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  1. Nice work, guys! Can't wait to see Potter (in 4 weeks!) and do HHNXX. That 20 years of Fear scarezone looks awesome. It'll be great to pick out all the props/characters from years past. Good call on the props from Frankenstein houses in the steampunk scarezone. And the Mardi Gras decorations are definitely ones they use in the Spring. Ah those FL deluges... Don't really miss those.
  2. No reason to wait. The only reason that it's so cheap on opening night is because it's still early in the Halloween season and most people wait until the last couple weeks in October. The price is just Universal's strategy to level out the crowds. There's no difference in the event itself (although I do believe that Bill and Ted's gets better as the month goes on. They seem to tweak it continuously). Go early and enjoy it before it gets crazy crowded
  3. It's worth noting (again) that the Freddy, Jason, and House of 1000 Corpses mazes ARE NOT RECYCLED MAZES. They are all new mazes based on characters that have been used before. Saw is the only "recycled" maze, but even that will include new traps from the franchise that were not in there last year. It's no different than HHN in Orlando, Haunt, Howl-O-Scream, or any other haunt revisiting a popular theme (clown, vampires, crazy people, etc.) with a new story. But aside from that, John Murdy has mentioned a few times on twitter how those properties are the most mentioned ones in guest
  4. As jarmor said, the best way to start is by doing "Stay and Scream" or making sure you're in the park when they close it down to change over to HHN. They put you in a holding area where you wait for about an hour. Even though the event is not supposed to start until 7, they'll usually let you out between 6:15 and 6:30. You can get a good jump on the houses then and get at least 3 done in the first hour. Then just plan your attack and keep moving! Have a blast! It's the best time of the year
  5. Sorry if I sounded overly negative. Didn't mean to. I love the event here in Hollywood and find to be of better quality than Knott's (even with less than half as many houses). I didn't realize that Murdy had to fight to bring it back. That surprises me since it seems like such a no brainer. But good for him! I'm glad he did. I know that he's committed. I'm fine with them basing the event on movie properties. It doesn't have to be a copy of Orlando's event. I like having some variety on both coasts. But recycling three of the five houses (and that's not even counting how they repurpose the
  6. It's true. They are obviously far less committed to the event on this coast. If you listened to the HHN Orlando Conference Call, the Florida team made it abundantly clear that the Hollywood event is done by a completely different creative team. It was like they were distancing themselves from it. It was interesting. Here's hoping that as the years go on and it gets more popular, they'll put the care and investment in it that Orlando does. As it is, it's still a great time and I'll be there opening weekend. But I sure will miss Michael Myers this year...
  7. The full site is finally live! This is good. I really thought that the bare bones one was all we were going to get. This is better http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/hollywood/2010/ Opening night in 15 days!!!
  8. Great photo report! As someone who used to live in Orlando, it sure takes me down memory lane. Glad to see Green Eggs & Ham open again. But I didn't get a sticker (or was that a button?) when I ate a Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich! Curses!
  9. Went to the movies yesterday here in L.A. and they showed the Orlando HHN commercial before the movie! Not sure why they're showing it clear across the country but it made me psyched! I'm hitting the event on both coasts (as I do every year).
  10. I'm going to agree that this year's line up is very disappointing. I have no problem with taking inspiration from horror movies. I think that's great. Last year's Michael Myers house was EPIC and one of my favorite houses, from either coast, EVER. However, recycling Freddy and Jason for the third time (and Saw for the second) just seems like a bit much. I know they say the mazes will be "all new" but they said the same thing about Freddy's maze in 2008 and it was maybe 1/2 new. The rest was reused from 2007. There are just so many other options out there. Universal had the Wolfman this year an
  11. Hey ya'll. New to the site! Can't wait for HHN XX. Anyway- word is that Rip Ride Rockit WILL be open for the event.
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