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  1. I only rank my Top 10. I could rank all of mine fairly easily because I've been on relatively few, however I don't care enough to do so. I also do the 1-10 system, though I also include .5's (for example I would rate Millennium Force a 9.5). I've only been on three '10' rides (Maverick, El Toro, and Bizarro), but I'm hopeful Skyrush can make it into that category when I ride it tomorrow.


    ^As to your question above, I don't distinguish between those two, but I understand how someone could say that a ride is the best they've been on, but have a different 'favorite,' maybe a ride that has a lot of emotional value to that person, one that they think is massively underrated. But personally, I don't think there's a difference.

  2. Rode Mini Mouse at Victorian Gardens today. My quest to credit whore every coaster in NYC continues!

    TL*3 Coaster at Adventurers Amusement Park today. And to think I had a shred of dignity left until now!

    I was, um, thinking of checking that out soon. Anything else good at the park, or is it all just kid stuff?

    Yeah, it's pretty much all kid stuff. They had an interesting looking water ride, but nobody was operating it, and I was told that I was too tall for it. But other than that, there isn't really anything.

  3. I would honestly rather see CP get a flyer over a wing coaster next year. I know it probably won't happen, but I think it would be a better ride, and it would compliment the other coasters better. Whatever it is, it'll probably be the best of its type because that's how CP rolls. If it is a wing coaster, I hope that the seats will flip.


    It's always sad to see old rides go, but I don't think anyone will cry themselves to sleep over DT or SS. Also, could @!!$!(*%% be code? Maybe the name of the new coaster is Allsiconn. No? Ok.

  4. Saw the first episode, I'll probably watch the second one tomorrow. I liked the combination of video and commentary, but I wish that they had spent more time with knowledgeable enthusiasts like Robb and Joel from The Coaster Critic, and hadn't called everyone who rode something a bunch of times an enthusiast. I LMAO'd at the kid who said Medusa "might be the best in the country." Oh, you have so much to learn. I liked the show's overall format.

  5. I've already ridden Houdini (SFNE), and that just made me sick. But, I am open to ride it again as I can mentally prepare myself. Bizarro is one I am going to add to the list, but it isn't that high. Here is an updated priority list with all rides:


    1. El Toro

    2. Nitro

    3. Batman: The Ride

    4. Saw Mill Log Flume (What can I say, I'm a sucker for log flumes)

    5. Congo Rapids (I'm also a sucker for rapids rides)

    6. Kingda Ka

    7. Superman - Ultimate Flight

    8. Bizarro

    9. Runaway Mine Train

    10. Rolling Thunder

    11. Skull Mountain

    12. The Dark Knight Coaster

    13. Houdini: The Great Escape

    14. Fender Benders

    15. SkyScreamer???

    Bizarro is still a little too low on this list. Don't ride Rolling Thunder unless you're a masochist or a hardcore credit whore. Batman and Superman are both fun rides, but I would consider them lower priority unless you've never been on a clone of either. Also, what about Green Lantern? If you go on a good day, you should have no trouble hitting all of the important rides, but if it's disgustingly crowded, I would make sure to get on El Toro, Nitro, Bizarro, Kingda Ka, and Green Lantern at whatever cost.

  6. Count me as another Thunderbolt lover. Exceptionally smooth for a ride of its age, and there are huge pops of bouncy ejector air on just about every hill. It's actually #2 on my wood list (though I've only ridden eight). I like Cyclone as well, it's definitely slow for most of the layout, but the massive air on the first drop is some of the best anywhere. There are a few surprising pops in other spots as well.

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