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  1. Okay just my thought on this new ride. I think its going to be a zac-spin or something small. Because if it was something like a B&M wing rider, it would likley be a bigger ride (around Batman's size or bigger). And so with that bigger size I think they would be a little bit farther along in the construction process around the Splashwater/Raceway area (if thats where its going). Because from what I saw last week when I was there, there wasn't much going on. And I think supports or pieces should have popped up by now, unless they are somewhere were no one can see them. But anyway just my thought. I hope its a wing rider, but I don't think its going to be one. And who knows 36ish hours from now I could be completely wrong (which I hope I am).

  2. One train that I was really impressed with was the one at Michigan's Adventure. How it goes threw the swamps out in the back of the park along with providing great views of Shivering Timbers (though you can't take pictures). And it also provides convenient transportation to the two biggest coasters in the park.

  3. The problem that they have with marketing to families is that families in southern California don't look at it is as a park with family rides so they won't go there, even if there is BBW and three small coasters. Instead they would rather pay more money to go to that other park that is an hour south on I-5.


    SFMM figured it out years ago that being in the southern California market, they need to offer a product to the other parks in the area like Disney, Universal, and Knott's (back before Cedar Fair) didn't offer which was big nasty thrill rides. Granted the thrill seeking crowd isn't as profitable or as large as a more family base crowd or a tourist base crowd that you get at Universal or Disney. But it was a way for them to distinguish themselves from their competition with a different product and experience.

  4. Well i think this Leviathan will put CW on the map


    What do you mean put it on the map? Canada's Wonderland is already the most attended seasonal operating amusement park in North America. Acording to the 2010 Global Attraction Attendance report it gets around 300,000 more either Cedar Point or Kings Island can get (even though its open less days a year). Of course a big part of that is being the only major Amusement park in the Toronto area.

  5. I've never seen it before- are you using a hacked/trained system?


    No, all I have are the expansion packs and custom scenery that I got from downloading other people's parks.


    ^And yeah it is weird glitch. It seems like I would go back into the editor and reorganized some scenery, then it would be okay. But I would say about 1 out 5 times there won't be trees. And the trees that I put into the map on the editor will still be there when I play the map. I just can't put any in when I'm playing the scenario.

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