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  1. In 2000 (HHNX), when Jack was introduced, they renamed Jaws "Bloody Waters". It was mostly the same but, in the boathouse, Jack came out, did a speil, and sprayed the boat with water. It was pretty sweet! They did something similar with Earthquake that year too. Fun times.
  2. Awesome videos! Funny stuff. Silly question (since I'm new to the site), is that Piers' real voice or is he just putting on an accent because he's drunk in Germany? I love that Ghost Train! I have a soft spot for cheesy carnival dark rides. BTW- I think Robb has a man-crush on Piers
  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. SO CLOSE to a full reveal! This is helpful because I wasn't doing so well on the game. 7 more days....
  4. Thanks for reposting the videos. I forgot that I have to have at least 50 posts before I can share. Sigh...
  5. Some more from Fear himself!!! LINK REMOVED This one too. Best look at Fear yet at 1:00. LINK REMOVED Cannot wait ADMIN EDIT: The links posted have been removed as they are in violation of our Terms of Service. While we appreciate you sharing videos, you do not have at least 50 posts to be able to post links.
  6. ^^^ Definitely! Great to see some Green lantern love! Cannot wait for the movie. Now I wish they'd give us a GL attraction here in CA.
  7. I happily admit that yes it does. BTW- a cool Behind the Scenes video here http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/21689
  8. I wouldn't worry if I were you. I've never had a problem with them selling out. Universal is happy to pack the park with as many paying guests as possible for HHN. When you get to the park, just go to Guest Relations and pick up your Stay and Scream then. You should be just fine.
  9. Great photos! Loving it! It's been a few years since I've been to Cedar Point but they do have some great coasters! As for the shirts that are "getting old", I assume you're talking about The Hangover one? If so, then I'm right there with you. If you're talking about Batman, well that's just silly. Batman is timeless.
  10. I know it all circles the same "mountain" and all the attractions are there. I just remember all the paths intersecting and going in odd directions. I got off track more than once and had to double back. And the family tube slide (which is awesomely long) let's you off in some desolated back corner of the park. It's a small gripe, I know. I just remember getting frustrated with where the heck I was and how to get to the slide I was trying to. I'm sure it would get easier if I went a few more times. I just didn't find it as simple and intuitive as Typhoon. Still haven't done Aquatica. I do
  11. Great find!!! Looking really good. Looks like the Jason and Freddy mazes really are "all new". *huge sigh of relief*
  12. ^^^ Heck yeah Eddie!!! Cannot wait for HHN. The toughest thing will be knowing that it's open on 9/24 but having to wait until 10/7 to go!
  13. Great report! I love Typhoon Lagoon. Blizzard Beach is great but, if given the choice, I always go with TL. I love the theming (it makes me feel like I'm on Castaway Cay from Disney Cruise Line) and, this sounds weird, but the layout is so much simpler and easy to get around than BB. It's a circle, so you can just pick a spot and start making your way around. There's plenty to do but not so much that you stress out trying to do everything like a checklist. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy BB (especially the theming) but it just seems busier, crazier, and harder to navigate. And, yeah, the
  14. Just saw this sneak peek of the Jason maze! Only a week and a half to go! http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=16532
  15. It sounds like I may have to check out Devil's Rejects too then. I'll either be there on opening night or on Saturday (still finalizing plans).
  16. I have House of 1000 Corpses sitting at home from Netflix right now so I'm going to check it out this weekend. I'm hoping that I'll like it more than Zombie's Halloween movies. I feel like I will appreciate his style more when it's an original work and not the desecration of a classic like Halloween. I remember reading a review when Zombie's Halloween came out that said something to the effect of "It's obvious that Rob Zombie would rather be remaking The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but, since that was already taken, he had to settle for Halloween." Judging from the movie, that makes perfect se
  17. Totally! And some awesome details for the fans like Don't Fear the Reaper playing on the radio, The Thing From Another World on the TV, the Halloween 3 room. So well done! Oh, you don't have to tell me. I totally understand that. But in the case of the hat, I don't even think guests like it. When I used to work down there, they'd get so many complaints from guests! But they spent so much $$$ on it (and at the time planned on tearing down the Chinese Theatre) that they were stuck with the thing. Sorry to get off topic there. Anyway- now I have to rent House of 1000 Corpses so I can
  18. I've done it in the past where I'm in the park with my annual pass, and then I stay with a FFP. As long as you have a valid ticket for the day and night, they'll let you stay.
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