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  1. I had a cross country meet today. I put my wallet (with $60, a credit card, MetroCard, and key) in my duffel bag, which was under my school's tent along with everyone else's. I finished running, and when I went to change, my bag was gone. After 20 minutes of frantic searching I found it- 50 feet away from the tent with all of the pockets open, and the wallet magically disappeared. To the person that took it- I hope you get trampled by an escaped zoo animal.

  2. So a good Cedar Point attc pla is this? 1.) Ride Maverick first 2.) Ride Dragster 3.) Ride Millennium Force 4.)Magnum, is that right? Gimme some tips please .

    Pretty good, I would just recommend switching MF and TTD. MF is located about halfway between Maverick and TTD, and the lines for the two should be about the same, so you should save yourself some doubling back by riding MF. After those four, I would say do a loop around the back of the park again to pick up the other credits/flats, before heading to the front of the park later in the afternoon. Once you get everything important done, you can get some night rerides on your favorites at the end of the day.

  3. Minus the height restriction, I would consider Maverick a family coaster. Usually the people I know who don't like coasters too much really like Maverick; those types of people who won't ride Magnum or Millennium. I can't really think of an average "family" type person I know who has gotten off that ride dissatisfied.

    Maybe that's because they realize that Maverick is totally awesome like the majority of enthusiasts do. Many people are unwilling to ride larger coasters out of fear, yet they still like all the coasters they do ride, and would probably like MF if they were willing to ride it. I know that was what I was like when I was younger.

    Maverick is most certainly NOT a family coaster.

  4. Steel-


    Floater: Behemoth- seems like you're floating more than you're in your seat.

    Nitro- same feeling, but not quite as strong.

    Ejector: Bizarro- every hill is packed with awesomeness.

    Magnum XL-200- with the lapbar being as loose as it is, the return trip is completely insane.

    Maverick- first drop in the back seat is possibly my favorite element on any coaster, first bunny hop is awesome as well.




    Ejector: El Toro- duh.

    Cyclone (SFNE)- one ridiculous moment of air on the first drop in the back, some other nice moments too.

    Thunderbolt (SFNE)- has these great pops of surprising air throughout the ride, it's almost like bouncing at some points.


    These are just the coasters I've ridden, there are still a lot of airtime machines I desperately want to try (I see you Phoenix!).

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