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  1. Afterburner is incredibly forceful. I didn't realize that the batwing went under a second park entrance until riding on the left side and seeing it from the lift hill. Cool, a park that has coasters rolling under both entrances!


    Where did you ride Afterburn? I rode towards the back row and it was more headbangy than forceful

    We rode it in the back every time. It was only headbangy once, before we learned to anticipate the elements. Every ride thereafter (8 total I think) was incredible. I put it right up there with Raptor or Great Bear as a favorite. Could be a tad longer, but that's nitpicking. Many coasters could stand to be longer. I found it very intense.

  2. Just finished a two day first visit. Great park you have here, though I don't think I'd have had that opinion before In(trim)idator and Fury. We collected all coaster credits, rode some flats and enjoyed our couple days. Both days were open 10-6 and crowds were light so everything was completely walk-on save Nighthawk which we rode first on day 2.


    The good:

    Fury!!! My god it's everything they say and more. The front row might easily be the greatest coaster experience I've ever had. Sheer speed. 10/10 etc.


    Intimidatior, which despite the trim brake complaints we found ways to maximize the ride and enjoy the hell out of it. Both these B&M beauties were test seat to station the whole time, no exaggeration. Rerides were handed out like candy.


    Afterburner is incredibly forceful. I didn't realize that the batwing went under a second park entrance until riding on the left side and seeing it from the lift hill. Cool, a park that has coasters rolling under both entrances!


    Brisket sandwich at Harmony Hall. Worth the too much money the way they stack it.


    The bad:

    Philly cheesesteak at C&P's. Why do I get these? I hate them. Maybe it's about the crab fries and I try to make a meal out of it.


    Hurler, Vortex. 'Nuff said.


    Nighthawk... another Vekoma torture device. I know some folks like these but I'm not those folks.


    No early entry for Plat Passholders after the 8th? Oh well, turns out we didn't need it at all. The park was ours until around 1 both days. So this is a bad turned good.


    Oddly missing: a ferris wheel, a Tilt-a-Whirl, a train (except the Snoopy one), no monster or Troika style ride? Just an observation. I guess the park isn't really big enough to warrant a train. And the Peanuts Pirates kind of stands in for a Tilt-a-Whirl, that was a new ride to us. Had us cracking up hard.


    In summary, we had a great time at a fun park, loved the attitude of both crew members and guests, and we can now proudly claim Fury onto our counts. In every single row, many times. Viva la front row!

  3. Ok, so you deleted my recent posts. But you didn't delete EastCoastKid's post, and he said things that bordered on racism. Referring to the Saturday summer crowds. His post is on page 202.

    You're trying to call people out for what you should be banned for doing. You're a hypocrite through and through.


    Also, I just re-read the post you're referring to. All that poster said was he encountered rough and inappropriate crowds and he wouldn't return. How is this racist? You're assuming that when anyone mentions rough crowds they are referring to black people--which is an extremely racist assumption in itself.


    Why do you post here if all you're trying to do is stir the pot against Dorney, make racist comments, then call out other posters for doing nothing wrong?

  4. Dear anyone going to DP in the next few days,


    I need me one of these magnets right here:



    I don't want to purchase it online because for some reason the dorneypark.com marketplace is not secure.

    Could some awesome individual be talked into sending me one? I will PayPal cost+shipping.

    Just putting this out there again.

  5. ^The park's "newest" coaster has been there longer than my third born child, who is now old enough (and tall enough) to ride all of the coasters at the park except Thunderhawk. When you factor in THAT coaster is actually as old, really, as Shivering Timbers, and both of them are 6 years older than my oldest child, who can ride any coaster in the world... Well, let's just say you get past the depressing aspect of it, and just accept that it is what it is, and try not to give it too much thought...

    Sounds like you gave it a whole bunch of thought though

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