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  1. what i have been trying to say . they originally wanted it open for black out.. then they switched it to nov, but with the pics. idk. they are hauling on it...i would say they are well over 70% done...im just mad the color isn't the same as the concept art work. too much green rides in their. sliver would had been sweet..they have green on streak. green on dutchmans. green on foc. and green on shell..
  2. yep i walked out...i grew old of that childish job. i have a real job now . you guys should be happy were actually getting the revolution. i was the one who told tasha to look into it. i was the one who gave them a list of rides to put into the park. heck she wanted to put a zac spin in and you know how well avatar is operating its constantly down and have you hear the reviews about it... also she wanted to put in a air race .and look what happened to mighty axe, got chopping block .the mechanics begged them to take it out..the ride broke down every day.. and a technical park pegasus..so really sit their and say i don't know my stuff and come at me ..figures bison your from north dakota. stick to what you know farming ... and herding cattle ... cheese heads i swear ....continue being stuck their doing nothing with your life bison. ROFL!!!!
  3. if they continue on the route there going shredder should be opening when they originally had planned in oct.. posted pics below. but i can say im not happy with the color. i thought it was suppose to be sliver from the concept art work. also shell shock isn't under maintenance , the last group/lock in they had . college kids broke the ride. as it was lowering the kids were shaking the seats....i used to be an employee their. so i talked with some co workers.and as a employee that operated shell shock we were strictly enforced . do not let the riders shake the seats as its lowering. prime example now...also if look closely into the support beam its hallow ..think if you have seats on one end and riders are putting heavy stress on it. of course its going to break....simply science ...i remember when they opened the ride and i was standing their looking at the beam just SHAKE. im ooooh thats not going to last long...
  4. on side note shredders supports are up...they say its suppose to open in nov. at the rate there going they might have it open in oct. like planned...
  5. yssssssssssssss we didn't die. at least now we can get that shiny new B&M. if we ever do get one...
  6. i totally agree with you Fidelity. the same guy at hell side burped in my face too. i almost Decked the guy. i was like how more disrespectful can you be.he just stood their as like he did nothing wrong.. i was like really dude...and these teenagers were like cheering . im like wow,your mature....
  7. Dont waste your money this year,on haunt. its horrible. the mazes were a joke... no actors in any of them.. chateau granted it had a brand new building it was basically the same layout as couple years ago.hell side no actors . long. and the last two rooms were filled with so much fog you could not see let alone breath. .humane what the ... seriously lets just sit their in chairs and do nothing..biggest pile of crap...heck the protesters at the beginning were txting on there phones..London ok now this one has the chance of being good. if they filled up the whole picnic grove structure. instead only half the building... and whats with the dang birds..zombie high. was totally impressed they did a huge 360 on this one.. amazing props . good pacing. but once again NO actors..asylum still the same like every year...now i was going talk about the scare zones but whats the point. when you walk threw blood creek and one actor is standing their EATING...i spent more time in blood suckers getting drunk then walking threw the ridiculous mazes....but who wants to pay 9 dollars for a beer. are you kidding me...that is not going to last. just watch.granted i know it was opening night. but what the heck..its like valleyfair gave up this year...on everything..no actors in any of the mazes. the mazes seemed like they just threw them together at the last minute. they were not scary at all..and it was PACKED..plus with this whole thing i heard about someone getting punched in line for the mazes,like really....with the annoying teenagers every were..i left at like 10:30..i was ready to deck some one too.do not waste your time or money here this year..i rather drive the 35 minutes and go to screamtown or dead end hayride .were you get your moneys worth. and is actually worth it...you want scary go there.it is exactly why i have been going their for the last 5 years instead of valleyscare. now i know why...this is whats suppose to be keeping valleyfair a float ! ha. no wounder the park is the lowest in the chain. the park is pathetic . period.
  8. heck the only reason why im going to haunt is their bringing in a bar... i usually go to screamtown because hands down its a 1,000 times better. but booze, im their...
  9. all im saying is that if we do ever get a invert it seems like the most logical for valleyfair. price wise,popularity, and size would fit in any area of the park. i hope its not like patriot or sliver bullet they are the least popular of inverts they have built .and sorry to say iv'e been on patriot was not pleased one bit.i want something original. packs a punch. force full. but knowing vf they would get something lame,cookie cutter layout.with like 4 inversions bad name and color scheme.
  10. ooooo this is gonna be good. i can see the look on daves face now.. should had built the new coaster.. all the feedback people are gonna post... yep def over VF!! done...
  11. yah i totally agree. it has to be something more if they delayed the announcement.. looks like this will be our year we finally get that B&M invert.or some other B&M .heck at this rate i will be happy if they gave us vortex from carowinds and put floor less trains on it...
  12. boomerang.HA! chance hyper HA! what they need is the invert. period. or floor less.
  13. i could had sworn renegade didn't have footers before announcement. but then again its been over 7 years so i really don't remember. frazier wanted to put so much stuff into NU, the owners wouldn't let him.he didn't want the zip line he fought for years not to put it in. he wanted to put more thrill rides and another coaster. this is why i don't understand since hes the GM of valleyfair, why hasn't put in a coaster yet. but then again he hates B&M .so im kinda worried if we will ever get a invert or something from B&M. what has he added in the last couple years. a planet snoopy, route 76, and a water park expansion.i know their trying to fix up the park it was fallen apart before he got their. its due time for a coaster. heck i will be happy if we got vortex from carowinds and put floor less trains on it. at least its something...
  14. with dave's recent post on twitter what if they did a multiple of additions. A delirium,fly scooters,and water park expansion, its the parks 40th anniversary seems the most logical thing to do.Which it did say stay tuned for a HUGE announcement.but with the current rumors flying around as the locations to these new attractions.I feel their are far better locations.delirium shouldn't go in amphitheaters location far too much space for a attraction this size. It would fit better in wild things turn around like skyscraper did. flying scooters should go in scramblers old spot it all ready has a circular foundation.the water park expansion for the love of god please take out looping star ship it has seen its days. plus they cant operate it in the rain and their really is never a line.i would love to see what caraowinds added surfers swell and dorsal fin drop,and with the new entrance of soak city it would round out the park make it complete.4 additions for their 40th anniversary.as much as i hate to say it i rather have a new coaster, if we ever get one.i really think it will be visually stunning to have our new coaster back buy the new soak city parking lot.it will create flow back there.that being said i wished they could just keep excalibur being our star coaster and just give it some RMC treatment. but that will never happen. if they go invert back of the park isn't the right location for that type of coaster.i would want a raptor, phaethon clone in dinos. A afterburn clone in amphitheater chaos location. Something original not the token cookie cutter ones they been building like patriot, sliver bullet. something force full packs a punch. if they don't go invert i would like to see gatekeeper clone in dinos.but back of the park seems more like dive coaster floor less type.but guess time will tell sat when they make the announcement..
  15. why is it i always miss when u guys are here.. i live in MN and i work at nick universe... ugh
  16. im still praying it goes to my home park.. VF.. we need a coaster bad... CF if your reading it send it to us...
  17. thats what i was saying.. in my post. if we were to get that and the B&M invert it will be too much. It would be a better fit for MIA.. they allready are taking out chaos. that would be a perfect spot for it more then enough room..how much does a vekoma invertigo cost anyways?the planet snoopy is allready costing 10 mil..
  18. ok here's my two cents.. Valleyfair is my home park, and as despertly we need a new coaster. Please don't send it to us.. This would totally rule out any possiblty for the B&M invert, which we need!! I mean think about it we already have steel venom. why would we need another shuttle/launch coaster??? MIA all ready has thunderhawk..so it would be a better choice to send it there. Now i know were getting planet snoppy this year which is costing them 10 mil and if they were to send us the vekoma that would mean we wouldn't get a coaster till like 14' or 15'. so PLEASE vF if you reading this.. send it to MIA and give us the B&M invert!!!!!!!!!
  19. still no one has told me how u post your display pic on here..
  20. yeah im new here, how do u post a display picture of your self???????????
  21. I was there two nights ago when they started testing. ALL i have to say is this thing HAULS ***, it looks SWEET!!!
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