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  1. Site looks great, but did anyone notice that Season Pass prices went up again?! $59.99 for regular, $83.97 for Gold. Have to pay for all that new black paint, I guess.
  2. I like this. For CGA, it's a huge thing, and a step in the right direction. Looks like Demon avoided the demolition crew .
  3. I was hoping CGA would at least have some new shows, but after looking at the entertainment auditions on their website, I'm not so sure. They're looking for singers for a "guest interactive karaoke show" (On the Mic Karaoke, anyone?), "a country themed song and dance show" (Boot Scootin' Boogie), and "technically trained dancers for an all new high energy dance show" (it says "all new," but that just sounds like Don't Stop the Music). http://cagreatamerica.com/events/event_detail.cfm?event_id=375&ec_id=13
  4. Are you sure you didn't mean 1997/1998 off season for Vortex's repaint? Seriously, I highly doubt it's ever gotten a repaint since it switched to yellow/purple. The track is white, and the "purple" is pink at this point. It looks pretty shabby. I wish CGA would actually repaint something. When Woodstock's Express got a new paint job in 2010, it looked like a brand new coaster, and still does today.
  5. Matt Ouimet's Disney influence is already taking shape: Season and Gold passes raised a dollar. Old prices circled.
  6. Everything you've ever wanted to know about the parking agreement: http://sireweb.santaclaraca.gov/cache/2/q0a3xe55n3jtdo45wkvsju45/59508201082012123204636.PDF The whole "invest $10 million in the park" thing is only valid from 2015-2019, so I wouldn't really expect anything till then.
  7. New parking and lease details. CGA's not going anywhere for 60 years, apparently: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/localnews/ci_19692990 Interesting quote here: City to Cedar Fair: Add new rides.
  8. Hey everybody, remember Halloween Haunt? Thomas Tissot has finally uploaded the Slaughterhouse theme to his site: http://thomastissot.tumblr.com/music
  9. You are correct, the first drop was retracked this past off season. From CGA's Facebook: I'm going to say it: Grizzly is a fun ride. The retracking they did last off season made a HUGE improvement, to the point where it doesn't even feel like the same ride. I was amazed just how much faster, and smoother, it was after the retracking.
  10. I'm sorry, I know this coaster rumor is important and all, but I must ask: What the hell happened to the title of this thread? "California Great America Discussion Thread" ???? Okay, moving along...
  11. Wow. Just wow. Um...welcome back Cedar Fair? Honestly, all this back-and-forth news coming from CGA is more entertaining than a new ride announcement. I had a feeling something was up when JMA delayed the council approval. I sure would like to hear more about these "major capital investments" the mayor is talking about. "New waterslide attraction?" That came out of nowhere. Well, at least we can laugh at the names "Drop Tower" and "Flight Deck" for another year. This is good news for Haunt.
  12. Looks like the Dec. 6 decision to approve the sale is now a ghost. JMA requested a postponement to Dec. 13: http://sireweb.santaclaraca.gov/cache/2/dnxugc451ohnhsfek2g1fabv/59045412022011060043904.PDF
  13. So...who's up for some Skyhawk pictures? How about Vortex entrance pre-Vortex? Green Vortex? Or maybe Whizzer demolition? You can still see those footers at the bottom today. Okay, you get the point. I found a really good site with great pictures. You have to view it through the Internet Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20110215023032/http://www.greatamericapics.com/main.php Lastly, I found this on greatamericaparks.com: Slaughterhouse entrance with ice cream, minus all the blood!
  14. That was around the "mad scientist" computer part in Club Blood right? That's where I saw the seats, the emergency exit curtain was open, giving a nice view. I also got scared pretty good from looking up at the ceiling and not paying attention to the maze! I found it here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/press-release/2003-10-04/north-america%27s-only-theme-park-anime-festival-returns-to-paramount%27s-great-america-in-2003 and here: http://kinotechnologies.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/great-americas-pictorium-ruined-imax-for-me/ Although one site says 2003, and the other 2004. Maybe the anime festival was held twice?
  15. Sorry to change the subject-- Those of you who've read my posts know that I'm obsessed with the Pictorium. So now, I've been doing some research about it online, and in the near future, I'm planning on writing an article for my CGA blog based off of my "findings." (The journalist in me can't resist). Perhaps I might start a series of "Lost Attractions" articles. Just thought I'd share something interesting (well, at least to me) that I found: Contrary to popular belief, the Pictorium was actually open after 2001. Paramount had an anime festival in 2004, and the Pictorium was open for a day showing anime films. Although, the Imax equipment was already gutted, and the films were being shown on some "quickie" standard projection system. I need your help! I'm looking for any images of the Pictorium that you might have when it was open. I'm really interested in what it looked like inside during it's final years (or any time, really). If you have any pictures that I can use for my article (and I would give you credit in my article, of course), I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance! What I've found so far:
  16. The city will decide on December 6th if they want to approve the sale to JMA. Here's the document: http://sireweb.santaclaraca.gov/cache/2/c4voga45demwfc45utmol4zn/58977911202011063042156.PDF In my understanding of the document, apparently JMA is also looking to modify the lease.
  17. ^I guess this can be considered "news": Flight Deck and Star Tower are still standing! You can see them in this construction video of the Global Winter Wonderland event: (some reason I can't get the embed code to work) I hope they do something to cover up those parking lines. "Parking Lot Wonderland," anyone?
  18. I'm sure that it's the holiday light event as well. Apparently it's going to be a big deal, and it starts soon, so it makes sense that they would start building it now. Still, wouldn't hurt to drive by and see if the Demon is still standing.
  19. Awesome! Great find! Now if only Thomas Tissot posts the Slaughterhouse "background noise" and the music from inside Club Blood, I'll be happy. Not sure if anyone's seen this yet, but check out this website that has great pictures from Haunt this year and last year. Also has a great above view of Club Blood, taken from a high point in the Pictorium. http://www.morganrichardsonart.com/haunt.html
  20. Nice pictures! Like I've said before, imagine the lines during non-Haunt season if CGA got a new coaster... Since it's the end of the season, I thought it would be funny to quote my post from the end of last season. Let's see how wrong my predictions were for the 2011 season! From October 31st, 2010: Yes, I completely bombed in my predictions.
  21. Found this a while back on Greatamericaparks.com's forums, figured it would be a good time to post it. Don't know the reliability of this user, though. http://www.greatamericaparks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=856 Invertigo, yes, but "roller coasters" is plural. "Newer" would mean Psycho Mouse, or maybe *gasp* Taxi Jam?! I have a hard time classifying Flight Deck and Vortex as "newer," though.
  22. That's likely the case, CGA is pretty serious about their landscaping (although, they really need to mow the Inverti-lawn, the grass is starting to grow over the Hearse's tires )
  23. Great day at the park today -- it was pretty empty, but the crowds did start to pick up later in the afternoon. Made sure I got plenty of rides in on Firefall (4). Something I noticed is that the gondola doesn't shake side to side anymore when it's under a lot of stress. Grizzly and Delirium were closed all day, so I was disappointed that I didn't get my last rides in on them. Odd, though, that the blue train on Grizzly kept going by with the same few people, yet the red train was sent off empty each time. The "closed attraction" sign was at the entrance. Was there an ERT session that I didn't know about? Let "Demon Watch 2012" begin. (yes, I know it was just a rumor from some random person on the Internet, but still...). While on Demon's brake run, I noticed that a bunch of trees had been cut down around the old train tunnel (the one right next to the Demon's second tunnel). Not sure how long ago this was, but the stumps looked freshly cut, and it really opened up the area. hmm...making room for the demolition equipment?
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