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  1. Personally, I never found the Hulk to be that rough. Ya it had a few slightly rough spots but it wasn't bad! If they do this to the Hulk, what would they do to Rockit? I personally find Rockit to be rougher than the Hulk even though Rockit only has lap bars. I hope they notice how Rockit is and maybe they will give it some extensive treatment. Even though Rockit is a lot newer, they need to make it smoother. I believe the front is the smoothest row.

  2. We're actually just doing the rush of fear pass for Saturday and Sunday. Both of us have been fairly recently actually, having never been to HHN we don't know if there's an order to do mazes in or what. For example, the website says get there by 5. Is that really necessary?


    Will you have the Express Pass? That is personally the only way I do HHN and we just go for one night. I will usually get to the entrance at 5:30 and go where the line is the shortest. But be prepared for lots of people to show up to get in front of you. If you want to be the first ones in for the event then you can go at 5. I usually arrive at 5:30 and wait probably 2 minutes or less to get in the park. I also usually use the left side of the gates as many people don't make their way over there.


    Before when I didn't use Express, I wouldn't go on any of the rides as I wouldn't be able to see all of the houses in the night.


    The IP houses will be the most crowded as well as the 25th anniversary house. I would try to tackle those as fast as you can. Also, the last like hour of the event there is like no one in the park for the event (or at least to the ones I've been to). There you can go through many houses and almost go through by yourself! It's a lot scarier that way too!


    I hope your trip goes well!

  3. Will you be spending two full days with park to park tickets?


    Personally, I enjoy Islands of Adventure more than Universal but now that the Hulk is down I'll probably go to Universal more. Each park has great rides and experiences that are worthy of checking out. Lines shouldn't be too bad at this time of the year. Just get to the park early in the morning, and then tackle as many rides as you can before the crowd starts picking up.


    Despicable Me always has a long line. Even at park opening due to the early entry from hotel guests.

  4. I just find this whole entire project very interesting. I was showing people pictures of the Hulk and they began to freak out as they thought they tore it down and was closed forever!


    I have never have had a bad ride on the Hulk. I can see the need for the change though but I've probably been on this ride at least 100 times.


    Love Universal and all of its projects! I can't wait until next Thursday for Halloween Horror Nights!

  5. I'm so excited for this event! Personally, Jason and Freddy already scare me so I know that maze will get to me. An American Werewolf in London was the first maze where I actually screamed incredibly loud because of how scary it was! The movie Insidious scared the crap out of me so I can only imagine the house...


    I can't wait to go this year! Got my express pass all good and ready to go!

  6. Personally, in the future I would like to see Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit get some upgrades.


    I like the way the ride is now...but it can be a rough ride especially if you're not in the front.


    I think an indoor queue, new trains, and some more upgrades would do the ride wonders! If Universal ever hops onto the RFID technology, they could incorporate a Test Track like pre-show to choose your own song/music video set. Then go to scan your card and then ride!

  7. HHN Director's Cut Commercial Released! I love it!!!



    Summer’s over. School’s back in session. My lumbago is acting up. Things are just tough, you know?

    But when I caught a sneak peek of the director’s cut of the Halloween Horror Nights 25 TV commercial, I felt like all was right in the world again. Seeing Jack terrorize innocent victims meant that Halloween Horror Nights was just around the corner.

    You’ll probably start to see the :30 commercial on your TV, but the full story is right here. To learn more about what went into creating this masterpiece, I headed to see my buddy Troy Scillian, our Executive Creative Director, who helped bring this year’s TV spot to life.

    Tell me about this year’s Halloween Horror Nights commercial.

    First, working with psychotic killers and a small horde of undead requires extra focus. For the most part, this was manageable as the “talent” were in cages most of the time and the crew stayed behind a protective barrier.


    How was working with the undead?

    Well, they are inherently not great actors. They just do what they do—try to bite everyone. If it weren’t for our professional wranglers, we never would have gotten the shots we needed. I don’t know how this happened, but we ended up with three more undead and three less production assistants than we started with.


    What was it like working with Jack the Clown?

    Jack was heavily involved in the development of the script, the location details and even selected our young couple. (We’re not sure where he got them; he just brought them to the set.) The couple were great actors. Very method. Even when the cameras weren’t rolling they remained in character and stayed genuinely terrified.


    What is Jack like as a person?

    Jack has none of the attitude you’d expect with many celebrities. Our director brought his son, Brandon, to the set and Jack graciously offered to show up for Brandon’s fifth birthday party. He’s just that kind of guy.


    How about Chance?

    Jack and Chance’s relationship has been well documented in the tabloids, so I won’t go into any of that nonsense. On set, they were nothing but professional. It was Chance’s idea to play a game with the young couple by putting them on the wheel. Jack just kept yelling, “Stop playing with your food.” Then he and Chance would laugh. I never got the joke.


    Interesting fact: Jack and Chance don’t require make-up—that saved us a lot of time and money.




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