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  1. Is there any chance that it would fit in the galaxy theater building? It would be a chance for them to theme it and promote it as a new ride. If not it could easily fit where the go karts currently are
  2. Went to the park yesterday for the first time this season. We came to the park later thinking it wouldve been dead only managed to get on Ride of Steel, Predator and Tantrum. Dry side was actually pretty busy due to the cooler weather. The gokarts were running and actually had a decent line. Overall the park was much cleaner than last year, less garbage under rides. Landscaping in main walkways was very nice this year. However the whole area around tantrum looks awful, pieces of the log flume are still visible with rocks thrown around it. Pirate was still down and nothing has changed with slighride, hopefully they can get both fixed up during the offseason Tantrum is a very short ride but it is a decent addition for this park and seemed to go over well with the gp. Rode Predator in the front it gave a somewhat smooth ride and provided some decent pops of air but I could see how it could be horrible in other seats. Ride of Steel seemed to be up and down all day having issues once the train hit the brake run it would just shut down and the train would slowly roll forward until it could be reset by maintenance. It is really unfortunate how this ride has really deteriorated, we sat in the last row and it was super shaky and the train would slam back down at the bottom of every hill, im not sure if it is a track issue or a train issue, has anyone noticed that this year? Or did we just catch it on a bad day? The park still has tons of work to do to fix the neglect over the years but its nice to see some little improvements from last year, hopefully they can continue to fix up a few things over the offseason.
  3. If it is a coaster could it possibly be Kanonen from Liseberg? I know it was was sold but I havent heard which park.
  4. My guess would be that those are rows of seats from the pac the seating. they are that bluish color if im remembering correctly
  5. I've always wondered this myself, especially with the Ride of Steel clones. If you take out those straight sections of track and remove that second helix to add in 2 or 3 more pops of airtime I feel like they could be ranked right up there with some of the best.
  6. If im remembering correctly wasn't there an article about CNL wanting to liquidate their properties by the end of 2016? or was that only their ski resorts?
  7. Awesome that ride needed a fresh coat of paint desperately, as far as I know that was the original paint job from 1997
  8. Lets hope Dl is sold asap, an ownership change would do this park wonders, you know its gotten pretty bad when half the reviews by the GP on TripAdvisor are mostly about how run down and disgusting the place is!
  9. I really think one of the main reasons HFE was booted was because of the condition and operation of the park this year, judging by some of the posts on Dariens facebook page the gp have even nmoticed how dirty and run down the park has become. Even though CNL has most likely had tight funds and that limited what HFE could do, it still falls back on Herschend in CNL's mind. So that doesnt really mean that Herschend isnt interested it just means that CNL either wasnt happy with how things have been going at Darien, or that Herschend didnt want to operate under such a tight budget and have this park connected to their name.
  10. Can't really believe Wikipedia but someone posted this If this is true it isnt very good news for the park itself, it seems that CNL will hold the park for at least another year and that Herschend wont be purchasing it. Anyway people can start a petition for CNl to sell the park and stop sucking all the money it can get from it?
  11. I think ME would look great with the rougarou color scheme, if youre able to do that id like to see that
  12. 1. Maverick -CP 2. Phoenix -Knoebels 3. Millenium Force -CP 4.Top Thrill Dragster -CP 5.Lightning Racer -Hershey 6.Ravine Flyer II -Waldameer 7. Ride of Steel - Darien Lake 8. Behemoth - CW 9. Magnum XL-200 -CP 10. Leviathan -CW
  13. My mistake i know that its CNL that owns it and it was PARC that managed it before herschend i just posted the wrong thing. However they have owned this park since 2007 its been 7 years, look at the type of investments that have gone on in other parks across the country, darien lake just seems to continue to fall behind. Yes they 2 new ares they have redone look very nice but the proper upkeep on the areas around them are worse than darien, its either they dont have the staff to keep they place up, or they dont have the money. An example just look at the mind eraser it was built in 1997 and hasnt been painted since, its rusting everywhere and most parts of the ride dont have any of the color left. It is one of the first rides you will see from the parking lot, it just makes it look like the place doesnt care, I really hope there is a planing the future for CNL to sell before they let this place rot away. Sorry for the rant but if you visit the park this year im sure youll notice, just look at the condition of the rides, landscaping, and building condition.
  14. I have been at the park the past few days and I can honestly say the place is in much worse shape than it ever was in its six flags days. I know its hard to imagine a park with worse landscaping and faded and peeling rides and just a general dirty and run down look than a six flags park but darien sure beats them by a long shot. I know that six flags didnt technically take care of this park but if it was being properly funded those problems should be over with now, it is quite obvious that PARC doesn't give this place anywhere near enough funding and it is quite sad. Especially in a year where nothing was added youd think they put special detail into the looks of the park. I didnt take any pictures but i will be back tomorrow.
  15. It seems that Darien is having a very tough time staffing the park now and a lot of the General public isnt very happy. Its been a terrible couple years for this place and i hope they can bounce back. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g47571-d270684-Reviews-Darien_Lake_Amusement_Park-Darien_Center_New_York.html
  16. I had the same experience on the Predator in 1:1 it really was a huge surprise. I think a drop tower would do darien a lot of good, they really dont have any newer thrilling flats
  17. It was a few years back, but the plans had died a few times and came back until they found out that nobody had the $ http://www.oz-central.com/theme_park.htm
  18. Dont forget the promise of the huge Oz theme park in Wheatfield a few years back!
  19. Ive thought about doing the same but Seabreeze is about a 1 1/2 hours away and Darien is about 40 min so thats the only thing bringing me back. However I could easily take the 2 hour trip to Canada's Wonderland, but who knows things at Darien could change for the better....i hope for my sake
  20. The Predator at Darien Lake a few years back before the Voyage trains
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