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  1. The first half of the day was incredibly pissy wet and we got needled by rain on Behemoth. Bought ponchos, went to the car, put on dry clothes and it stopped raining! The rest of the day was FANTASTIC. We are back at our b&b now, having ridden every coaster twice or more (except Taxi Jam). I call it a success. My only complaint is that it stayed grey all day, so my photos are less than ideal but for a first go at CA, very satisfied. Leviathan is as good or better than Fury 325 and YS edges Valravn. Behemoth was my personal highlight, airtime machines do it for me. We saved our ponchos to bring to CP for Halloweekends.Cheers!

  2. Looks like our first visit and only day in the park is going to be very rainy we have another day in Ontario but I dare not try and switch our itinerary to go to the park tomorrow, as our passes and FL+ are dated for today. It's probably going to be dead and FL unnecessary anyway but but who knew two months ago. I hope I can get all my rides in between raindrops. The kicker is tomorrow shows 0% rain. Ugh going to make the best of it!

  3. If your bag is large, you won't be able to take it on WMG... They have a box at the front of the queue, if it fits, you take it on with you... If it doesn't you'll have to get a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo...


    Everything else has a bin... Really like what they've done with the bins on Yukon Striker...


    Awesome. Thank you so much!


    I was concerned because of CP's shift in bag policy in some areas of the park.

  4. It's Firehawk.


    Check out the description on the official KI page:


    Wonder what it’s like to fly? One ride on Firehawk and you’ll know as it takes you more than 115 feet into the air and through five inversions in a flying position, facing the ground and watching everyone and everything below race by in a blue. Once riders are seated, the train seats are tilted backwards into a laying down position and dispatched. The train travels in reverse out of the station, turns left and then travels up the 115-foot life hill at a 33-degree angle. At the top of the lift, it dips down into a twist that turns the trains upside down into a flying position where riders face the ground and experience the unconceivable feeling of flight. Riders fly at speeds up to 51 mph along 3,340 feet of track on Ohio’s only flying coaster. It’s an experienced that you’ll remember for a long, long time!


    Firstly it's just awkward, and probably contains more than I'm able to point out at a glance but notice: Blue, life, "unconceivable", experienced


    Deliberate misspellings/clues?

  5. I'd settle for a Halloween event. The popular opinion seems to be that there aren't enough indoor locations to use but it can be done. The bumper car enclosure and the 2 large picnic areas would work fine, Cedar Point uses theirs to great effect. Also SFGAm uses their drained rapids ride, something similar could be done with Grand Rapids. There are distinct scare zone possibilities on the midways as well. There is PLENTY of Halloween love in Michigan, just ask our many other pro class haunted attractions...

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