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  1. As a kid growing up in socal, my parents took Disneyland and Knotts all the time. But what really got into them was when I first rode Ghostrider back in summer of 1998. Me and my friend had actually chickened out on it earlier that day. But at the end of the day we finally force ourselves on it. Ghostrider was my first "big" roller coaster and really ever since that first ride I have been hooked.


    As I looked back on it. I alway wonder how would my life be different if I wasn't a roller coaster and theme park nerd. I mean having an interest in them makes me want to spend my free time and money traveling around to different parks, go on different and newer roller coasters, and just seeing the world outside of my home state. Where if I wasn't into them I would problebly be spending my time in my house playing video game all day long and have a horrible social life.

  2. Soo if you bought your pass online and went the next day with the print out, would that be your ticket in?


    No, if you bought your pass online you take your printout right to the season pass office that is next to HH's entrance. Since you did it online you don't have to wait in line to buy it and fill out your information. So the online people can just go right in the office and get there picture taken to get there pass. Then you can go in the park.


    I had once taken my online print out and got into the park with it. And then I went over to the office inside the park to get my picture taken to get my pass. The inside office was also for if you were in the park and you wanted to upgrade to a pass then you would go there. Now they realise that it was pointless to have two offices, expecially since the inside one was kind of hidden in a corner. So they just have the one thats outside.

  3. Here is my tally for 2010 with the # of visits. Thought some of them wern't full day visits. And for DL and DCA, I was jumping between both parks in the same day.


    Disneyland (28)

    California Adventure (24)

    Cedar Point (1)

    Universal Studios Hollywood (5)

    Six Flags Magic Mountain (16)

    Knott's Berry Farm (11)

    Santa Monica Pier (1)

    California's Great America (1, 1st visit)

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (1, 1st visit)


    Next summer I am going to be living with my mom in Ohio. So I plan to get some new visits and credits at some of the mid-west and mid-atlantic/new york area parks.

  4. The image from google maps is quiet outdated, because you can see they are still builing Tatsu. Now at that mound of dirt is an office building. And I believe it has been vacant ever since it was built.


    And I too remeber that Cheveron station being there as long as I can remeber. Also if you ever stop at that Cheveron station around the park's closing time. It will be one of the busiest gas stations you will ever stop at.

  5. This is interesting, screamscape is now reporting a RUMOR that knotts is going to keep Sky Tower and instead move Windseeker over to the Fiesta Village area. If this is true there are only three places I can mabey see it going. Two of them being as a replacement for waveswinger or the Carousel. The other place I had thought about is the area that I think use to be Jaguar's extended queue which is right in between Jaguar's entrance and the Fiesta BBQ. Which speaking of the BBQ, I have never really seen that many people go there so mabey they could take it out and build windseeker there instead.


    I understand that Windseeker shouldn't take long to make, but it is starting to seem kind of odd that we havn't seen any visible sign of construction or even deconstruction of Sky Tower yet.

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