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  1. One thing you could is ride the rides a millon times so you can memorize the layout. Or you could google it and after looking through a hundrend odd pages somebody would have a blue print posted somewhere because they don't release them for whatever reason. Once I saw the California Space Mountain model in the Disney Gallery. I don't know the layouts of those particular rides, any other rides you have a layout question about?

  2. So how would crowd levels on weekends in september be? Right now I have a vist planed on saturday september 11. I expect not bad at all, because it is the week after labor day and also it's 9/11. But any way I assume Invertigo usually has the longest line so I plan to get that out of the way earily in the morning. This will actually be my first ever visit to the park despite being a coaster enthusiast living in southern california, I just never had the oportunity to swing by. Though I had visted Santa Cruz a few years back for a few hours on a family road trip. I also have a plan to stop by Discovery Kingdom the next day so I can get both parks down in one trip.

  3. I know how many episodes are there of Man vs. Food total. It is practically on 12 hours of it on every day, every day. For all I know when that guy dies of a heart attack they will replace him with someone else and continue on. I remeber 10 odd years ago there use to be way more shows on theme and amusement parks, at least there seemed to be. BTW I love this show, just because Bert is just so obnoxious. And just seeing him going on all these rides screaming his head off like he is going to die.

  4. When I got a fastpass for WoC opening weekend. I had a birthday party to go to in Mission Viejo. So I for one didn't stay in the park all day. Of course I was a little late for the party because I wasn't expecting the hour and half line. I understand that alot of people who mabey don't have passes or live out of town would have a problem. But it worked out perfect for me, expecially because d-land was along the way to and from my house to the party.

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