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  1. That seems like a mix of all the Intamin Accelerators put into one epic coaster! Awesome job.


    Thanks, I based it off of Stormrunner, Cheetah Hunt, and Superman in Austrlia.


    Great park! the theming is awesome and the coasters are great placed and design's are even better.




    You have a clearance issue - after the banked rise when the coaster does a turn under the structure for the second hill. I was beheaded. Other than that, you have a superbly-presented coaster.


    Hha, yes I noticed that, It was fine but then I switched CTRs and the camera was a little higher than the other one.


    That is, quite simply, the best Intamin Accelerator in RCT3.


    Well I wouldn't say that, but thanks you!





    Today's feature is Copperhead.



    Enjoy the POV


  2. Third shot is epic. Nuff said.




    Amazing work! I'm sure we would all love a POV of Copperhead.


    Soon my friend, soon.


    I'd say you should just ditch the two trees in front of Shaolin in the courtyard...they sort of take away from the immensity and stature of the pagoda building behind them. It'll probably look much better if they were a small bush or just excluded all together.


    As far as those trees go, in most Asian Monasteries and temples (at least that I know of) have trees in the courtyards to promote peace. They are very common.


    As far as a ride for Venice,I know it sounds cheesy,but how about a swing ride.It fits the Venice Theme,and it could be over the river.


    I'll look into it.




    POV Time!


    I am starting a series of POVs for this park. Up first is Kasi, the park's Intamin Accelerator.


  3. The layout looks pretty good, but I personally don't really see a ride like that fitting with the Venice theming.


    Seeing how well you pulled off the other rides though, I would love to be proven wrong.


    It has been put in my other park.


    I love the layout of the standup, but Im finding it hard to imagine how you could tie in a Venison theme to a standup. Maybe if you changed the name of the area simply to "Italy" you could theme it to an Ancient Roman god?




    This park is amazing. I think the coaster will fit in great. It's hard to assume otherwise because everything else in this park fits in perfectly. This may be the best RCT3 park I've ever seen.






    Hey guys. The park decided not to go for the stand-up and a little park in Rhode Island got it instead.



    Copperhead has gotten a newer, bolder paint job.


    Could the park be seeing a new attraction in this land?



    Copperhead is so much better at night.


    (BTW, I'm considering making a POV of this ride, anyone interested? It is really fast through the first half of the layout, but the succesion of elements is very realistic.



    It really dominates over the Northern end of the park.



    Woodies are fun too.



    The Shaolin Monastery that serves as Shaolin's station.



    While Venice doesn't have any rides, it sure looks amazing.



    It does have the best food in the park though.

  4. Well hello there.


    My name is Thomas, Thomas Flaherty.


    I live down by the water with my family in sunny old Rhode Island.


    Me and my son love the nearby Rocky Point park.



    The park has two fancy rolly coasters.



    The big rolly coaster in the back is brand new this year, brought to you by the fine gentleman of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.



    In this photo, you can see the Loof Carousel and the Merry-Go-Round.



    For the best gosh darn sea food this south of Maine, visit the Shore Dinner Hall. Best Chowder in the world!



    Round the Treetops is a much smaller family coaster. But my son sure does love it.



    The Spinning Plane Ride is much to much for me, I can't take all that spinning.



    You can get some fantastic photographs from the Steamboat Landing.



    Wildcat is like nothing I've ever felt in my life, and for only a nickel there is nothing like it.



    The ride turns around right by the water, offering some fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean.


    Well I sure do hope you enjoy these photographs, I will see if I can get back to the park soon.

  5. Only thing that sticks out to me, is that for a park of this size and a lyout like that, an 8 car train doesn't seem right. Seven cars is more acustom to this type of attraction.


    Ok, that's an easy fix, thanks for your help.





    The park is set to open next week and things are looking great.



    With all this talk of the new stand-up coaster, people seem to foget that we are getting a new flume ride this season.

    Here is the station.



    Not that exciting of a ride but it sure will be a great way to beat the heat in the summer.



    Signage for the B&M.



    From the queue.



    The lighting package looks great as well.

  6. Wingrider maybe?


    Not quite.


    This park is looking real good, it has charm and eye appeal and looks like a fun place.




    What did you use to support the Skyline?


    Its been quite a while since ive played RCT3, what pack are you using for your steel supports?


    Moby's Steel Jungle to both of those questions.




    2003: Preseason



    The park is putting finishing touches on the track and the rest of the park is being prepped for opening in a month.


    The park confirmed the other day that the ride would be a B&M Standup. It's layout is iconic of the very first Standups like Iron Wolf. It will feature three inversions. It is named Greaser and will be the focus point of the 50s area of the park.



    The grounds crew have been hard at work landscaping the area around the new coaster.



    The oblique loop is similar to that on Riddler's Revenge, but this one has track that goes through the middle.



    Trains arrived today, testing should being in the next 2-3 days.

  7. No offense, but this needs a lot more work. Along with the path issues, here are a couple of things I'm noticing.


    The lakes. They are all perfectly square. Try using the canyon/trench digging tool and then using the terrain smoother tool. I creates a much more naturalistic look.


    The rides. Try using Moby's Steel Jungle for your supports, they look much better than what you have.


    Foliage. I barely see any trees, try downloading N7's ornamental trees and Old Spices Tree set, they are much more realistic.


    Structures. There seem to be very little. Download Shyguy's Main Street Sets (All 9) they are a great place to start when working with buildings. Buildings are what make and break RCT3 parks, give it a shot.


    Your photos. You seem to take shots of your game in a lower resolution. Go to the settings menu and max them out before you take a picture. Also, you seem to take your photos with an RCT2 sort of mind. Remember it is 3D, try to take you photos from a peep view, overviews are not a bad thing at all, but show us some peep views let us soak in the park.


    Most importantly, slow down! Don't rush to release something, take your time and do it right. I spent 4 months building my Portals to Adventure park before I even posted so much as a teaser for it, and it wasn't for another month after that, that I posted the first update. Make your park how your really want it to be, make it look complete, and whole, not a WIP.


    I hope this helps just a little.


    If you need anywhere for good CS sets, check out the downloads page on Shyguysworld.com or the downloads page for rct-3.org, they are great places to start a good collection of CS and CTRs.


    Good luck with your park.

  8. I don't think an age restriction on actual roller coasters should be allowed. But as some have said, rides like Saw, or Alien Encounter should have age limits. If a video game, or movie can have an age limit because of disturbing images, then why shouldn't a ride? I rode Alien Encounter when I was 5, me and my dad had no clue what it was. I was absolutly terrified and it almost ruined my first trip to Disney.

  9. This park is incredibly beautiful. Just amazing.




    I just love how the giant discuss ride just towers over everyhting.


    Thanks, it is one of my favorite rides in the park.



    2003 Mid-Season Winter



    I was allowed to enter the park today to get a look around during the Winter.



    The park looked so weird with no bright flowers and a fresh layer of snow covering the paths.



    But the main reason I was here was to check out progress on those steel supports I spotted in the parking lot.



    I have heard rumors of a smaller B&M, but whatever it is, construction is moving quickly. I guess they want it open for opening day.

  10. I live in Warwick RI and would love it if Rocky Point would come back to life...miss that park


    Thanks, it's good to see someone else familiar with the inspiration of this park.


    It looks great, but I think you should change the colors for Burnt Rubber. The red and gray are fine, but the lavender isn't really intimidating. Change the purple to something like black or orange and I think it will look much better.


    I tried, but nothing else works, black and orange just look bad no offense.




    Well, it's winter now, and I went out to the park to see progress on the Flume, sadly there wasn't.


    However, these trucks were here. Strange, the flume doesn't use those types of supports, but I can't find any clues.


  11. I don't know if I like the roof colors for Shaolin's station, but everything else is exceptional!


    Thanks, but I kind of like the colors of those roofs, do you have any suggestions?


    Wow, this is an absolutely incredible park. Amazing job!




    Really nice job with the supporting on Copperhead, it looks great! Reminds me a bit of Silver Bullet.


    Thanks, the way I built it to have the Cobra roll by the path was based off of Silver Bullet, glad you picked up on that.




    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates but my projects are on hold for the CCC contest on RCTLounge.



    I have been working on the Asian area.



    I've reworked the Courtyard in front of Shaolin, I think it looks much better.






    More copperhead



    A small section of Venice



    I have this layout that I really like for a B&M Standup, does anyone think this would look good in Venice? Colors can change.

  12. I am also going for my first time this year, I'm staying at the Breakers Express. Raptor, Millennium Force, Maverick, Iron Dragon, Windseeker, and a few other flats will be open early.


    Also, I have heard Cedar Point is adding Fast Lane passes this year for $50 each. It is a lot, but it gets you on 18 of the parks rides, unlimited times with minimal waits. I will be getting them just because, I'm not sure if I will get the chance to go back anytime soon.

  13. Holy crap! This is amazing! Does this mean Rocky Point is done, or will you be updating that and this at the same time?


    Thanks! Rocky Point will continue, the main park is done, as well as expansions for the first 7 years, so it will go on.


    This great! I love the high level of detail. You are one of the few who can make this ugly game look awesome.


    Wow theming is really impressive. Hope to see more of this great park.


    WOW! This is an amazing park and it really seemed like you combined the best of Disney, Islands of Adventure, & BGT into one amazing park. I can't wait to see that B&M Invert.


    Don't know if I recognize this one or not... Love it either way! There's some magical areas.


    Incredible park! Really can't wait to see future things to come in this park.


    Thanks guys!


    Excellent work thus far. A couple of things -


    For future reference, when you use tags, you must use the entire URL and not just the video ID. I went ahead and fixed it for you.


    Also, Moby's Steel Jungle sets have knuckle pieces that you can use to fill in gaps made by supports, such as in the shot of Toktan's banked curve. I suggest that you use them.


    Ok thanks for the help with the video, I just assumed it was the same as other websites. I actually don't know why I didn't use the knuckles, all my other coasters have them, I'll get it fixed.


    This is just amazing! You're from SGW right? cause i think i've seen this park over there aswell.




    ^ He has posted it there and RctLounge as well.


    Looks amazing and all the themes are very well done. Love that last pic with the safari in it. The only thing I'm a tiny bit dubious on is the Medieval buildings and how some of them look a little bit cluttered but overall its really nice.






    It is really just those few buildings, most of them look less cluttered.


    This park is soo good, there is so much detail and hard work put into all your buildings they are all amazing. I do have one question, can i ask what the name of the set is that you used for the lift hill on your rapids ride?


    Cheers, Jake


    Thanks! The lift hill comes from DRP's Rafting Set.





    A shot of Toktan (this is an older pic so the CTR is different)



    The Kingdom has a small Junior Coaster in it.



    Usumacinta River, a POV is in the first post.



    Serenghetti Safari



    Devil's Creek Ghost Town with Copperhead in the back.



    A WIP shot of Shaolin's entrance plaza, the park's GCI Woodie.





    An overview of Copperhead, it takes inspiration from Inverts like Raptor and Katun.

  14. My family just moved to Miami Fl (not really), at first I was upset to leave all of my friends. But then I found out about Portals to Adventure, a huge megapark, with 6 lands and a mainstreet.



    Market Street is the "main street" in Portals. It is themed to an Arabian marketplace. Here is the parks biggest giftshop.



    An eatery found along Market Street.



    A more overall shot of Market Street.



    The first land around the central lagoon is themed to an old Mayan temple excavation.



    It is home to the park's newest attraction, Toktan. A heavily themed B&M Wingrider. There are many head and foot choppers as you race through the temple ruins.


    It is also home to a huge rapids ride, the Usumacinta River. Here is a POV:




    The next land is themed to a Medieval village. The large castle houses an attraction with a similar ride system to Soarin' at EPCOT.



    There are a lot of nice shops and eateries in the Village.



    There is a lot of construction going on in Devil's Creek, they are redoing most of the buildings so no rides on Copperhead, the parks old school B&M Invert. So we skip right to Venice.



    Venice is big, but there are no attractions in it.



    The Asian area is receiving a major facelift as well, so we skip to the Serenghetti.



    It is home to the Serenghetti Safari and Kasi, a huge Intamin Rocket Coaster.

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