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  1. I've never been a fan of Revolution. I wish Dorney would have put in a Huss giant frisbee instead. Add that and a large, non-upcharge Screamin' Swing and Dorney could have had a really impressive flat line-up developed over the years.

    That's what Cedar Point was for until Skyhawk broke.


    Not a fan of Revolution? Ride The Claw at Hershey. That's what it's supposed to do. It's no Giant Frisbee but it's badass anyway when being run properly, I promise.

  2. We just got back from our NJ/PA road trip and I must say Hersheypark is a beautiful place. Great coaster collection, great flat collection, and best of all... I shared Skyrush with my wife as our 100th coaster! I'm home in Michigan and I have that Disney feeling about Hershey where you just want to go straight back...


    One question though: Where the hell do you guys get booze around there? I certainly didn't bring a week's worth, thinking I could just stroll into a grocery...

  3. Just got back from our road trip (SFGAd, Dorney, Hershey) and thought I'd pop in to comment on a few things. I came in expecting the barrage of advertising, I'm a SFGAm regular. It didn't disgust me since I was ready for it. I still don't want Takis, Snickers, or some goofball hair gel (seriously who is that aimed at?) but what DID shock me: The Twix wrap on Twister. Absolutely grotesque. Worse than the Jersey Boys banner. I say that because to me the money shot of El Toro is right when you're about to get in line and you can't even see the banner from there. We also experienced unprecedented line jumping. The most blatant and plentiful I'd ever seen, as were the machine-gun fire F bombs. Is this normal there? Our great time wasn't affected really, but these things did stand out. We also got rained out by 4 pm Tuesday, boo.


    On to the good (so you don't think I'm here to bitch about your park, I swear): There's a certain 6F park I'm going to mention again, the one with signs boasting that it is the cleanest theme park in North America. Welp. It never was of course, but its NJ sibling is definitely cleaner. Graffiti on theming and in ride cars? Not much. Gum all over everything? Here and there, but nothing compared to Great America. Cave entrance to B:TR smell like piss? Guess where it does. Dark Knight preshow not only working but being used! I'm not accustomed to such luxury. OK, done comparing.


    El Toro was our first ride Monday! Being new, we couldn't find the fabled arcade shortcut but we still made it onto the 2nd or 3rd train since our season pass got us in a tad early. We were able to do three cycles before there was a line. Dammit you guys are lucky to have this monster, I'd ride it every day if I could!


    Bizarro rode exactly as expected. Not mind-blowing but fun nonetheless. Talked to a great ride op who seemed to know a plethora of B&M floorless intimately and gave us a great comparison report. Turns out he likes Kumba better than Bizarro and Dominator slightly less. It gave a great night ride with the effects on.


    I got a 1st train of the day ride on Ka Tuesday! I know, one prick Tony and all that, but it was my first ride and it was epic. I only needed it once for the credit and was pleasantly surprised, by the time I was on the brakes I wasn't sure what hit me. I left the ride with a grin.


    Which quickly melted as my group dashed straight for the Zumanjaro entrance. I HATE drop rides. But I'll do what I gotta do, bite the bullet. My philosophy is once there are folks behind you in line there is no turning back, unless you don't mind doing the wussy walk. As expected, I almost left a cleaning job on that seat. Oh. My. God.


    Between Ka and Zum we met some fantastic locals, not spitting swearing cutting gutterpunks but a real cool couple whom we traded park stories with, shared a laugh and took each other's photos. Disposition restored.


    Nitro: Yes. B&M Hypers are my current favorite class of coaster and this one rivals Diamondback for my current favorite. Got a morning and a night ride.


    Skull Mountain was a pleasant surprise. Night rides were better, no light leaks in the show building. Please though, get rid of the tacky Halloween decorations in there. I'd rather ride in pitch black or lasers & strobes than confront Mr. Pumkinhead and Mr. Skullyface. The first drop was surprising in the last car!


    Great time, good park. F this and F that and F me and F you but please guys stop line jumping...

  4. I had no idea Michigan's Adventure was so loved.

    It's cherished because that's what we have over here, I've been attending this park since it was Deer Park Funland in its infancy.

    It's treasured by West Michigan the way Dorney is treasured by its locals, we know it's not much. But it is ours.

    We in the Grand Rapids area are fortunate to have almost exactly the same drive time to SFGAm as CP but hey, Shivering Timbers is in our backyard!

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