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  1. The layout's great and it feels like a GCI, but it loses too much speed. I know it's too late to fix it but don't worry about it because it's still a good coaster.


    I realize it loses a little too much speed at the end, but there's not much you can do for that in RCT3.


    If you haven't already, I would enable the lower physics to get the speed a bit better. Besides being a bit longer than most GCIs, I don't think I would have noticed had the speed gone up.


    Overall very solid job.


    Hmmm, I'll try that out, but I don't see a point now, the POV is already released.




    The park has been experiencing financial problems recently. Ever since 2010, the park has experience declines in attendance. R&D shows that the addition of Intimidator 305 at the nearby Kings Dominion is one of the main causes of this drop. People look for the most thrilling roller coasters and Fisher Park has not had a large coaster addition since 2004 with Crop Duster. Even that is more of a family ride. Fisher Park needs a new coaster if it hopes to stay in competition with the other parks nearby.


    And indeed it shall.



    Fisher Park has partnered with Intaride, LLC for the addition of the parks fourth roller coaster. With a 100 foot 95 degree first drop, high amounts of negative g-forces, and a 70 mph launch Mustang will be the tallest, fastest ride in the park.


    Construction should begin within a few days.

  2. The theming and details on Fisher Flume are just incredible. That is definitely my favorite ride in the park.




    Once again, you raise the bar for detailed, thorough ride installation in RCT III.





    Thanks R.D. that means a lot to me.


    Best screens of RCT3 I've seen for a while on this site


    Wow, thanks!


    The log flume is amazing. Exceptional work on the surroundings and the screens are so full of life and atmosphere.


    Thanks, I tried really hard to fit it into the surroundings.


    The flume, as well as the rest of the park, looks impeccable. Great work.






    The park posted this video on their Youtube page.


    Now you guys can experience this awesome GCI!



    Don't forget to subscribe!

  3. Amazing, as always.


    I'm gonna go with a new family ride.


    Flumes can be family rides


    Great update again, I'm loving the station for Virginia Vortex. I think the park would do well with a Log flume or other type of water ride.




    I'd say a flume ride too, but with like a country theme! That would be so cool! P.S Im loving your park very very much!






    Well when Crop Duster was added, it replaced the park's old rotting flume. It was nothing special, but it was the only water ride in the park.


    Well.... Until now.



    The park spent a lot of money to bring this custom, themed flume into the park. The result is astounding.



    Fisher Flume is a perfect addition to the park and plays well with the park's natural setting.



    Like most of the park, the ride is family friendly. It is something the whole family can ride and enjoy together.



    The River Inn Bakery was added to the new area of the park. The cinnamon bread is to die for. I think the lines for it were just as long as the new ride



    Oh yeah, there's new bathrooms too.



    But the most amazing part of the ride is how it looks at night. The whole thing is just spectacular.

  4. I prefer Intamin than B&M. Don't get me wrong I love both manufacturers. Intamin takes the cake because on almost every ride i leave with a "Holy shit that was awesome" feeling. Their rides are so much different, from Maverick to Bizarro, to Xcelerator, they all offer a completely different but awesome experience.


    B&M has different designs, but they don't really change too much to be honest. The tracks share many of the same elements just with different cars (With the exceptions of flying coasters and dive machines).


    Intamin just gives me the goofiest smile every time I ride one of their rides. Even after riding Maverick or Bizarro, or Millenium many times, they never get old to me, I still am amazed by the speed, intensity, and airtime.

  5. The use of CTRS' Birdhouse is overdosed, but everything else looks spectacular. Just change some of the architecture, too much of the Birdhouse set is poignant and appears to be somewhat ugly.


    Nice start, Tom!


    Thanks, I only used the set in 3 buildings, I just happened to only show those buildings. I can assure you I am keeping it in reason.


    Tomes, your work never fails to inspire me to become better at park building- it is THAT good. This park is no exception to that rule- and is stunning all over.




    Thanks R.D. that means a lot. As the Schwarzkopf master around here, I was wondering what your thoughts on Vortex are. I've never built a coaster like it before.


    Wonderful stuff.




    This is looking like a great park so far. That wooden coaster looks fantastic
    This looks amazing. All of those pictures are very atmospheric and detailed. I think my favourite is the Entrance. It's so clean and fresh, yet still able to keep it's charm without looking stale. Truly brilliant work here.




    The first 2 shots, especially the second one, is epic!




    You never fail to make your work look beyond amazing. Nice job!




    I love the park. I love the building with the water wheel in that one shot of Renegade. Virginia Vortex and Crop Duster are good, as well. I also love the theming work on Barnstormer.





    Sorry for the lack of updates, I went to Cedar Point right after posting the first update, and I kind of left the park to try and design a Maverick style ride. It didn't work, so I'm back to this park.



    Virginia Vortex is my favorite ride in the park, even for it's old age, it still kicks a lot of butt.



    The station is very rustic, but it fits the attraction quite well.



    Crop Duster is a great woody and very smooth as well.



    The pretty train station and the carousel.



    Granny's Cupboard, the train station, and Parachutes in the background.



    Renegade is always fun and the beautiful scenery makes it worth the ride.



    It is not a smooth ride, but then again I wouldn't call it rough either.



    Families love it too.





    Fisher Park is holding a survey.


    What do you think the park needs:


    1. A new looping coaster

    2. A launched roller coaster

    3. A new high energy flat ride

    4. A new family coaster

    5. A flume ride


    (no positive or negative effects, just wanna see what you guys think should be next.)

  6. Extra TERRORestrial Alien Encounter scared me to death. I was 5 the first time I experienced it. I screamed and threw a tantrum through the entire thing. I find it funny that it was the only ride that scared me.


    I also was scared for Sheikra as it was my first really big coaster. I had just reached the 54 in mark and I was very nervous through the entire wait. However, I loved it and the ride is still one of my favorites.

  7. I went to Disney and Universal when I was five and I obsessed over my parent's guidebooks. Since then I've always loved roller coasters. I got into RCT2 afterwards which progressed to RCT3. From there I developed a love for realism in my parks which lead me to wanting to know how actual rides were layed-out. That's how I made it here.


    We would always go to Six Flags New England when I was little and I was always fascinated with the roller coasters. The combo of being fascinated by real life parks and realism in RCT3 lead to my love and knowledge of roller coasters.

  8. Was Mean Streak really as rough as you said? I've rode it multiple times this season and while it isn't butter smooth, it's definitely not a very rough ride. It's just pretty boring, really. It has just the right amount of roughness a woodie should have.


    The second and third times we rode it were much better, but the first time almost killed me. I guess it doesn't help that we were towards the back and in a wheel seat. The roughness wasn't too bad but the first time was awful.

  9. Hey TPR,


    This is my first trip report on the forums.


    Me and my dad drove all the way from Rhode Island to Cedar Point for three days of thrills.


    We left at 3:30 Friday morning and got to the Breakers Express close to 2.

    We went to the park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and we had fastlane on the Saturday.



    Driving into the park for the first time.



    Raptor was an awesome ride.



    There were some good forces especially through the final helix. The ride is starting to get that B&M rattle though. It's not as smooth as some of the other B&M's I've been on.



    Still it is was my new favorite invert. I rank it better than Montu, my old number 1. We rode it 4 times over the weekend.




    Iron Dragon was my first Arrow suspended coaster and I enjoyed it. It wasn't fantastic, but it was worth the ride, especially when it was a walk-on. We rode it twice over the three days.



    Mantis was the biggest surprise for me on the trip. All I had heard was complaints about how it was a ball-buster and it hurt your legs, but I found it to be an awesome ride. The forces were intense, especially from the transition from the loop into the dive loop. I nearly grayed-out there. Still, we rode it 5 times.



    Mantis offers some awesome pictures.



    Maverick was my favorite coaster. In fact it beat out Bizarro for my favorite coaster of all time. It offered so much. The first drop was ridiculous. The ejector airtime was unmatched and the launch was exhilarating. I rode it 9 times over the three days. I rode every row. The front was cool, but I liked the back because there was a little more air back there.



    This is my favorite picture. I didn't realize how awesome the silhouette of Maverick looked against the sunset.



    This hill has some of the craziest airtime ever.



    I can't imagine how much more awesome it would have been if they had kept the inline twist.



    Me and Millie. My hair was a little messed up because this shot was taken after I had gotten off the front row of Dragster.



    Intamin sure knows how to build amazing rides.



    I had always heard that this ride had almost no airtime, but I found that it had a good amount. Maybe it was running really well, or maybe it just takes a lot less to lift my 135 pound body into the air.



    The train offers some great photo opportunities, too bad there was no train coming down the first hill.



    Kill it, Kill it with fire! Or at least do a Rocky Mountain Refurb.



    I may look happy, but then again this was taken before I rode.


    The ride was really rough. I had heard rumors about the roughness, but taken into account I love the Cyclone at SFNE, I figured it wouldn't be that bad. I was wrong this ride kicked the crap out of me.



    Here is my artsy-fartsy shot.



    Dragster was tall and fast and crazy in the front seat. However it got boring after awhile. My dad absolutely loved it but I found nothing special really.



    I'll end this portion of the report with this picture of Millennium Force from across the marina.

  10. Nestled up in the Appalachian Mountains in the great state of Virginia lies Fisher Park.


    The park was purchased from the Fisher family in 2003 by Herschend Family Entertainment Group, famous for Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. Since then the small mountainside park has seen some large expansions.



    The park's entrance gate is rather humble, but it serves its purpose and is able to take in big crowds.



    The park's arrow mine train, Renegade, is a fantastic ride for those who can't take the bigger rides but still want the thrill of a roller coaster.



    Barnstormer is the newest addition to the park. It is an S&S Screamin' Swing themed to a stunt pilot performance gone wrong. As you can see, the pilot had an accident and crashed straight through the old barn.



    The park's oldest and best coaster is the Virginia Vortex. Built by renowned coaster designer Anton Schwarzkopf, the ride features two vertical loops and tons of twists and turns making for an amazing experience.


    The back half of Virginia Vortex. Plenty of fun to be found here.



    The park's newest and first wooden coaster is Crop Duster built by Great Coasters International.



    The huge layout is full of quick pops of ejector air, sharp turns, and even a station fly-by.



    Speaking of the fly-by...



    A shot of one of the midways leading down to Renegade.



    I'll leave you with a shot of the train and the parachute drop.

  11. Beautiful. Simply beautiful B&M. Honestly, I'd prefer the log flume over the stand-up, but that is just me. Great rides and I am expecting some more awesome things from this park.




    This is amazing, I hope there's still more coming. I'm from RI, and grew up with Rocky Point; going there was the highlight of every summer of my childhood, and it's the place that got me started on amusement parks.


    I'd give anything to see it actually revived.


    Same, the original park has provided me with so many memories and inspiration.




    Ok guys I have some pretty sucky news. My laptop containing all my RCT3 and NoLimits files crashed. I lost everything. It's in the shop right now and Best Buy said they may be able to recover my files but they are pretty backed up so it could be a week before they get to it.


    So as of right now, all my projects are suspended indefinately, unless I can recover the files.


    I did have these last photos saved on my parents desktop computer. They have photoshop so I had them there for editing purposes.


    Here are the last photos, probably for a while.



    Here is the Midway Diner I built. It sits next to Greaser, the new stand-up.



    Here is a shot of the station and entrance sign.



    A shot of the lift from the queue line.



    The Northern Midway sure looks a lot different.



    Wildcat is still a great ride.



    One last shot from the ocean.


    Well that's it. I'm so sad to see this park go, I had such big plans for it :'(

  12. Personally I think it's an awesome addition.


    I'm visiting the park for two days Memorial Day weekend. It's my first time, and I probably won't be back for a while as it's half way across the country. Even on a crowded weekend, I'll be able to ride what I want with these passes.


    My only encounter with systems like this are Universal, Disney, and Six Flags. I hate them at Six Flags New England. It's my home park and I just want to get on the rides without blowing an extra $50 every time I go. That's why I go in the middle of the week and on less busy days. For out of towners the system is a god send though.

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