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  1. There is something about sitting way up in the sky just waiting to plummet to the ground that I can just not mentally handle.

    This is me exactly. I somehow managed Zumanjaro (I pretended I was queuing for something else) and my head nearly popped on the way up. A lady next to me points at the parachute drop across the way and says "what you need to do is ride that first, it will get you ready for this". Mind telling me how iIm going to do that, lady? we are literally halfway up Ka's structure and climbing, let me just bail out of here and ride the parachutes.


    Yes, something about the drop rides. Yet I adore all coasters, steel and wood, big and small. This is a very real thing that obviously many of us have in common. I could barf right now just imagining Falcon's Fury...

  2. Has anyone seen any signs of anything at the park?

    Notice that the train route is basically tunnels of foliage now, like they stopped grooming the back 9 so we can't see what lies beyond. Dippin' Dots guy tells me they're pouring footers...


    But wouldn't you be able to see them going up st or wildcats lift hill?


    ST lift hill faces away from the rest of the park, so the Dippin' Dots stand is really hard to see. You can see it from WW if you look hard to the left.

  3. Speaking of bad habits... Reading this thread, there is something I've read, that to be honest with you all, I have done without thinking, but now, will make an effort to never do it again - stepping on a seat when getting in or out of a car. I feel like a jerk having thoughtlessly done so, but now that it's brought to my attention, I will no more. Sorry

    Oh no! I am guilty of this a swell, never realized what bad etiquette it is. I do it all the time, mow that I think about it, on woodies exclusively because of the low boarding/deboarding. It's just so much easier to get to the far seat or climb out. I will pay more attention!

  4. Honestly a Windseeker would be wasted there since there is literally nothing to see from above except the beautiful ST. All the best views can be had from the ground, a quick spin on the ferris wheel can tell you that.


    Until they build something out in the back nine that is. The train could have a third station emptying into a whole new section of park, where the B&M hyper station will be located seriously there is a ton of room out there.


    I do like how the foliage has grown in out there though. The train ride is getting cool. Where are my animated skeleton townsfolk, Cedar Fair?

  5. Griffin (2x) - If Inverts are my favorite design from B&M than Dive Machines are a close second. I've been on both Shiekra and Griffin now and I can say both as amazing. I don't understand how some see this as a gimmick coaster because this thing delivers every time. I do not get tired of that holding brake before the first drop cause it just adds to the experience. These rides are intense and forceful so A+ in my book. I also love how Griffin weaves in an out of France. Flying under that bridge after the first drop is breathtaking. 10/10


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