, moonshiners took back the mine and turned it into a brewery. This idea is shown through the many barrels and displays around the ride, and the theming of the actual car, which will look identical to Furius Baco in PortAventura in Spain.

  6. Sorry guys I was away in California. But don't worry I got plenty of newfound inspiration


    This park is truly inspirational! It has an interesting feel to it. It's like Dollywood combined with a Cedar Fair park, but the size of a smaller park. I love your ride stations and how the flume looks at night. Keep up the great work!


    Thanks so much!


    This is amazing! Honestly the best park since Six Flags South Carolina. I love the flume ride and the entrance AND the new coaster. Can't wait to watch it's growth.


    Wow, that's a serious compliment, thank you!


    Stunning park. Very well done! It has a great sense of realism that's hard to get in RCT3.


    Thanks, realism is one of my foremost goals.


    Are you still working on this park? I'd hate to see it die.


    I'm still going, I just went on vacation.


    This is a very nice park, would be a shame if there was no more to see. Nice parks like this are a treat to look at with all the detail and hard work put into them.


    Thank you!


    How do you get that background?


    It's a long process but there is a tutorial I built on Shyguys World that will go through all of my editing techniques.




    Well I forgot to post the last few updates and then I went away, but Fisher Park is back!



    Mustang is open!



    It comes with its own giftshop too!



    The ride is nicely landscaped and the station is huge!



    The first Drop is very steep!



    Did I mention serious ejector air?



    Plus it has a world exclusive "Fisher Roll"



    You get rocketed up the lift hill.



    But we can't forget about Crop Duster either.



    Here is an overview straight from the guys at GCI.



    The parachutes are always a nice ride.



    Mustang is a great addition to the park.



    The County Fair is a new kids section of the park.



    It looks nice, but there isn't too much going on.



    Do you guys like teasers?

  7. It all depends on how you play the games.


    I've noticed the detail on the RCT3 projects on TPR seem to be lacking compared to other websites. If you guys want to see some incredibly themed and realistic projects. Check out the Weekly Ambassador, where every week a list of the best projects are compiled.


    RCT3 can be very realistic if you work hard. It can take a very long time to make something realistic. I can spend over 10 hours just designing a single coaster. This coaster isn't a Big Thunder Mountain ride either, it's a normal coaster that you could find in any park really. the amount of cs you have also helps out. I have 4 gigs of cs, ctrs, and more in my installation directory.



    This is my roller coaster Mustang in my Fisher Park file. I spent almost 2 weeks designing and building this ride.



    Here is a photo of Maverick I took in May. With a littlbe bit of effort, I was able to replicate the first drop pretty well.


    Another advantage of RCT3 is the immense amount of track segments. In RCT2 an immelman, or dive loop always look a little odd. The same goes with zero-g rolls. RCT3 does a better job with providing more realistic inversions.


    A thing I've seen commonly in this thread is the comparison of the supports. Sure the ingame supports are trash, but a good supported ride can look incredible. As with my previous statement, it all depends on how much effort you want to put in. I'll commonly spend a few days supporting a ride. I compare with real-life coasters to make my supports accurate. I'll even find myself completely redoing segments. (Invert lift-hills kill me).


    RCT3 lets you see a park from a 3D vantage point. Some people do not take advantage enough of this fact. You can get some amazing shot from the ground looking up at a coaster or structures or flatride or whatever.


    EDIT: Finally, I see people saying that RCT2 is easier to make realistic. Easy doesn't always mean better. RCT3 takers a lot more attention to detail to make look right. Everything in RCT3 is much closer up. Facades must be more detailed, there has to be more props. You are looking on the park as if you were in it. RCT2 is like looking at a park map in a way. You can see everything for what it is. But you don't get the same detail as RCT3.


    Basically, RCT2 is like looking at a park map, while RCT3 is like being in the actual park.


    Those are just my opinions.

  8. I have to say that this park looks very realistic and very good, definately coming back for more pics.




    This is looking really good! I like the editing. I think that you should continue that brick wall on Renegade up the lift hill. I think it will look really nice!


    Thanks! I originally tried that, but it looked out of place to be honest.


    Very nice park, it has a lot of character. Where did you get the railings such as the ones in front of your log flume?


    Thanks, those are Moby's X-railings.


    I bet the second INTAMIN coaster is going to be a wing rider like Furious Baco.


    Shhhhhhhh, don't tell everyone.


    I just noticed the editing you were doing with your pics. This park looks amazing, the theming is great and it's realistic.






    Happy 4th of July!



    I went down to the park today to visit the park and then watch the fireworks and I have never seen so many American Flags.



    The park really went all out this year to bring out the patriotic spirit.



    The main entrance must have a dozen flags on it.



    Mustang is testing now, I can't wait till it opens.



    Must be some big whigs on this train.



    Then I finished the day off with fireworks. Fisher Flume provided such a nice backdrop to the show.

  9. It looks good so far, just a couple of tips,


    1. The box supports are too close. I'm building an Intamin Mega inspired by Bizarro (in it's original Superman incarnation) and I built a box support, skipped two squares, and then placed another one, it looks much better that way.


    2. The supports on the airtime hills are off as well.

    (Not my photo)

    As you can see, on the real ride, there are cross beams that go across. I think you may need to add those.


    3. Flanges and footers! Make sure to use flanges when building with Moby's supports, it helps the look of the ride tremendously. You said your footer file was not working. But there are several round footers you can use. I personally use Weber's Aged Footers (Found Here)


    Other than that, it looks decent, I can't wait to see more.

  10. I'd recommend changing the ride slogan to something other than what it is now since it's the same as Maverick's and it looks a lot like Maverick.


    Thanks, I had thought I had heard that slogan somewhere, I guess i had forgotten that it was actually from Maverick haha.


    I really like your idea for the new coaster. But I agree on the slogan, I'd say change it.





    By now you guys have probably all heard my computer problems. I apologize in advance for the awful graphics. I did a lot of editing to make the park presentable, but I can't do anything about reflective water.


    I was about to get a new graphic card but I went on a day trip with my friends and spent most of the paycheck my parents let me keep. So it won't be until after i go to California that I will get a graphics card.


    Now back to the park





    it was a really hot one today, so I started off with Fisher Flume. It's the best way to beat the heat in the park.



    I rode Barnstormer, the ride op did an awful job with the restraints, I felt like I was gonna fall out. While it's pretty, I probably won't be riding again, I'll take pics though (this actually happened to me on Skyhawk at Cedar Point, scariest thing ever).



    Nighthawk, is a fun ride, it's almost like a Windseeker, but much smaller and older. Still you get some fantastic views from it.



    The main gates are so open and simple, but yet they have their own elegance about them.



    The train is a nice relaxing ride around the park. It's great for when your feet get tired and you want to take a break, plus there's never any lines because of the high capacity.



    Renegade is still a great ride and it works into the hillside very well.



    I took this picture from the highway as I was leaving the park. I can't wait to see how Mustang will change the skyline.


    Big Park News


    When the park announced Mustang, apparently it was only part of the park's plan. A memo was leaked that stated that famed industry leader Intamin AG of Switzerland, would bring the park 2 high profile coasters within the next three years. The first, Mustang. The second is described as a launched coaster reaching 75 mph with 1 inversion and that will be the first of its kind in North America. I wonder what it could be...

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