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  1. Does anyone know when the HHN25 map will come out? I heard the Walking Dead will be back in the Parade building. Also, where is this 9th maze of Asylum in Wonderland 3D? Will the Jack the Clown show be where Beetlejuice is?


    Btw...today was the last day of the Hulk! See ya again in 9 months Hulk! I can't wait to see the upgrades it gets.

    Also, Disaster officially closed today!

  2. I know it is Six Flags...but I am the one who likes the Joker theme but just not for this park. I personally would prefer something more with an animal theme for the ride due to this Six Flags being mostly different than others with a more animal interaction approach. I just feel over the years, the animal feel to the park is slowly and slowly getting thrown away.


    Either way I'm going to ride this ride. I mean it's RMC...it ought to be good!

  3. WOW!!! The slinky coaster looks to be amazing and very unique!


    Glad to see Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land making it over to the park! It looks like the coaster will be placed where all of those empty theaters and soundstages are!


    I hope everything gets underway soon so I don't have to wait too long to ride!




    (However, for the longest time I had wished that there would be an awesome launched coaster themed to RC Racer...)

  4. I have to say this year's Howl-O-Scream is looking very interesting!


    The theme is Unearthed with Scarlett as the icon. The level of detail in the following video looks very promising of the type of house they are building for Unearthed. Below is a video introducing Scarlett.




    1. NEW Unearthed - Scarlett's Revenge (From the Producer of the Blair Witch Project)

    2. The Basement

    3. Circus of Superstition 3D - The Last Laugh

    4. DeadFall - Thirst for Blood

    5. Zombie Mortuary

    6. Death Water Bayou

    7. Zombie Containment Unit 15 - Moving Targets


    Fiends is the only show.


    Here is the Map:


  5. I went to Boomerang Bay a while ago and felt that everything was just too spaced out. I understand how crowded it gets...but I feel like if they remove some of the older slides and utilize their space better they wouldn't have to get rid of Thunder Road. But I'll welcome the new additions as the slides there now are really old and everything feels out of date.

  6. Great TR, thanks for posting!


    I love the 'epic' themeing that USS gets... Mummy/Egypt especially are just on such a bigger scale outside the ride that the US parks aren't even in the same league!


    I also fully appreciate the fact that the developers have opted 100% for RIDES in their park over film based attractions - with the exception of Shrek, there are literally no movies in the whole park! And I think we can all forgive them a single 4D movie, right?


    My only nitpick about the whole thing is that the actual on-ride theme elements for Madagascar and Rapids Adventure seemed a bit light. In Madagascar, HUGE show building, great ride system, massive, long ride... but very little animatronics, mainly static cartoon figures. With River Adventure, honestly not that many dinos, compared to the US and Japanese versions... which is sad because I liked the unique take on the ride system, and again the EPIC ride length!


    But overall, a great park, basically a "pocket battleship" in terms of attractions packed into a small space, and lots of good unique stuff... Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase is one of the better attempts to do an original family dark ride (felt very Muppet like) and of course BSG!


    Thanks again for the TR, and good show Universal Singapore!


    Don't forget about Transformers...even though it doesn't have 3D

  7. I would personally hope that Valravn would use the same station style / system as TTD, Maverick and SheiKra. I have only been to BGW and I remember Griffon was pretty much constantly stacking. There was only room for one train in the station. I don't remember being rushed - persay but I do remember the load/unload process was a little chaotic. Like, the second they restraints unlocked, the gates would open and people would flood in to get the seats they wanted. Being that it was my first dive coaster, I absolutely enjoyed every last second of it. Yes, even AFTER the MCBR. I remember laughing and simply enjoying the ride from start to finish and if it wasnt for the insanely long line - considering I didnt have much time to be in the park - I would've went on it again and again. The drop was insane. I wasn't at all expecting it to be because I've been on all the coasters currently at the Point and I figured nothing could compare... but in all honesty it FELT like CP quality. And I remember saying that to the people I went with (Whom by the time we left were a little tired of my coaster enthusiast commentary) and a few of them that have been to CP agreed. So if they get a Dive Machine, and it is longer, taller, faster etc. than griffon, I would expect it to be amazing. IMHO.

    I thought Griffon had the same style loading station as SheiKra? It loads/unloads 2 trains at a time? As far as stacking. Last I noticed SheiKra would be running 5-6 trains, and they would always be stacked on the brake run. Mainly because they couldn't physically check and dispatch the trains fast enough to keep the brake run clear.


    Griffon only loads/unloads one train at a time. Sheikra does 2 trains at a time. I think it is better with two trains at a time personally...

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