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  1. I find them to be smoothest up front at least in terms of side-to-side headbanging action, but the stop-and-go sensation gets really annoying. That's what a really long train will do for ya.
  2. Space Mountain at WDW. I have to say, I regained a new appreciation for it, though I'm not entirely sure why.
  3. Yeah. I live near SFA, and it's SROS for me. Great first drop, some excellent airtime, and that turn off the first drop is one heck of a rush.
  4. I've gotta go with either the final drop on Kennywood's Thunderbolt, the second drop on the lamented Texas Cyclone (it dropped alot farther than I thought it was going to!), and perhaps Raging Wolf Bobs' drop of the first turn (experienced in the back seat, right side).
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