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  1. They don't seriously go through those harnesses that fast, do they?
  2. I think I recognize the Miller layout from Watkins Woods, am I correct?
  3. Why is Tidal Wave on the Flash Pass list? Every time I've seen it it's either closed or a walk-on.
  4. I've seen some people use the 3 bench wooden coaster train for this purpose. It looks decent.
  5. Looks nice. Can you give me the link for the spider ride.
  6. Maybe if you could do 3/4 of a standard loop and then dive straight down from there. Another thing I've thought of is starting with a dive loop, then having another, circular loop (see Thriller/Zonga) right next to it, you could also do this straight off of the lift hill with 1/2 of a heartline roll replacing the first half of the dive loop.
  7. http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/01/drive-through-ferris-wheel.php Amusement parks are sick, but they are just not efficient, like you have to drive around to find a spot and park your car and then walk everywhere. I mean, they have figured out food and money with drive-throughs, man can drive on the moon, why can't they solve amusement parks? Wait- it seems that they have. Dutch artist John K├Ârmeling has built a 100 foot diameter wheel that can take four cars on a trip. ADMIN EDIT: I've edited your post so that it's now interesting to read and informative. If you're going to post something to TPR, please don't just post a link and NOTHING ELSE, please try to put in an least a little bit of effort to make your post interesting for the reader. I've added a picture and a few lines from the article. This will really help our readers decide if they think the link is something they are interested in clicking on. Thank you! --Robb
  8. Ok I'm guessing that kidturns was derived from sharkturns, but seriously, where did these names come from
  9. Here is a small hint for my next project after Nautica. SCR17.bmp If you recognize this layout and are under 20 years old (raises hand), you really need a life.
  10. Generally speaking I like it. When I saw the screenshot, I thought that this thing would have bad g-force issues, but surprisingly enough, it was just fine. I like the aesthetic aspect of it as well. The biggest issue I see is the terraforming, which is not entirely realistic. tubaplayer
  11. I think I am almost ready to post this for download as soon as I figure out how (help please ) and make a few small changes SCR15.bmp First off, I have a support in the middle of this transfer track that I need to get rid of (circled in red) If anyone knows a good non-cs way of doing so (over water) that would be much appreciated. SCR16.bmp Second, I would like to present "the box" (again circled in red). I don't like it. Any ideas on how to make it less ugly would be great. It has to still house a couple food stalls and a restroom.
  12. I added transfer tracks to Nepune and Hades. I also put some theming on Hades' lift hill SCR13.bmp Escape from Hades transfer track/ lift hill theming. What do you think of the towers. Yes? No? Llama? SCR14.bmp Neptune transfer track.
  13. Okay, I have made some changes. What do you think? If you like it, I may (try and fail miserably to) post it for download. It will require both expansion packs. SCR1.bmp I have added more landscaping to the islands SCR3.bmp Escape from Hades, a new water coaster featuring a tunnel under the midway and an exciting splashdown into the ocean, has been added to the park, giving the park it's first water ride and a second roller coaster SCR4.bmp I personally think it adds a lot more life to this area. SCR6.bmp I fixed the supports on Neptune's lift hill. SCR10.bmp I also fixed the mini golf course. SCR12.bmp Current Overview
  14. Goliath513: Once again, this is not intended to be a midwestern park. Going back to my first post Sorry if that came across as somewhat abrupt, I just wanted to make sure I was clear on that point before it got out of hand. In response to your comments about the path on the water, I had envisioned it as a "floating" pathway on pontoons. However, I may revise it. This was actually part of the reason I wanted to change the park boundaries, so I could have more room to work. Thank you for showing interest. tubaplayer
  15. l4d2freak: this big http://img175.imageshack.us/i/12730981814201.jpg/ themeparkman25: Thanks for the advice, but I think you may have misread my introduction. This is not intended to be a full sized theme park. I just meant that on previous occasions I had tried to do full sized parks and failed miserably. Perhaps you were also confused by some of the outside buildings in regards to the theming, which I admit, even within the park is not 100% consistent, and this is partially intentional. Sorry for the confusion. I haven't changed anything yet according to your tips but I do intend to. the ghost: I was really going for a more general "Mediteranean" feel, but close . I would also like to hear peoples opinions on this area. It's not horrible, but I think I could do better. One possibility I have considered is ripping everything out and putting either a smaller coaster or a water ride. I could also keep it as a flat ride area but just revamp it with greater amounts of theming and landscaping. What do you think? http://img156.imageshack.us/i/12730977287301.jpg/ Once again, if anyone knows a way to edit object lists and park land after the scenario has already been saved, that would be greatly appreciated Thanks for the comments. tubaplayer
  16. Hello, this is tubaplayer. This is my first post on the tpr forums and I would like to start with a rct2 park that I call Nautica. I have seen several great parks on this forum and others and have finally created one that I consider good enough to be seen by a community. In the past I have attempted to create several parks based off of a Silver Dollar City / Dollywood model without much success. For this project, I changed two things. First off, this is a significantly smaller map than some of my previous efforts. Second, instead of a large scale midwestern theme park, Nautica was conceived as an urban redevelopment project in the form of a beachfront park somewhere in the southeastern US. The theming is generally Mediterranean. The park features several rides, most notably Neptune, a large Gravity Group wooden coaster featuring several underground tunnels, and weaving around two small islands. Pictures (hopefully these work!) The park has no custom rides or scenery and no hacks. However I have downloaded some things since I started this and have been experimenting with 8 cars (with mixed success). There are some changes I would like to make that require me adding scenery objects that I didn't include with the map, so if anyone knows how to do this, that would be very helpful. Thanks tubaplayer MOD EDIT: You'll have to use .jpg files for pictures. .png are too big, even from Imageshack. Use the and%20the tags when posting pics, so they link here. Okay, let's try this again http://img156.imageshack.us/i/scr10.jpg/ Entrance plaza/ garage http://img521.imageshack.us/i/scr60.jpg/ Nautica golf http://img718.imageshack.us/i/scr30.jpg/ Neptune station http://img504.imageshack.us/i/scr40.jpg/ Neptune layout Sorry about that, I'm not really a computer person. At all. Thanks again Tubaplayer
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