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  1. New Cyclone arrived today! From the Boardwalk's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SantaCruzBeachBoardwalk?fref=ts
  2. Double post! The Boardwalk sent me this press release about the Spring Break event, and they're going to add a temporary zipline starting March 23. I want to try it!
  3. Great reports! The video is amazing, and kudos to the pilot. That takes some skills. I really want to go to one of these enthusiast events. Sign me up for Gold Striker media day! With Kidzville River Adventure removed, it's opened up a nice spot next to the Invertigarden. Would fit a turnaround and some supports ... I wonder if this will be the spot for one of the new Haunt mazes this year. I'm digging all the new paint, Centrifuge looks stunning. Hate to nitpick here, but out of all this new paint, the one thing that really needs it gets left out again: Vortex. Maybe next offseason? Google Maps has been updated, now shows Gold Striker construction. Looks like it was taken in about early September.
  4. Interesting ... Spongebob doesn't appear on the family rides list like it used to on CGA's website. It was there last week. http://www.cagreatamerica.com/things-to-do/family-rides
  5. I was told by the Boardwalk that the new Cyclone will hopefully be open by spring break. Also, after a break in December and January, construction is starting on Undertow, although when it might go vertical is unknown.
  6. You can see Skyhawk operating around the 2:50 mark. It's amazing how many rides used to be in that area. Now, poor Vortex is all alone, although Firefall is somewhat close.
  7. Looking good. Hopefully the lift is getting repainted as well. Who knows, maybe Vortex might actually get new paint!
  8. Cyclone is getting replaced with a new version of the ride. From SCBB's Facebook:
  9. Looks like Subway is moving in: http://smartpermit.santaclaraca.gov/tm_bin/tmw_cmd.pl?tmw_cmd=StatusViewCase&shl_caseno=BLD2012-30518
  10. On the subject of defunct ride videos: Stealth, anyone? This is probably the best video you can find of it on Youtube. Listen to those rattles!
  11. A year ago I would have said this was Cedar Fair's dream plan for CGA. No coasters/only a few rides. "Yellow Zone," "Blue Zone," how original! Almost as bad as "Action Zone." Thanks for sharing!
  12. Looks like you guys had a good time, makes me anxious to return to CGA. I'm going to sit Winter Wonderland out, I just can't get past the whole ride wristband thing. I'd rather save up for my 2013 Gold pass and read your trip reports, almost as good as being there in person! We all know who the Pictorium fan is! Thanks for sharing the open door pictures. I wonder what's going on in there (although I always wonder that). Gold Striker construction worker break area?
  13. Stopped by the Boardwalk yesterday, nothing new to report on Undertow's site. It's pretty surreal seeing Hurricane gone! I wish the Boardwalk looked like this during the summer, but with open rides, of course.
  14. Have you guys been checking out the GCI Interns blog? They sometimes post some Gold Striker tidbits, like this quote, from their latest installment: http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
  15. Seeing those pictures made it hard for me to work today! As promised, here is my end of season highlights/predictions for next year. I dug through my posts, and apparently I didn't do this last year, so I can't compare my predictions to what actually happened. Highlights: - Gold Striker construction! I'm sure this is everybody's highlight. The first time I saw that picture of land clearing back in May was probably the best moment I've had yet as a CGA fan. - Five-person raft on Didgeridoo Falls (with my brother, Angry_Gumball and his cousin, and Robman). Never before have I felt a near-death experience on a ride. If I hadn't held on, I would have certainly fell out. Easily got a foot or so out of my seat! -Trying out the body slides for the first time. Can't wait to go on these again! - Five-person Logger's Run. - Kiddy ride takeovers: Pumpkin Patch, Woodstock's. - Haunt! - Mini-ERT session on Drop Tower to end the season. - Firefall open for the first day and whole season. Also, getting a backwards flip and flying over the water, Stealth-style. - Getting addicted to Flying Eagles. Predictions for next season: - Gold Striker opens in late April/early May, and the ride consists of 50 percent tunnels. My goal is to be there on media day (please be on a Sunday!). - That ugly blue on the Pictorium gets repainted to at least match Gold Striker. - An older flat ride is removed. Amid all this excitement for Gold Striker, it wouldn't surprise me if a ride is ripped out for no apparent reason (remember, this is still CGA, after all). - Demon's red train returns, orange gets sent back to rehab. - Cabin #1 on Drop Tower returns, another (I'm going to say #4) goes down for the rest of season. - No new mazes for Haunt, but Werewolf Canyon gets the next "Revamp'd" treatment. - New shows. - An announcement for a 2014 water slide, but nothing more.
  16. Thanks for the comments! I highly recommend visiting this park (again, if you already have). You know you can spin this ride fast when the seats have grip on them! I didn't get as dizzy as I do on something like Tornado at SCBB, probably because you are enclosed on this one. You can probably fit five in one garlic.
  17. After three seasons of being Gold pass owners at California's Great America, we finally took advantage of the free Gilroy Gardens admission perk that comes with the pass on Sunday. All I can say is: We certainly missed out during those years. What a nice little park, and only 30 minutes from home! Visually, the park is stunning. Trees line the path everywhere you look, and chances are most of these trees you have never seen before. The circus trees are a sight to behold. The park is very well kept up. Despite having to step over one spilled drink (it was in a food area, after all), the park was immaculate, and is even more impressive due to the fact that there were limited amount of garbage cans (are you sure Cedar Fair manages this park?). Don't expect much in the way of thrills here, the park is geared towards families, and primarily little kids. Knowing that going in to the park saved me a lot of disappointment. Instead, go to the park for the visuals (and Quicksilver Express, more on that later). If you can ignore the thousands of screaming kids (which is hard), the park has a very nice ambience, highlighted by an excellent, if short, soundtrack. Any soundtrack that has the Doctor Who theme song is a win in my book. Being close to Halloween, the park was decked out with some holiday theming. Besides playing Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the Beetlejuice song, the rock maze was transformed into the "Scary Maze," and the Monarch Garden had spiders and web scattered throughout it. I got two new coaster credits! Quicksilver Express and Timber Twister. I've been looking forward for a long time to ride Quicksilver Express, so it was the first ride of the day even though it was in the back of the park. It exceeded my expectations, and I made the mistake of underestimating it before I got on. It earns its "4" thrill rating (highest in park) with an insane second drop, complete with headchopper trees that curve over the track. I had to put my arms down when I saw those coming! The themeing is top-notch, and like 90 percent of the rides in the park, it was covered in trees. Watch out for those killer raccoons! The next credit was Timber Twister, a kiddy coaster with one of the longest trains I have ever seen. So long, in fact, that if you sit in the front, you are already at the bottom of the first drop before the back of the train clears the lift. You get two laps on this coaster. I love the horn as it takes off from the station. I even got a little bit of airtime on the first drop from sitting in the back. I joked that this can be loosely categorized as a launching coaster, and after experiencing the take off, I think others might agree as well! Notes: • I didn't think it was possible, but a rough pirate ship ride? It's called Banana Split. • I could almost kick the trees while riding the Mushroom Swings. • Hardly any lines. • Interesting ride operator uniforms for Halloween. Lots of them dressed as a player from the San Francisco Giants. I hope, though, that these were actual costumes and not regular employee outfits. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Chances are I'll head off to the park again, as the season doesn't end until Nov. 25. The reason why we're here! I got the feeling that I was the oldest person in the park. Like nearly every ride in the park, Quicksilver Express was hard to photograph due to being surrounded by trees. You can see the second lift hill on the left. Not sure if this paint scheme is intentional, but the ride is in desperate need of a new paint job. We rode this next, Sky Trail Monorail. Into the green house! Look at this picture and say, "Cedar Fair manages this park." One last look at Quicksilver Express. The line for the train, about 30 minutes. Picking up speed! I wonder what defunct attraction these steps used to lead to? Close to the park's entrance. I see you, South County Backroads Garden! We'll get to you soon. Rock Maze was transformed into Scary Maze Thanks for the warning! As I was taking this picture, the sign peeled off the wall. Guess it couldn't handle whatever horrors lie ahead! Scary? Scarier? I'm glad these were optional. There's those steps again! It's by the end of the maze. I ran out of things to say, so here's a goat. A petting zoo was set up. What's this? Another credit poking through the trees? Oh yes, we are. This was about three quarters of the train. Did I mention how long the train is? Again, look at this picture and say, "Cedar Fair manages this park." This garlic ride was crazy! Car ride! The only way to see this garden is to take a drive through it. We chose the 1950s side instead of the '20s. Let's go! Those who've ridden the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's defunct car ride will get some flashbacks here. Little did I know, but you have to dodge driver-less cars speeding straight towards you! (Not really). As you drive through this tunnel, a siren goes off, and a cop yells at you to pull over. Nice touch. This kid stole my car as I stepped out of it! Good thing there's a cop on the highway, he won't get far. What's this? Well that makes sense. No Ferris wheel credit today! Judging by the overgrown queue and the ride's cabins hanging out in a backstage area, it looks like this will be out of service for the rest of the season. Hmmm. Circus trees. Will do! Thanks for reading!
  18. Great end of season recap and pics. I'm planning on doing a similar recap. Speaking of Gilroy Gardens, we went Sunday! Look for a trip report tonight. I haven't had time to mention it (worked a 12-hour day yesterday). Teaser: Do not underestimate Quicksilver Express.
  19. Great reports as always! Major kudos to the ride ops who let us do a mini-ERT session on Drop Tower, even letting us get the last drop of the afternoon before Haunt. For a Sunday, Haunt was crowded, and I can only imagine just how bad Saturdays are. We waited 30 minutes for Slaughterhouse, but thanks to staring at Gold Striker for 29 of those minutes, it didn't seem that long! While we were waiting for Club Blood, one of the blackouts counted 680 people who went through the maze in the last hour. Speaking of Club Blood, the line sure looks different — as in, nothing but dirt. All for a good cause, of course. Got a traffic jam in the maze, and just my luck, it happened to be right in the "Pictorium Peek Zone" (as I'm now calling it) by the mad scientist. Amazing views of the (many broken) chairs, and for the first time, I saw a lit-up, curving staircase that I assume leads up to the higher rows of seats. Gauntlet was much improved, thanks to the actor from Knotts Berry Farm. He got me every time. I also noticed more sliders in the park than I've seen all Haunt season. Dead Man's Cove was nonexistent yet again, no music and seemingly only two or three pirates. Closed off the night with two rides in a row on Flying Eagles, the last one being with the TPR group. During my first ride, I almost spun a complete 180, and I'm proud to say I got my first (real) snap! While I've thought I've gotten one before, this was truly a snap: Creaking cables, front end kicking up, followed by a huge, soaring leap into the air that definitely scared me.
  20. Great reports, thanks for posting! Such a fun night with epic moments and scares, and I'm glad I finally witnessed some true snapping on Flying Eagles. I like the "group grew by +2 people" shot, with my totally unenthusiastic thumbs up. I was excited for Haunt, really!
  21. Great reports! Thanks for posting the theme song, it's now my #2 favorite Haunt song (second only to Carnevil). Gotta love the cushy carpets in MMMM. Something I forgot to mention about Slaughterhouse: I was disappointed that the bloody ice cream store entrance to the line is no more. Also, too many seizure-inducing strobe lights everywhere in the mazes!
  22. Spoilerific Haunt review ahead! Talk about a busy opening night. Attendance was easily doubled compared to opening night last year, which can only be a good thing for the park. This time, CGA prepared for the lines by setting up a maze of queue ropes for each maze on opening day, and yes, you have to walk through all of them (Beware of the line Nazis!) Toy Factory's queue was nearly half full by 9 p.m. and Massacre Manor was nearly full. Although, for some reason, Club Blood was nearly empty all night (possibly because it's gotten even harder to find). Being the first night, there were a lot of glitches. The songs for Cornstalkers, Toy Factory and Dead Man's Cove were off for a while, and I even saw a mechanic fixing some electrical box about halfway through Club Blood. Also because it was the first night, scare zones were pretty much non-existent, especially Dead Man's Cove. Underworld Alley is still my favorite. Here are my rankings of the mazes, from best to worst, based on opening night experience. A few shake-ups in my rankings from last year: Carnevil (x2): Even though I didn't notice anything different, this is still a top-notch maze. "It's not a porcupine, it's the human pincushion!" The fog was turned up a little too high, I kept tripping over a doll on the floor. The second time I went through it, I accidentally exploited a major layout flaw and skipped more than a quarter of the maze and got right to the end. I made a left during a curtain part instead of going straight. I guess there should have been a blackout at that spot. Club Blood Re-Vamp'd (x2): My vote for most improved maze of the year. Scares, enthusiastic actors (drunk guy and the Silent Hill nurse were awesome!) and it's no longer backwards. While the inside portion hasn't changed much, you can hardly recognize the outside, and yes, the dancers are still there, now on ground level! The new entrance finally makes use of the long-forgotten exit(?) path behind Star Tower. It also has a new entrance sign, "Club Bloid" is gone. Got a great glimpse of the red Pictorium seats, and the lights were on in the projection booth. Also, my theory was correct, the finish is exactly where I thought it would be. Madame Marie's Massacre Manor (x2): Easily the most detailed maze of the bunch, and by far, which is really saying a lot. Love the song, it's creepy and catchy, can't wait until it's available for streaming. I will admit, the first time I went through it, I was a tad disappointed. It doesn't really have an "it" part (i.e. Toy Factory's ending, body bags in Slaughterhouse). I also got the impression that they were out of ideas; you will see scenes ripped straight out of Carnevil, Toy Factory and Slaughterhouse. But going through it again changed my perspective, and I found a lot more little things that I didn't notice before, like a TV looping a clip of zombies, and a working piano. The entrance facade is interesting, even though it doesn't completely hide the "Massacre Shed," it's the effort that counts. Also, I have a theory that the doors to the facade are actually the Pictorium's. The inside of them look very similar to what I remember from Club Blood's entrance last year. It also makes sense, seeing that those doors are now gone from the Pictorium this year. Cornstalkers (x1): This is where the rankings get tough, as the rest of them could tie for the #4 spot. Nothing drastically different here, although it now features more trucks. Hearing the scarecrows rustle in the vines never gets old. Slaughterhouse Annihilation (x2): My #1 maze of last year has slipped a bit. Maybe it was because of the traffic jam throughout the whole maze during the first walk through. But that wasn't the case during the second time, there just weren't that many actors. Like Carnevil, the fog was a little too much, hiding a lot of the scenery. This is still a grotesquely awesome maze, I just found myself a little disappointed. On the bright side, you can get some amazing scenes of Gold Striker's new structure while waiting in line! Toy Factory (x1): What happened? Maybe it was because I only went once, but I felt something lacking in the Factory this year. It didn't help that the beginning outside portion has been completely eliminated, rendering the already-short maze even shorter. And again, way, way too much fog. At least the "squishy" ending is back and more forceful than ever, although I doubt it will be for much longer due to the crowds. Werewolf Canyon (x1): I feel bad about putting Robman's office last on my list once again, because I really did feel that it was improved. But the painfully long portions of nothing still plague this maze. One stand out part was the werewolves materializing out of the thick fog. I didn't put Black Widow's Cavern on this list, because I don't consider it a "maze." I went once on it, while the actors were a bit sparse, the heavy fog was great. Like last year, I didn't watch any shows, but the empty and dark Great America Theater was really obvious. I did see a little of the Ghostly Glow Party while riding Ghost Gliders, it looked nice. The Freak Show is hidden this year at the Kidzville stage, and I didn't even know it was back until I looked at the Haunt guide when I got home. Rode Demon (much better at night), Grizzly (waited a bit too long for it), Drop Tower (hooray, cabin #2 is back!) and Flying Eagles ... I mean, Ghost Gliders. I'm proud to say that I got my first snap, although nothing spectacular, I did feel it, and it did scare me. I also got some crazy height this time, which was pretty nerve-racking. Random notes: - Saw a lot of people with Fright Lane passes, especially for Massacre Manor. - Spongebob was open, which I don't think it ever has been during Haunt. - For opening night, the lines for some of the rides were pretty long. A few pictures, once again, my camera hates night. Overlord gives his spiel, which is essentially the same, but mentions Massacre Manor. This scene sure looks different from last year, doesn't it? Might have to do with that beautiful mess of GCI wood in the background. Massacre Manor was the first maze of the night, and we were almost the first members of the public to check it out. However, the maze wasn't ready yet, and we waited in this spot for 15 minutes before finally being let in. It's Christmas during Halloween time! Pictorium doors? You decide. This was the Fright Lane entrance. Got this shot of Orbit while in line for Werewolf Canyon. Tried to take a "nerd shot" of the empty Rapids channel. "Club Bloid" no more! Amazing views of Gold Striker's new structure from Slaughterhouse's line! MMMM sign.
  23. Hurricane's trains are being shipped to New Mexico.... Boardwalk just posted a bunch of photos on Facebook:
  24. Great reports guys! The group of ten was epic. I didn't think it was possible to fit five of us (including some backpacks) in Logger's Run. I'm sure we hit the weight limit, bottoming out at the top of the drop proved it! The surprise ride on Pumpkin Patch was pretty awesome. Yes, we were being laughed at by the ride operators, but that's the point! I'm slowly learning how to get a wild ride on Flying Eagles. I got some good air, and 90 degree twists, but nowhere near as intense as the video. I'll take your advice Blue Fire Guy and start watching some videos! On another note, the off-season for Firefall can't come soon enough. Last Sunday when we went, every cycle they were only letting about 10 people sit in the front row, and told them to sit in the middle of the gondola. Also, the new spiel is "Please DO NOT secure any loose items in the pouches below." Some guy sitting next to us asked the ride operator why, to which she replied, "Most of them are broken." I noticed yesterday that they ripped out all the pouches, but they were still forcing us to sit as close to the middle as possible. Firefall did pretty good this season in terms of reliability, but it's age is starting to show.
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