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  1. First trip to USS early next month (very excited! ). Just wondering if anyone here can fill me in on the availability of in park upgrades.. I have a one day ticket, but am strongly considering visiting on two days. Also any general tips ect. would also be appreciated
  2. Haha, I thought I did badly with two and a half hours of public transport from Hollywood Blvd to SFMM.
  3. I have heard the rumours going around DW internally that a B&M is coming but I seriously doubt it as DJRappa said it simply is not in the budget, nor has it been mentioned in releases to the Australian Stock Exchange. Dreamworld are focusing on the Dreamwork's Experience at present and I doubt we will see a B&M in 12/13. I would however gladly be wrong
  4. Just my luck! Will be in Malaysia 5-7th of september It is looking great though
  5. Great Photo TR! Making me even more tempted to do WCB next year
  6. That video ( ) has the POV provided by Movie World and my own footage (filmed with permission) of Amber riding for my GCParks site. The full update can be seen on my blog. The full video of Amber riding can be seen on with a small plea for TPR to return to AUS.
  7. As ambe_bambe said we both attended the Media Event today, currently writing a blog post detailing the ride and the POV with ambe_bambe will be up shortly. On board audio is not yet working but otherwise the ride appears complete.
  8. ^ I was a freshly 18 yr old male when I visited early last year by myself, I wouldn't consider it that unusual...
  9. I have no doubt Arkham Asylum will still be rough but with these new trains you will not have anything to bash your head against You can see a slightly closer picture of the restraints here (image was too big to upload to TPR)
  10. That is the fact sheet as provided to me from Village Roadshow Theme Parks (Movie World) I am aware of Gotham City Gauntlet but from my understanding it is not themed to the video game
  11. Perhaps this topic should be split off to cover the new theme/trains for the upcoming Arkham Asylum: Shock Therapy..... As somebody who has seen the trains in person I am fairly impressed, the buttons on the restraints actually allow the restraint to release (once you have returned to the station)
  12. Normally it will be open everyday excluding Christmas and open from midday ANZAC day.
  13. ^^ ambe_bambe knows what she is talking about In other news we had huge rainfall on the Gold Coast today Movie World's Newest Water Coaster
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