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  1. What is really missing to the park Magic Mountain ? For me : * a gondola cable car (instead of the old orient express people mover) departure near the Grand Carousel, with a mid station up the mountain that will allow us to take it from each side of the mountain, and another station near the Gold rusher coaster departure. * More thrill rides : Top Spin, Break dance, Disko ride, Top Scan, Flipper, Octopus, Matterhorn (sweety, rock'n roll, taiga jet...) * Splash battle * Rollercoasters : - add a 3rd train to the Riddlers revenge (always the longest line in the park with X2) - a new mine train to replace the horrible Gold rusher - new trains (like on batman) and new paintings on Ninja - a B&M Mega coaster (higher than Goliath and with bunny hills) - Intamin or Mack megalite coaster (family ride) - a B&M wing coaster (with the pretzel figure like the new one in Germany at Heide Park) * More trees, flowers and water in the park * Better foods * it's really seldom to meet the Looney tunes in the park... i'd like to see them more often.
  2. What Six Flags Magic Mountain needs : - Intamin Rollercoaster (like Maverick or KingdaKa) - B&M Diving Machine (like Griffon and Sheikra) - Disko : i love this ride not really a coaster, but so much fun ! - S&S Drop Tower combo or a giang Gyro drop from Intamin (the highest will be in Norway more than 110 meters this year), we need free falling at Magic Mountain. - Cable car (a brand new cable car) and Monorail would be a great addition, we need transport rides. - Flat ride (is it a bad word for Six Flags) : Breakdance (Huss) Flipper (Huss) Top Scan (Mondial) Polyp Matterhorn (Reverchon) Top Spin (Huss)...
  3. Excellent to have a "new" B&M in the park. Flying, Hyper, Inverted, Floorless, Stand up. When will we have the Diving Machine? and XRaptor style? This park is so great !
  4. too bad they are removing this system cause of the accident on xcelerator... I'm glad to have one ! But i would have loved to buy one on Manta, Sheikra, Millenium Force or on Kingda Ka. Too bad !
  5. Hi everyone ! I rode Xcelerator last year, and i was able to buy an onride dvd of us onride Xcelerator. I also got it on Blue Fire at Europa Park. I would love to know in which other coaster in the world we could do and buy this thing? Please help me to do a list of all the attractions where we could have a video of us onride. Xcelerator - Knotts Berry Farm (USA) Blue Fire - Europa Park (Germany)
  6. Eurofighter would be a real bad choice in term of waiting lines ! At Thorpe Park more than 2 hours to do a ride on SAW the ride ! I don't even think what it could be in Magic Mountain !
  7. I would love to see a new B&M Diving machine with a splash would be great. They could do the highest one ! 3 B&M in the Gotham area would be great !
  8. 1/ Superman la attracion de acero - Warner Park Madrid 2/ Scream - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  9. Thank u for the pictures ! That's nice to see. I'd love to be there to watch them too !
  10. I agree with some of you guys when u say you get bored in the park. Usually i only do Ghost rider one or two times, then spend my day on Xcelerator, Supreme Scream, Log Flume, and Silver Bullet. It's not a bad park, cause i come again each year or so, but it's not Magic Mountain.
  11. 1/ Montu - Bush Gardens Tampa 2/ Monster - Walygator Parc 3/ Katun - Mirabilandia 4/ Silver Bullet - Knotts Berry Farm 5/ Dueling Dragons - Universal Islands of Adventure
  12. I'm just wondering why the supposed new coaster for 2011 is gone. Now we have "Mr Six kiddie coaster" and a rehab for Superman. I'm still waiting for a S&S Combo tower and new flat rides (matterhorn, top spin, break dance, ...), but a B&M diving coaster would be a great add too ! It won't be before 2014 for a thrillseeker new coaster? that's really far !
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