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  1. coasterbilly: Thanks for the welcome! I have rode on prowler probably 60 times including preview and opening days. I haven't upped my pics and report yet for WOF (working on it) but I can say i terms of the "wow" factor they both rank equal, I'd say 9.5 out of 10. Both are smooth, Prowler seems to have weathered in nicely in the off season and broken in well, it's slighlty rougher than last year but that's to be expected somewhat. Both aslo get much faster at night, I'd say anywhere from 4-6mph faster. Powler sits low to the ground and keeps you at a constant turn, never level in terms of east to west. Evil Kenevil is similar but has a small track of camel humps that seem more level than the set on Prowler. All in all, if I had to pick, I would pick Prowler, just because it maintains it's speed better throughout the ride. (Evil Kenevil also broke my phone, shattered the sceen, but that was my fault) If you go, ride in the morning, then at night once the sun goes down, there is a huge difference in speed and the way the ride reacts. While the front is fun, the back on both rides gives you a better sense of the speed and gforces these baby's pull, don't expect much airtime, built for speed. I'm headed to the east coast in mid may, hitting about 9 parks in 15 days. Any suggestions? I've been to KD and SFA, plan on SFNE, Hershey, Kennywood, Coney Island for the Cyclone, Darien Lake to name a few.
  2. Made my first visit to SFSL this past weekend (April 17-18, 2010) and also swung by Worlds of Fun for opening weekend. Thought I would try out my new little camera. I usually don't take pictures as I hate to carry around my equipment and then find a locker, or, several trips to the car, or then something gets lost or broken, but this little dude slides nicely and securely in my pocket. So without further blabbing: Welcome to SFSL Please pay toll, unless you have a pass w/parking. First on my list, Evil Kenevil. Love the station fly by's, and GCI woodies for that matter. Here comes my ride...yeah! There was a Cardinals game in town on this particular day, and upon my arrival at park opening at 10:30 there was no waiting to get in, and no waiting in the ride lines. It stayed this way until noon. There was a cheer comp going on for some middle schoolers, which was about the only crowd on this really nice cool day. I got an amazing 6 continuous rides on the Kenevil before I had to get off due to others wanting to ride. (how dare them) Too bad Cedar Fair won't let you re-ride. Now, on to the Mr. Freeze. Entrance, I had no idea the trip to get to the ride would require a snack break. A common theme I encountered on many rides at this park. Looks similar to the one at SFOT, I like the two tone paint better at the one at SFOT though. Theme-ing is not as nice as SFOT, but the ride is just as good! Might as well Ride the Tony Hawk (for credit reasons of course) This was a fun little ride, rode with a dad and his son who was scared out of his mind. No trim braking either, made it nice No waiting. Closed for repairs It did re-open later) This is probably one of the best out and back traditional woodies I've been on in a while. I'll pass. Time for "The Boss" There goes the boss I love the helix on this one, not over intense, a really good portion of the ride Mini-Rocket.nltrack I see you batman, I'll tackle you later. And then there was this thing. Yes, I rode the NINJA to get the credit, but wished I wouldn't have. I still have a bruise from it. Clean up on Train 2. Somone actually got sick on this ultra intense mine train ride... Batman!!!! Love the B&M's. And this was no exception. Weeeeeeeeee Back to The Boss Checking in on Superman... That doesn't look good at all. It never re-opened after going down around noon and I never got to ride it One last trip on the Eveil Knevil (second on my favorite list next to Prowler) Thought I would snap this interesting picture, automated chain oiling. Not sure why I took the pic, just thought it was neat. This is a really nice park, though it will quickly let you know how out of shape you are with all the line queue walking and hills, I would recommend everyone come here at least once. I mean they have everything here including: A Dick Clark production and old coaster cars wonder where those came from... ok, we don't have to wonder, but I will let you guess I'd come back for sure. Next stop on my weekend tour, Worlds of Fun. Being as this is my first post, if I broke any rules, let me know. Tried to read them all. Superman was powerless, I'll check back on it later
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