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  1. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! I will get more either this weekend or next weekend.
  2. Picture time! These were taken on Saturday the 23rd, which was opening day, and the first day (for a lot of people) of spring break. Shadow throttle. Twisty! Through the trees. It looks really nice from this view. You can tell this bird is excited! The Samurai Summit Sweep. See you in a few weeks!
  3. I guess I'll throw in my pics! Seeing the supports for the first time! This one's for the bucket enthusiasts! TAKE THE TUNNEL!! This one's my personal favorite! This and the next one are very similar but I couldn't choose just one of them. Enhance. ENHANCE!!
  4. I have a feeling that people are going to go crazy with speculation, and it's going to end up being something really obvious.
  5. See, you guys doubted me, but they really do look like Intamins! Also, i was with Psyclonechoaskid(SFMMCrazy) Today. It was worth the drive just for this, but Lex Luthor was definitely a nice touch
  6. I'm at the park right now.I went on apocalypse and they are supports! They look like Intamin supports just like on I305 and SkyRush.
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