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  1. The last time I saw Laughing Dragon open was the summer of 2006 because Tatsu was brand new. I remeber eating there then I went on Tatsu right after and nearly threw up my pizza.


    Anyway I really don't care all that much if they do sell alcohol or not. Thought I am still underage by a few months. But when I am 21 I don't really plan on drinking all that much (if ever). So I guess I think it will be good thing becuase the park will be making alot of money off something that is not coming out of my pocket. And I don't think the 21 and over crowd isn't that bad any more so I don't see it becoming a problem with who is drinking and how much.

  2. Update!, here is what I have to trade.


    2010 SFMM x10

    2004 SFMM x1

    2002 SFMM x3

    2010 SFFT x5

    2010 SFOT x2

    2010 SFDK x10

    2010 CGA x10

    2010 Cedar Point x16

    2010 Knotts x8

    2010 USH x12 (with Kong)

    2010 USH x7 (pre Kong but also post Backdraft)

    2010 Spring Disneyland California x9 (with Captain EO as new)

    2010 Summer Disneyland California x10

    2010 September Disneyland California x6

    2010 Spring DCA x7

    2010 Summer DCA x14 (with World of Color and Glow fest)

    2010 September DCA x6


    Sorry but I am not interested in any brochures, just park maps. I'm virtually interested in anything that I don't have. But I am really looking for a 2010 SFGAdv, 2010 SFNE, 2010 Hersheypark, 2010 Dorney Park. If there is anyone from the New York/Philapdelphia area out there.

  3. Got sprayed in the face with soda on Goliath all because the ride operators would not allow someone to leave their FULL souvenir bottle of soda on the station platform. Cant take a bag or camera on the ride but you can take a full bottle of soda on the ride.


    Ive had to take my souvenir cup filled with sprite on viper once before. Not much really came out though but it felt really okward. I don't get it why they make you take the drinks on. I know they want you to buy a locker and I understand that the main reason they don't let you leave it on the platform is so that the operators won't be responisble for it. Which I understand, but I would take that the risk of lossing it rather than making a roller coaster into a water ride or soda ride. Its just weird even if I wanted to take that risk the operators will still hold the train till either you leave the ride or take the drink on the ride.

  4. Okay guys I just got back from a visit to the park today, so here are a few notes.


    Very weird this morning when the park opened. I got at the gate when the park opened. I usually don't like to follow the crowd so I went straight to viper only to find it wasn't ready for operation yet. So I go to Tatsu only to find again it was not ready for operation. The guys out front said it won't be ready till 2:00. So I go to Termy only to find out once again not ready for operation. So I decied to wait for it to open which turned out to be a half and hour. While waiting I saw guest riding Tatsu, so it shows what the guys out front of the ride knew what was going on.


    Anyway I did have a problem with the food service at Panda. I showed the guy my Xtreme pass and completed my order. As I walked away and looked at the receipt I noticed he didn't give me 25% off but 25 cents off. So I go back to get my 25% back and he was telling me that the computer won't alow it. So I would ask him why won't it alow it. So after 2 mins of us talking back in forth he finally cave in and open the register to give me my 25% which turned out to be 3 dollars. Later on when leaving the park I stoped at Coldstone's, I noticed the guy at the register took my xtreme pass with no problems. So I asked him if he was a supervisor and he said no. Then I told him about how everyone else has to call their supervisor to give the discount. And he said its just a button that they have to press and it does it automatically.


    All the rides were walk ons for me except for goliath which had a 4 train wait. And also the audio on X2's third train was not working, whereas train #2 was working. And also the misters at the bottom of the drop and the bottom of the 2nd raven turn were working. I don't recall ever going on it when they were working and didn't even know that they had them.

  5. Goliath is one of those rides that can all of a suddenly have a long line, when all other rides don't. I think mainly because the real untheme park knowlegeable GP, who will only go on mabey four rides in a day would want to go on Golaith in particular because they see the first hill from the parking lot. And then there are those who are intimidated by, loops so they all go on it. Or, I think alot of times like you said above, Golaith is the last ride that a lot of people go on because it is convenently located. Because it usulally has longer lines in the afternoon and evenings.


    As for the food service, that is my biggest pet peeve at amusement parks is slow horrible service. At MM I can't tell you how many bad experience that I had. They are usually friendly but are just SO SLOW, pretty much to the point that sometimes I can ride X2 five times in a row before their done. Every once in a while like 1 out of 10 would be the ideal food service employee who is quick, intelligent, friendly, and who actually cares. But that should be 10 out of 10 emloyees not 1 out of 10.

  6. So far we know it will take riders up 301 feet! and how do we know this...


    Do you dare to fly 301' through the above Knott's?


    Or maybe not, I have no idea what "through the above Knott's," is supposed to mean.


    With the fly through and above. Mabey its not this rummored stratosaur swing ride, but a roller coaster. cough...Intamin Giga...cough. But if that was the case I think there will be more evidence lying around to support that claim like track pieces or land clearings. But anyway I think we will know by this time tomorrow what the heck is going on.

  7. I know they're open until six, but has there been a barrage of school buses and kids lately?


    I don't think it is very likely, all summer schools or summer camps should be done. Some schools in socal have already started. And they usually don't do field trips at the begining of the semester. I went this time last year on a weekday, I forgot if it was this week or next week but it was in between dead and average attendace. Lets just say all of the rides were walkons or 2-3 train wait. The exception being the usually suspects X2, deja vu, tatsu, termy, and goliath.

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