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  1. Thought I'd share this cool video that I found on Youtube - home videos from Great America in 1987. Great clips of the Sky Whirl (loud!), Railway (I think they are at the Psycho Mouse station), and the Lobster.
  2. I had an extremely short visit to CGA today. It's safe to say that I have never seen the park so crowded. Got there around 4:00, and I estimate that the parking lot was 80%-85% full. Lines were utterly insane: all (except maybe three) lines were spilling out their entrances. Drop Tower's entire overflow was full! Never thought that was possible. I ended up walking one lap around the park, with only one ride (Endeavor). These crowds HAVE to be good for the park. Good news: Firefall was testing nonstop. It looked good, hopefully it will open soon.
  3. If my schedule holds up, I'd definitely be interested in the CGA day. Looking forward to more info when it's available!
  4. Yes, they will scan your eticket at the gate, then you will have to go to season pass processing to take your picture and get your card. Not sure if school trips are over, but in the past, Wednesday's are usually pretty good, with short lines. Rides that are not open at 10:00: White Water Falls (11:00), Logger's Run (11:00), Grizzly (11:00, sometimes 12:00), Boomerang Bay and the Rapids I think open at 11:00. I don't know if all the slides for Jackaroo Landing are open. Best places to sit, in my experience: White Water Falls: Very front gets you the most drenched, especially if you're riding in boat #3 (always seems to nosedive at the bottom of the drop). If you want some good airtime, sit in the very back. Demon: Second to the back, a.k.a the "magic seats," slightly smoother than the rest. Flight Deck: Any seat! But I prefer the front, just because there is nothing in front of you. Vortex: Front is possibly the smoothest seat.
  5. Yep, it's located right next to the High Striker, filled in some of the emptiness of that area.
  6. The scary thing about Home Run Derby is the fact that it is being built near Invertigo's lot . In all seriousness, I'm sure that it is just some small new thing for this year, not next year. Interestingly, CGA has been adding some small, insignificant new things around the park this season. First they built the full body dryer for the Rapids a few weeks ago, now we get a new game. At this rate, maybe we'll get a new bathroom!
  7. I went to the park yesterday, and I should have stayed home. The parking lot was a sea of school buses, and there was a never-ending stream of the worst type of GP marching into the park -- middle schoolers. Examples of lines: Vortex's overflow was half full, Flight Deck was out to the pizza place, Demon was out the entrance, Rue le Dodge had a Carnevil-type line. Lots of rides closed all day - Firefall (obviously), Tiki Twirl, and Drop Tower. Even Flight Deck didn't open until the afternoon. Highlight of the day: After getting off of Spongebob, I saw that the exit doors to the other side of the theater were open. Taking a quick glance while walking by, I noticed that the screen and chairs are still intact, and it doesn't appear to be used for storage. Does anybody know when this side was last operating? It would be cool if they had a special showing in there for Haunt. On to the pictures, which includes some surprise construction at the park (!). (I apologize in advance about the crappy quality of the pictures, I brought my ancient two-megapixel camera). It's going to be one of those days... Always photogenic. Formerly one of the most congested areas of the park, now you get this disturbingly peaceful scene. Loading onto the invisible Invertigo in the invisible station. Construction! New for 2011: Home Run Derby! Oh wait, you mean it's not a ride?.. Orbit action shot. Centrifuge had the "shortest" line at about 10:40. Will the right side ever be operating again? Looking more and more dismantled every time I visit the park. The scene at the Drop Tower all day. I wonder when the last time White Water Falls was running dual loading areas. Got my first Berserker ride of the season. Front seat! Finally my first coaster of the day, at 2:00. Demon loop peeking out of the trees. The orange train seemed to rattle more than usual. I'll leave you with some depressing comparison pictures. Before (from RCDB.com): After:
  8. I realize that Ryan was doing his job, and I'm sure I would've done the same thing if I was in his position. But it just annoys me when one GP has to ruin the experience and make the whole (rule-following) group look bad. Some GP, typically middle-schoolers, are completely oblivious to what the ride operator is saying. I've seen some kids standing up all the way down the drop on WWF, and no, it was not from the airtime! That reminds of one incident a couple years ago. Some stupid kid was standing up while the boat was entering the station, and the ride operator said "Please sit down" at least five times. After the kid kept ignoring him, the ride op yelled out "Do you understand English?" I thought that was kind of funny..
  9. I have noticed attendance rising this season. I went today, and for a Sunday, it was pretty busy. Some of the longest lines were Tiki Twirl (nearing the entrance), Logger's Run (in the photo building), and Demon (out by the grassy area). Even the walkways were hard to navigate with people everywhere. Whether or not it's because of Invertigo is hard to tell. It was great to ride White Water Falls! Rode three times, and on the third time, the boat seemed to do a nosedive at the bottom of the hill. It almost went to a complete stop, and it created a HUGE wave which covered the entire boat. I got more wet than riding on the Rapids. As a side note for the Haunt fans, at the top of the lift hill, you can see the car that they had flipped upside down in Werewolf's Canyon's line parked beside6 the Pictorium. Speaking of the Rapids, they now have a drying booth outside of the ride. For 5 bucks, you can spend three minutes in infrared light... Had an interesting (bad) experience on Rue le Dodge. Ryan was probably the most strict ride op I've ever seen. While I was riding, he was constantly yelling over the microphone "Follow the arrows, or I'll stop the ride!" It wasn't directed at me, or anyone for that matter, everyone seemed to have been following the arrows. After probably a minute of riding, he stopped the ride, and just said "Ok, ride's over." We were all confused, and everyone stayed in their cars for a few seconds, until he said "Get up and exit!" Honestly, that really pissed me off. Pretty soon there will be a "no bumping" rule on the ride. I just felt like ranting. Had a fun day nevertheless.
  10. ^Great! Can't wait to ride when it opens (soon, by the looks of it). Slightly off topic, but I found this on Newsplusnotes...anybody guess what it is? Hint: It's from a certain park in Pennsylvania InvertiBlue?
  11. Saw some movement at White Water Falls today. There were mechanics in the control booth, and more at the top of the lift hill. They weren't testing, but it could be some progress. Also, thanks to idiotic GP throwing coins at the top of the Drop Tower, the ride ops now ask to see your hands after they check your seat...
  12. I was at the park today, thought I'd mention a few things: -Rode the Grizzly twice, and it was even faster than my last visit a couple of weeks ago. It flew around the turns (even the time spent in the 10-minute turnaround seemed to be cut in half), and I got considerable amounts of airtime near the end. The new track is settling in nicely. I sat in the back, and it also helped that it was a full train both times. -While waiting in line for Logger's Run, I witnessed a weird moment happening on the Endeavor. It "stalled" upside down four times (possibly more), and it continued to swing back and forth for a lot longer than usual. After it finally stopped, the mechanics showed up, and the ride was closed for the rest of my visit. Must've been a painful ride. -Finally saw all six cabins operating on the Drop Tower. Although, Cabin 1 was closed, but it was still running with the rest of them.
  13. Ah, thanks for clarifying. Shows how much I know about the NFL... Just found this (sorry for changing the subject): http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cedar-fair-partners-with-guinness-world-records-live-for-a-record-breaking-summer-119785734.html This looked interesting, until I read that the events would include "Most People Dyeing Easter Eggs." I wonder if this will be as much of a flop as the Rock Band thing last summer.
  14. ^I'm pretty lost by the whole thing. I searched for "new ride" and "Invertigo site," but nothing came up (I'm desperate, I know). I also searched for "expansion," and found this laughable quote: 49er's, Super Bowl??
  15. On CGA's Wikipedia page, someone added "Halloween Haunt Expansion" on the timeline for this year. But then again, it IS Wikipedia. I've seen things like "A canopy has been added over Vortex's station for the 2010 season" and "Survivor has been renamed The Crypt," so take this with a grain of salt. Regarding Vortex, the white and pink color scheme...er "yellow and purple," is in a dire need of a repaint. I never saw the green in person, but it looks great in the pictures, would like to see a comeback.
  16. What is your deal?! You always post the most random and pointless posts here. You keep throwing out the same ideas all the time and we understand what you want and what you don't want. Oh, and it's called FireFall, not FireWall. FireWall: The Ride - Stamp out viruses, spyware, and other intrusion attacks while you twist and spin at a height of 60 feet! To be honest, I seriously wish greatamerica1990sfan was running the park. Her ideas are amazing!
  17. While waiting on the Demon's brake run at California's Great America, the lady sitting behind us was asking her kid: "Did you like the circles?" (I'm assuming she was referring to the loops). "What about the twirls?" (Corkscrew?) Also, while getting off of the Endeavor (looping pirate ship), some lady, who was also getting off, said to no one in particular: "Do not ride this ride if you have breast implants!" ...Speaking from experience, perhaps?
  18. I saw the Inverti-Garden today. That sure is a lot of benches. The landscaping almost looks nice...if you were ignorant of the fact that there used to be a ride there. I totally agree. CGA tears out a lot of their landscaping every year for Haunt, especially by Vortex, where they put up the fake graves. So I'm sure ripping apart a grass lot with flowers is of no concern to them.
  19. ^That...is brilliant! You've got another comment, "That is INSANE." This is going to be fun to watch. I wonder how long before it gets deleted.
  20. Thanks! This whole "Invertigo Memorial Garden" thing is starting to worry me. I'm hoping that it is a temporary beautification project for the summer crowds...let's face it, that dirt patch is an eyesore. I could be wrong, but I don't think the markers extend throughout the whole lot, could be leaving room for something (Windseeker?). I found a potentially interesting quote from the L.A. Times today, in their article "Top 12 for 2012: Most anticipated new rides and attractions at U.S. theme parks" http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/themeparks/la-trb-2012-theme-parks-03201118,0,456412.story I wonder if they are just going off of the "new opportunity" quote from CGA's website, or if they know more than we do. The L.A. Times did reveal the new shows before the park did, so I'm assuming they have some reliable sources.
  21. Well, it's been a day since the opening, and I already want to go back (why does my college have to start this week? I'll probably be too busy to go on weekends...). Here's what I rode, along with some thoughts: Flight Deck (x2): I don't know why I only rode this twice. It's still amazing, and the new restraints on the shark train are nice and cushy. I witnessed my first transfer track operation today, which added about a 15 minute wait to the nearly empty line as they ran a few test runs. Tony the ride op's enthusiasm was keeping the guests entertained. Delirium (x2): Still fun and intense, but what's the deal with four closed seats? That's two more than last season...and will hurt capacity once the crowds hit. Drop Tower (x6): Best ride of the day, and Cabin #4 was running! I rode on that cabin three times, which gives a nice view of the mechanics shop, where I saw the Firefall gondola sitting outside, along with a boat from Whitewater Falls. The line was nonexistent all day, they kept sending up empty cabins. Tiki Twirl (x2): I actually like this name better than Survivor. It was also good to see those extremely faded out Survivor signs removed. The back story was interesting, but the rest of the themeing needs work. The "Welcome to Tiki Twirl" sign looked cheap, the blank T.V's looked awkward, and the ride felt empty without the music playing in the station. Nevertheless, it's a great ride. Grizzly (x2): I'm impressed with the retracked first drop. The headache-inducing jolt at the bottom is now completely smoothed over. I'm not sure if the ride runs 23 seconds faster, but the 10-minute turnaround was noticeably faster (more like 7 minutes). Demon (x2): I rode on both the red and orange trains, fairly smooth. However, I don't think anything will help to smooth the second loop and the transition to the corkscrew. Vortex (x1): Two trains running, I haven't seen that since the first half of the 2009 season. Sat in the front, felt a little smoother, although the corkscrew wanted to rip my ears off. The rest... Endeavor (x1) Centrifuge (x2) Rue le Dodge (x2) Orbit (x1) Delta Flyer (x1) Action Theater (x1) ("This patty is INCOMPLETE") Overall, good day, although the park wasn't running in full force, as Firefall, Logger's Run, and Whitewater Falls were closed. Even the Orbit and the Demon had some down time for the first few hours of the day. The crowds were nonexistent for most of the day, even the season pass processing center was a "walk-on." The crowds picked up a little bit, but nothing was more than a 5-10 minute wait. When it looks like there are more ride operators than guests walking around, you know you have attendance problems. I'm not sure if it was the possibility of rain, the removal of Invertigo, or a combination of both that kept the crowds away. Pictures from the day: I paid Snoopy a visit, seeing that no one else was. Firefall: Now with 100% less seats! The waterfall was running, a little pointless though. Cabin #4 in action! It was always the quickest one to the top. If you squint, in the left-hand side of the picture you can see the new yellowish railings for Whitewater Falls. They built a curb around the perimeter of the area. Close-up of Fence: The Ride, along with some little kid who appears to be flipping me off.
  22. I had a good time today, and that had to be the least crowded opening day I've ever seen there. I'll post some thoughts and pictures tomorrow, I'm exhausted right now (I lost track of how many laps I walked around the park today!) You know, after reading this comment and seeing your pictures, I'm 99% sure I rode next to you guys on Tiki Twirl today. I thought the guy with the Haunt shirt looked familiar. Did you ride on the blue section?
  23. Thanks Robb! I had a feeling it was the apostrophe. Anyways, keep up the good work with the Park Index!
  24. I've tried to post a review for California's Great America three times, but it does not show up. I log in with my correct username and password, click on "Login to post reviews," write my review, and click post, but to no avail. Am I doing something wrong?
  25. Yep, that's why I want to ride on Cabin #4, just so I can say that I rode on every seat. Nice, that yellow train was a neck-snapper, even in the "magic" seats! They did a good job with the red train, I'm hoping for the same with the orange one.
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