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  1. A little island in the Pacific Northwest called Thetis Island. It is small, quiet, has lots of nature and very few people. There is internet and phone service so I can still be connected, but its peaceful. *sigh* I miss it there. Admin Edit: Removed link. Please do not post links to your websites without permission from the site administrator. Thank you. -Eric
  2. Damn some of the pics you guys post are twisted. I want to use some to make a big "hanging out on the internet with these guys" for a collage on the front of some really hip greeting cards (I got a bunch of credit and already have a pile of traditional/boring cards). I was thinking some crazy expressions all cut up and mashed into the background would be super awesome, just this thread alone would totally made good fodder. What does Dan think? I'm just tossing it out there for the first time.. ? These would be given out to 20 people at the most. It's not like I wanna stick
  3. Ohh nice one. Now I'm listening to Don't Fear the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult.
  4. Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight/The End by the Beatles. And since the song changed right as I was typing this we'll move on to - Young Americans by David Bowie.
  5. I'm pretty excited to see the new ride too. I loved the skyride as well and I hope to see it operate again soon.
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